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myCred Rank Plus is Now Live and Free To Download on

myCred has just come up with another exciting addon, myCred Rank Plus.” We will talk about it later, but wait!

The good news is that this myCred addon is free. You can download it from

myCred Rank Plus

What is myCred Rank Plus

myCred Rank Plus is a powerful add-on that allows the admin to add new rank types that will be awarded to their website users as rewards. This add-on is an enhanced version of the built-in Ranks add-on.

Rank Plus gives your users something to strive towards and a little more motivation. Awarding ranks when your users perform well or progress in tasks increases user engagement, revenue, and traffic on your website.

Admin can use shortcodes to display various user rank attributes such as rank requirements, rank ID, rank type, etc.


myCred Rank Plus Features

  • Add new rank types (Name, Slug, and Description)
  • Define the reward point criteria for which the rank will be awarded to the user.
  • Display a “Congratulations Message” once the rank is awarded.
  • Admin can design ranks on a single page using Gutenberg blocks.
  • Admin can enable any specific rank’s priority as default.
  • Assign rank to eligible myCred users.
  • Add images to the media library and set it as a rank image.
  • Write an excerpt for the rank (optional)
  • Add multiple rank requirements, including label, event triggers, and URL.
  • Enable Sequential Requirements and arrange/rearrange the order of requirement levels using drag and drop.
  • The admin has the option to search users by Username, ID, and Email who have earned the ranks successfully.

The shortcodes that can be displayed in the Rank Plus Gutenberg Block:

  • myCred_user_ranks – If the user_id is provided, the shortcode will render all the ranks the user has earned. If user_id is not given, this shortcode will show the earned ranks of the currently logged-in user.
  • myCred_ranks_plus – This shortcode will render all the ranks of the specific type_id assigned/issued, whether single or multiple ranks earned through the same type. The shortcode will not display the rank if the type_id attribute is not set.
  • myCred_rank_plus – This shortcode will render the specific rank of the provided rank_id. Without rank_id, the rank will not display.

For more information, visit myCred Rank Plus on Please read our technical documentation to set up the plugin and configure settings.