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Video Add-on For Vimeo


(1 year free updates and support included.)

myCred Video add-on for Vimeo helps you award points to users that have viewed your video content on Vimeo.


Allows you to install and use this plugin on a single website or multisite installation.

Support for Vimeo videos

Upload your video content on Vimeo and show them on your website.

Award Points to Users

Reward your users with points everytime they watch your Vimeo video content.

Send Notifications

Award points by interval, it is updated each time a user gains points.

myCred Video add-on for Vimeo helps you award points to users that have viewed your video content on Vimeo. You can also notify your users of the points they have earned while watching videos on Vimeo.

6 reviews for Video Add-on For Vimeo


April 2, 2019

This is really great and I love this plug in! Very useful and working fine. Thank you myCred for your existence and creating great add ons like this!


November 21, 2018

An excellent plugin, and thanks for getting beyond the self-hosted video. Being able to capture this with Vimeo has been a real bonus, and being somewhat new to gamification, it expands my horizons with the where and the how user rewards can be created. Thanks!


September 15, 2018

Love it 🙂


March 8, 2018

I use this plugin to motivate the staff to watch company announcement videos. Now everyone loves to watch because they earn points to spend in our shop!


July 6, 2015

I like the plugin. Very interesting and dynamic.
My suggestion for the next version can restrict by IP, points per day, per week and per month.
Very good!


October 2, 2014

Well after purchasing mycred userpro and the mycred lottery plugins to name but a few purchased I simply was blown away by the quality and customer service. Integration was excellent. I purchased other plugins at the same time and after my purchases I had extra tokens issued for the purchases which meant in fact I had saved enough for and extra plugin for FREE. That was a nice touch offering tokens for paying custom because It allows me to effectivly buy 2 get one free in a way.
They plugin itself has been a life saver for my MX theme. Thank you ever so much for a wonderfully coded plugin yet again.
I would recommend all plugins and the SMS is next on my list! Thanks and would recommend it’s beautifully done! 5 stars accross the board for this and the other two plugins!

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