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Learndash Update 4.2.0
Learndash Update 4.2.0
v2.4.4 Release Notes
myCred New Website Update
myCred v2.4 Update
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myCred 1.8 is Finally Released

Introduction myCred Team appreciate the...

1.8 Beta Will Be Available Soon

myCRED 1.8 beta is now available for download.

Scratch Card 1.2 Now Available!

Version 1.2 of the Scratch Cards add-on is now available for download!

myCred Beta6 Now Available & Website Maintenance

myCRED Beta6 is now available for download which fixes the latest reported bugs.

myCred 1.7 Beta 4 & Documentation Now Available

1.7 beta4 is now available for download! An updated version of the documentation is also available for 1.7

Scratch Card Add-on 1.1 Now Available

1.1 fixes several bugs and introduces the new Play API.

myCred 1.7 Beta 2 Now Available

Version 1.7 Beta2 now available for download!

myCred Notifications Plus 1.3.2 Now Available

A new version of the notifications add-on is now available to download and is highly recommended for anyone using 1.3.1 as it resolves an installation issue preventing it from working on certain setups. Also by request, I have added in...

Coming to 1.7 – Beta now available

After considerable delay, the 1.7 beta is now available for download! This version comes with tons of new features and under the hood improvements.