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myCred 1.7 Beta 4 & Documentation Now Available


1.7 Beta4 Now Available

In beta4, I have fixed a few fatal errors along with some issues in the sell-content add-on. Once again, a big thank you to everyone helping me beta test 1.7! This would simply not be possible to do without your help! Again, thank you!


You should receive an update notice in your wp-admin area once WordPress checks for new plugin versions. Depending on your CRON schedule, this update might show up immediately or in a few hours. Alternatively, you can download beta4 below and replace your current copy via FTP.

Download 1.7 beta4

Updated Documentation

Most changes in 1.7 has not yet been added to the current codex or documentation here on the myCRED website. You can however now access the next version of the Codex via the link below. Once 1.7 goes live, this will replace the current codex version and the entire codex will become available as an ebook.

While all shortcodes are up to date, some chapters are still being updated. I am also working on adding in missing items in several categories.

Visit Codex