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myCred v2.1 Product Release Update – Open Badge Module

We are thrilled to announce the launch of myCred version 2.1 featuring the Open Badge Module along with eight new features to the plugin’s core functionality.

Here is the list of the five latest features introduced to the plugin:

  1. Open badge functionality in myCred Badge addon.
  2. Introduce Achievement Types.
  3. Introduce a new shortcode mycred_badges_list.
  4. Single badge page.
  5. Added support into Badges for Anniversary hook.
  6. Added support into Badges for wooCommerce purchase reward.
  7. Added %rank_title% template tag support in Email Notifications.
  8. Added message_placeholder, recipient_placeholder, amount_placeholder attributes in mycred_transfer shortcode.

Open Badge Functionality in myCred Badge Addon

Using Open Badge Functionality, build professional-looking badge/point/rank, Add badge details (name, achievement, website details, etc.), Badge recognition, and validation through different badge verification websites.
It gives complete control to the admins for enabling or disabling the Open Badge functionality. To do so, navigate to the sidebar dashboard and click on Points.
You will see a window similar to the screenshot below—a checkmark on the Open Badge option to enable.

Only admins can enable/disable each badge as an open badge, as shown below.
Enable Disable Badge
Enable Disable Badges
The badge levels will be removed when the Open Badge is enabled.

Introduce Achievement Types

This point highlights the achievements types that include Issue badges for any combination of achievements, detailed badge categorization, and Industry-related achievement.
To add the achievement types, navigate to the admin dashboard sidebar, click on Points → Achievements.
Insert the Name, Slug, Description, and select parent achievements as shown below in the screenshot.
Badges Achievement

Introduce a new shortcode mycred_badges_list.

This shortcode feature allows admins to thorough myCred badge listing in tabs, category wise display in tabs, and different color variants when a lock or unlock;
We have introduced the latest shortcode, ‘mycred_badges_list,’ to list out the badges of myCred.
To insert a shortcode, create a Page or Post, place the shortcode into a block, and click on the Publish button.
Badges List

Single badge page.

The functions of the Single Badge Page are as follows.

  • Show Level Description
  • Show Congratulations Text
  • Show Steps to Achieve
  • Show Levels
  • Show Level Rewards
  • Show Earners

The screenshot below demonstrates the Single Badge Page.
Single Badge
Only admins can enable/disable single badge page sections from the setting. See the screenshot below.
Badge For Anniversary

Added support into Badges for Anniversary hook

This feature enables the admins to set up the hooks. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the Points > Hooks
  • Inside the hooks page, you can see two sections Available Hooks on the left and Active Hooks on the right.
  • Activate particular hook events as per your requirement.
  • Admin can activate hooks in two ways: drag & drop or click on the events you want to activate. It prompts an “Active Hook” option along with two buttons (Add Hook, Cancel).
  • Drag and drop the particular event from available hooks to active hooks.

Badges Hooks

  • Click on the hook title to expand the option.
  • Each individual hook has its options.
  • Define the number of points.
  • Customize the Log Template
  • Click on the Save button.

Badges Save Button