SMS Payments – Twilio Transfers

SMS Payments – Twilio Transfers

(1 year free updates and support included.)

The SMS Payments Add-on allows your users to check their balance or make transfers via SMS messages.

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Allows you to install and use this plugin on a single website or multisite installation.

Transfer Points via SMS

Enable users to transfer points through SMS messaging.

Check Point Balance

Enable users to check thier point balacnce via SMS messaging.

Transfer Confirmation Message

Option to send transfer confirmation messages to the sender.

Cancel Transfers

Option to allow transfer cancellations.

Enforce Transfer Limits

Option to set and enforce the transfer limit via the Transfer add-on.

The SMS Payments Add-on allows your users to check their current point balance or make transfers via SMS (Short Message Service) messages.

Just like the Transfer add-on where users transfer their points via a shortcode on your website, SMS Payments does the exact same thing but via specially constructed SMS messages. In order to use this add-on, you must have a Twilio account with a verified phone number that supports messaging.

Installation Guide

  1. Download the add-on
  2. Unzip and upload the sms-transfers folder to your wp-content/plugins/ folder
  3. Login to your WordPress admin area
  4. Enable the SMS Payments plugin
  5. Done

SMS Payment Settings

  1. Enter your Twilio Account ID and the Twilio phone number to which users will send their SMS messages.
  2. Enter the meta key where you store your users phone numbers. This can either be a WordPress meta key or a BuddyPress extra profile field name. *
  3. Select how to identify the transfer recipients in the SMS messages. By default you can select ID, login or emails.
  4. Set how you want to identify user actions such as transfers and / or transfer cancellations.
  5. Select if you want to enforce the transfer limit used by the Transfers add-on.
  6. Select if you want to offer transfer cancellations by setting the number of seconds a user has to cancel a transfer. Use zero to disable this feature.
  7. Set your myCred Log templates for transfers and cancellations.
  8. Set the SMS replies you want to send users. Remember that you will be charged for these SMS replies and there is a maximum 160 characters per message.
  9. Click Update Settings

* Phone numbers must be stored in the proper format! This means numbers should start with a plus character (+)  then the country code (1 for USA) then the entire number without any dashes or spaces!

Important to remember

  • This add-on will only manage the SMS transfers for you. It will NOT insert any details to your users on how to use the SMS service, this you need to add yourself!
  • Twilio will charge you for replying to SMS messages. If you expect a large volume of messages, please contact Twilio Sales to make sure you are on the correct pricing plan.
  • Support is only offered for this add-on. If you experience technical issues with your Twilio account, please contact Twilio directly.

Setting up your Twilio Number

In order for this add-on to work, you must setup your Twilio phone numbers “Messaging Request URL” in order to tell Twilio where to forward incoming SMS messages.

  1. Login to your Twilio account
  2. Click on “Numbers” in your account menu
  3. Click on the phone number you want to use
  4. In the “Messaging” box enter the URL given to your in your myCred > Settings > SMS Payments settings.
  5. Make sure the request is done using “GET”.
  6. Click Save Changes
  7. Done!


Twilio account myCred

4 reviews for SMS Payments – Twilio Transfers


June 18, 2016

Good plugin.
Really works


May 16, 2016

It really works and easy to set up! Very useful.

Christophe Dupas

September 15, 2015

Wonderful addon… Very useful for users


October 2, 2014

Well after purchasing mycred userpro and the mycred lottery plugins to name but a few purchased I simply was blown away by the quality and customer service. Integration was excellent. I purchased other plugins at the same time and after my purchases I had extra tokens issued for the purchases which meant in fact I had saved enough for and extra plugin for FREE. That was a nice touch offering tokens for paying custom because It allows me to effectivly buy 2 get one free in a way.
They plugin itself has been a life saver for my MX theme. Thank you ever so much for a wonderfully coded plugin yet again.
I would recommend all plugins and the SMS is next on my list! Thanks and would recommend it’s beautifully done! 5 stars accross the board for this and the other two plugins!

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