Welcome to the new myCred with an Improved website and plugin design

myCred New Website Update

If you have seen our maintenance page, we apologize for the inconvenience. However, the wait is over! myCred.me just got better. In order to enhance the experience we offer our visitors, our developers have worked day and night to upgrade the website’s UI and give it a whole new and fresh look.

myCred 2.4.4 is now live – Read the release notes or download the latest version.

myCred New Website Update

Improved Navigation

To make sure our users know where to go and find the right page, we revamped both our header and footer. You can find all the guides, tutorials, blogs, FAQs, documentation, and much more, all in one place, the ‘Learn’ tab in the header. It is made solely to educate our users and provide them with useful information regarding our plugin and how gamification can help in growing a business. Furthermore, many new pages have been added in the footer to improve the navigation on myCred.me.

We’d Love to Hear from You

Now getting in touch just got easier. All our communication channels are present under the “Get in Touch” tab. Feel free to submit a custom request, check out our Support Page, or simply connect with us through our Contact Us Form.

Contact Us

Sleeky Design

Though myCred.me had an amazing design already, we wanted you to experience something better. With the help of a perfect combination of colors, we’ve come up with an amazing design that’ll catch your attention in no time. Also, this design is easier to use and lets you understand our product better within no time. Our new homepage highlights how you can benefit from myCred.

So, gamify your WordPress website without wasting any time. 

UI/UX Updated for a Flawless Experience

Our goal? Providing you with what you want! That’s exactly what we work for. Our UI update is destined to make you give us a pat on the back. Our designers and developers have made sure this UI update is compatible with all devices and performs flawlessly.

We have also made changes to fix bugs, enhance the website’s performance and provide the solution you need to attract visitors to your website to turn them into customers.