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LearnDash Update 4.2.0

LearnDash update 4.2.0 is out with many new features and updates that make your experience using this plugin better. Also, after the last update, many bugs required fixing. This new update covers many of those bugs.

Learndash Update 4.2.0

LeanDash is an exceptional plugin that lets you set up your very own LMS. This plugin is commonly used by entrepreneurs, educational institutions, training organizations, and developers. With the latest update, all stakeholders will benefit from offering users a better platform. Here are a few features and updates you should know about.

Bulk Editing

The first new feature introduced is bulk editing. If you have faced a challenge in editing courses, lessons, or groups, this feature will make your life easier. With bulk editing, you can easily make changes to Video Controls Display, AutoStart, Access Mode, and video resume.

Bulk Editing

Drip Content for all Post Types!

Now you can keep your audience anticipated for more by setting a drip schedule. The new feature allows you to set a schedule for all types of posts. There are three options for setting schedules:

  • Immediately
  • Enrollment-based
  • Specific date

Course Cloning Feature

Have you ever wanted to duplicate a course to create a similar one? With the latest update, you can begin building new courses by simply copying previous ones. Just update the content, and you are good to go! You can easily clone your quizzes, topics, and existing lessons with the click of a button.

Course Cloning Feature

Purchase Invoice Email

If you are running a course business, you need to send invoices. The latest update lets you send invoice emails with confirmation to those who buy your courses. You are also free to customize your emails with your business logo and add additional information.

Purchase Invoice Email

The latest update is loaded with many updates and bug fixes other than these new features. Also, you can test all these features with the LearnDash sandbox demo available on their website.