About myCred
Short Description

myCRED is an adaptive and versatile points management plugin for WordPress powered websites.

Long Description

Just like “points” can mean a lot of different things, myCred was built to be used in a lot of different ways. The goal for myCred is not to “do it all” but to give you a vast set of tools to build your points based feature / setup. For this reason, to some, myCred can seem very complex with tons of different things an in a way it is true. A proper points management tool needs to encompass a lot of potential usages and hence have a lot of different features.

For this reason, myCred is a plugin that is built around the “opt-in” principle. By default, most features are off and it is up to you to enable the ones you want to use and combine it with other features to get the setup your site needs. This can span from just rewarding users with points for interacting with your website to building an online banking system.

Business Address
Design by WPExperts
Suite # 616, 6th Floor, Caesar’s Tower Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Opposite Aisha Bawany School, Fowler Lines Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Office : +92 21 32802638
Contact Details

Business hours are Monday to Friday 9 – 7. Closed on weekends.

Brand Assets

The following brands are available for plugin / theme developers who are looking to add support for myCred.

"works with myCRED" black on transparent background 1024x430
"works with myCRED" white on transparent background 1024x430
"supports myCRED" black on transparent background 1024x430
"supports myCRED" white on transparent background 1024x430
myCRED name in black with token icon.
myCRED name in white with token icon.
myCRED Token icon.
Style Guide

The myCred brand consists of two parts: “my” and “Cred”. The “my” part is always lowercase bold while the Cred part is always regular thickness and uppercase. The font used is PT Sans in regular form. The myCred name can not be shown in e.g. italic!

myCred should always be inserted on single color backgrounds and should not be superimposed over patterns. When typing out the name, the text should either be black or white and should not be multi-colored.

The logo can be shrunk down in size as long as it retains it’s proportions and should never presented in larger size then the files original size. If you need the above brands in larger sizes then 1024×430 pixels, please contact me.

Proper spacing of the brand.