Scratch Cards Add-on


Scratch Cards Add-on

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Design your own scratch cards or use the built-in.

This addon is not available anymore due to some legal issues.

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Scratch Cards Add-on


Design & Build your own scratch cards for your online community!

This add-on allows you to design and build your own scratch cards or use one of the built-in templates for your WordPress users to scratch and win points!


Design your own cards or use one of the templates included in the add-on.


Set the cost of the card and what winners get with optional daily limits for plays.


As easy as clicking a button and you can have thousands of cards generated in seconds.


Create a play area using the mycred_scratch_cards or the mycred_all_scratch_cards (to show all cards) shortcode and start playing!


  • Design & Create scratch cards.
  • Daily play limit.
  • Built-in templates to help you get going.
  • Easy card generator.
  • Option to manually give cards to users.
  • Custom shortcode to show users winning history.
  • Custom shortcode to show the remaining cards in a set.
  • Easy management of card sets by administrators.

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 10, 11 (Not tested with Edge)
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Chrome 2.0+
  • Safari 2.0+
  • Opera 9.0+

Supported Devices

  • Iphone and Ipad (with IOS 6.1+)
  • Windows Phone (with Internet Explorer Mobile 10+)
  • Android Phone (with Android 4.1+)



The most basic template of all with one design for winning cards and one for no-wins. How much the winner gets is all up to you.


This basic template provides an example of how you can have multiple no-win images to give your card set some variation from just a win or no win design. The objective is to scratch a card that has three stars. No-win cards use a variation of other shapes.

Treasure Cove

This is an example of more complex setups where users can win different amounts amongst a large variation of cards. The objective is for the user to scratch three of a particular value and they win that value.

Product Changelog

Version 1.3

  • Added support for myCRED 1.8 with backward compatibility.
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.0.2


Version 1.2.3

  • FIX – Decreased priority for ajax handler to allow the email notifications add-on to setup before anyone is paid out. This will allow email notifications to work correctly.
  • FIX – Sold out template is not loaded correctly when a set finishes.
  • NEW – Added option to delay the next card loading by x number of seconds.


Version 1.2.2

  • FIX – Fixed conflict issue with WPML when the “Language URL format” settings is set to “Different languages in directories”.
  • FIX – Fixed PHP warnings when saving cards.
  • FIX – When price is set to zero, the price description should show “Free” and not 0.


Version 1.2.1

  • FIX – Certain built-in templates do not generate a background image, showing no card when played.


Version 1.2

  • FIX – When switching to SSL from non SSL, coin and cover images that use the default templates are not loaded.
  • FIX – Added missing strings to translation.
  • FIX – Purple color not selectable for buttons.
  • FIX – Removed padding option in shortcodes as it is not used.
  • FIX – The mycred_scratch_history shortcode can not be filtered based on custom point types.
  • NEW – The mycred_scratch_cards_remaining shortcode now supports custom content for sets that have sold out.
  • NEW – Updated AJAX call handling.
  • NEW – Optimized database queries to lower footprint.
  • NEW – The plugin no longer loads when the website is viewed by a visitor.
  • NEW – Card sets are now controlled by the myCRED_Scratch_Card_Set class instead of a bunch of stand alone functions.
  • NEW – Added dedicated page for all scratch card purchases.
  • NEW – Added dedicated page for all scratch card payouts.
  • NEW – Added option to clone sets.
  • TWEAK – The mycred_scratch_cards_remaining shortcode will now show remaining cards even if the set is on hold.
  • TWEAK – Increased priority for button colors and adjusted button CSS to be less generic.
  • TWEAK – Added support for URL changes after a card set has been created.
  • TWEAK – Added better support for the mycred_history shortcode when using the mycred_scratch_history shortcode.


Version 1.1.1

  • FIX – Fixed issues with mobile devices not loading cards.


