myCred’s v2.1.1 Release Notes – New Features & Fixes

We are pleased to announce myCred version 2.1.1 which is packed with new features and fixes. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the latest release:

Here is the list of the latest features introduced to the plugin:


  • Template Tags
  • Uninstall Settings
  • mycred Referral Stats Shortcode
  • Badges Quick Edit
  • cashCred Email Events
  • Open Badge Search Filter
  • Badge Evidence Download Button

1. Template Tags

1.1  Signup Referral Hook:

The template tag %user_name% in the signup referral hook returns a username whenever a user signup using a referral link. Signup referral hooks make it easy for referrers to document the name of the referred user through which they have gained points.

1.2 Sell Content:

In the previous version of myCred, users were only informed of whether they could purchase content or not. With myCred v2.1.1 update, users will now also be informed of the number of points they need for a purchase. The %Price% template tag returns the exact amount of points a user needs to purchase content.

1.3 Badges: (Email Notifications)

The %badge_title% template tag allows you to notify users about their earned badge title via email. Similarly, users can see the badge image using the %badge_image% template tag.

1.4 Ranks: (Email Notifications)

With the %rank_title% template tag, users will be notified about their earned rank title via email.Similarly, users can also view their earned rank’s image using the %rank_image% template tag.

2.  Uninstall Settings

myCred 2.1.1 version enables the plugin to ask the admin whether they want to altogether remove all/specific data upon plugin deletion from the database or keep it as a backup. Admin can enable/disable the given option at any time.

This is an upgrade from the previous version where uninstalling the myCred plugin from a WordPress site would delete the complete data from the site’s database, including point types, logs, hooks, etc.

  • All Point Types: All point types will remove the entire record of default/custom point type from the database.
  • All logs: It will remove all log entries from the database.
  • All Users’ Data: It will remove all users’ (Current / Total) balances.
  • All Addon’s Settings: It will remove the settings of each addon and their data from the database.
  • All Hook’s Settings: It will remove all activated hooks
  • All Badges: It will remove all badges and their respective settings data from the database.
  • All Ranks: It will remove all ranks and their data from the database.

3. mycred referral stats Shortcode

The [mycred_referral_stats] shortcode is associated with the referral hook, which displays the total count of referred visitors/signups users.

myCred 2.1.1 version shows the accurate count of referred users who visited or sign up using referral ID.

Frontend Result:

4. Badges Quick Edit

On the badges page, you will see a “Quick Edit” hyperlink that enables the admin to modify the information of any particular badge by using the quick edit option.

  • Navigate to the Badges page
  • Hover the cursor on any badge

Click the “Quick Edit” hyperlink

5. cashCred Email Events

myCred 2.1.1 latest version has added email support for the cashCred payment gateway in the “Email Notifications” addon. Admin can create email events/templates for cashCred pending/approved/cancel requests.

Suppose any end-user sends a request to convert its points into real money using the cashCred feature. In that case, the admin can shoot an email to notify pending/approved/cancel status using the ‘Email Notification’ add-on.

Note: Admin needs to make sure the cashCred add-on is already activated.

6. Open Badge

Search Filter

The[myCred badge list] shortcode gives you the ability to add search fields and filters for badges.

7. Badge Evidence Download Button

In the latest update, the admin can access the open badges of any users on the website. This allows the admin to download any given badge images. Admin needs to go into the WordPress dashboard then into the user’s profile to see the download option.

myCred believes in innovating new utilities and its User’s satisfaction. That’s why we update our plugin regularly and fix all the raised concerns on immediate priority.

For any questions or queries, you can visit our myCred Codex or write an email to