Everyone is welcome to help beta test version 1.8!

Just remember that the beta is not intended for live / production sites as it is expected to contain bugs. If you decide to install it on a live site, please make sure you back up.

Reporting Issues

A new 1.8 beta forum has been introduced for beta related issues. Please do not open a support ticket for beta issues as these will be deleted. Before you post your issue, make sure no one else has posted the same issue before.

1.8 beta is not intended for production / live sites as it is expected to contain bugs. If you choose to use it on a live site, please make sure you backup your database.

When testing the beta, make sure you enable WP_DEBUG with logging for your installation as this can help pinpoint certain issues. If you never used WP_DEBUG before, there is a great article about it here that might help.


Updating from 1.7.x

If you are updated an existing myCred installation, we highly recommend you go through each point type’s settings and ensure you save your settings, even if you make no changes. If you are using a premium add-on, please note that not all premium add-ons have been tested with 1.8 yet. If you are experiencing issues with a premium add-on on 1.8, please do create a new topic in 1.8 beta forum so our team will follow up with you. This is especially important for buyCred add-ons due to the new buyCred checkout process. Our team is working to release updates with backward compatibility support for all add-ons.


Download 1.8


Note that the beta version contains a custom beta script that tells your WP installation to check for updates from the myCred.me repository instead of the WordPress one. This script is only for the beta version and will not be included in the final release! As a disclaimer, the beta script will record the following pieces of information about your website: WP version, PHP version, MySQL version and if you are using Multisite or not.




  • NEW – Ranks cannot be set manually.
  • TWEAK – Improved white-labeling support with the new constant MYCRED_RANK_KEY
  • TWEAK – Improved Multisite support. The add-on now supports using the Master Template feature.


  • NEW – Updated the myCred_load_coupon shortcode to show an error message when an invalid coupon is used.
  • TWEAK – Improved white-labeling support with the new MYCRED_COUPON_KEY constant.
  • TWEAK – Improved Multisite support. The add-on now supports using the Master Template feature.


  • NEW – Choice of popup or full page checkout when buying points.
  • NEW – Option to enforce a maximum point purchase per day/week/month.
  • NEW – All buyCred gateways now supports to use a custom logo instead of the built-in one.
  • TWEAK – Improved white-labeling support with the new MYCRED_BUY_KEY constant.


  • NEW – Added new Anniversary hook allowing you to reward users for each year they are a member on your website.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_ENABLE_HOOKS constant to disable hooks completely.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_over_hook_limit filter for adjusting hook limit checks.

Email Notifications

  • NEW – The email notifications add-on now supports setting up emails for specific instances based on the reference.
  • TWEAK – Improved white-labeling support with the new MYCRED_EMAIL_KEY constant.


  • NEW – Charts can now be rendered on the front-end of the website using new sets of shortcodes.
  • TWEAK – Updated add-on to use Chart.js version 2.0+


  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_ENABLE_SHORTCODES constant in cases where myCred shortcodes need to be disabled.
  • NEW – Added support for Multi-Network setups.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_add_post_meta(), mycred_get_post_meta(), mycred_update_post_meta() and mycred_delete_post_meta() functions in order to add support for the Master Template feature on multisites.
  • NEW – Added caching of log and leaderboard queries.
  • NEW – Added new filter to allow adjustments to the reference used for publishing and deleting content hooks.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_give_run filter to control if the mycred_give shortcode should run or not.
  • TWEAK – Moved hooks to /includes/hooks/ and third-party hooks to /includes/hooks/external/.
  • TWEAK – Implemented the use of $mycred_log_table global throughout the plugin.
  • TWEAK – Added support to white-label shortcodes.
  • TWEAK – Added support for filtering shortcode attributes via the shortcode_atts filter.
  • TWEAK – Added new myCred objects.
  • NEW – Added new $mycred_account and $mycred_current_account globals.
  • NEW – Added support for multiple point types in leaderboards.
  • TWEAK – Improved inline documentation and corrected inline codex links that were pointing to incorrect URLs.