Version 1.1

  • TWEAK – Adjusted the card set editor to allow changes of messages and logo to be changed once a set is activated.
  • NEW – Introduced the myCRED Play API.
  • NEW – Added new Please login to play this game shortcode to show multiple scratch cards.
  • FIX – Fixed incorrect value in the Treasure Cove template.
  • FIX – Fixed PHP notice when saving settings.
  • FIX – Soldout template is not loaded due to incorrect variable name.
  • FIX – Sold out template not showing in certain situations.
  • UPDATED – Translation files.


Version 1.0.2

  • NEW – Added new filter mycred_scratch_everyonewins to allow zero no-win cards to be created.
  • UPDATED – Updated myCRED License API.


Version 1.0.1

  • FIX – Added better support for the mycred_history shortcode when using the mycred_scratch_history shortcode.
  • FIX – Corrected spelling mistakes.
  • NEW – Added new action hooks to detect card wins.


Version 1.0

  • Initial release
Demos are played using Chips, which is a demo currency and has no monetary value. When you register, you receive Chips automatically that in turn will allow you to play demos. Scratch Cards can not be played by visitors! You must be logged in to play.
Please login to play this game

The above set is a demo set created using the built-in Treasure Isle template. The above set is setup to use a custom point type called Chips and is set to allow users to buy maximum 1 card per day. I then use the mycred_scratch_cards shortcode to show the playfield you see above. All settings are of course optional and you do not need to create a custom point type to get it to work. Thats just my choice.

You can read more about this product in the documentation.

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15 reviews for Scratch Cards Add-on

  1. Avatar


    Great addon! Really versatile. Don’t normally review but wanted to point out the fantastic support on the few occasions I’ve had a question. 🙂

  2. Avatar


    Love this plugin. Does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a fantastic public pleaser and great for drawing in new users. Would recommend it to everyone. =D

  3. Avatar


    Really great addon, thanks to this plugin I was able to build a new website :))

  4. Avatar


    Like this addon very much! Appreciate the coding 🙂

  5. Avatar


    After updating to version1.1.1 plugin deactivated himself with error: “plugin file not found”, after activating it some of my custom card sets had broken. It allows to buy but no card loading. very bad update.

  6. Avatar

    Karina Kruse Vestergaard

    I like this plugin, and I am sad to see that there has been a price increase 🙁 I could use this for other sites, but not a this price.

  7. Avatar


    Very good addon, i recommand to everyone

  8. Avatar


    I really like this plugin!!!
    It is great for many CRM purposes as for instance lead generation (get a scratchcard and win XXX if you sign up for our newsletter), engagement and rewards to existing customers etc. Especially I like the flexibility and the way one can easily use own designs that match the company’s brand and the way you can run different scratch cards at the same time and configure exactly how many cards to be made, how many winners and loosers etc. It is also possible to send email notifications to for instance winners which makes the plugin useful for many purposes.
    Excellent, quick, helpful and very kind support!
    About the price: it is so much worth the spend and the price is extremely low compared to what you get.

  9. Avatar

    Aslan Guseinov

    Nice add-on! At first i thought that it was a small add-on, but when i realized its potential, i was amazed!

  10. Avatar


    Im french, just installing the plugin, i activate, and im just very happy. Thank you and if u can create new game, like casino etc, go go go. Sorry for my english.

  11. Avatar


    Not bad at all but for the price I would expect a little more. $70 is a hefty tag for only 3 load outs. Not exactly sure how to create custom ones either.

  12. Avatar

    Family Marketing

    Love it

  13. Avatar


    Super easy to use and works great. Easy way to add fun and keep the points moving around.

  14. Avatar


    Wow! The plugin is astonishing, it have loads of options and I can use my own layout too

  15. Avatar


    I would say, this is the one that is working flawlessly from myCred creator. Thank you for this add on. Seriously.

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Minimum Requirements
  • WordPress 4.0
  • PHP 5.3
  • myCRED 1.6.9
  • 1.3