Release Note|myCred Badge Plus is Now Live and Free To Download on

myCred has just come up with another exciting addon, “myCred Badge Plus.” We will talk about it later, but wait!

The good news is that this myCred addon is “FREE”. You can download it from

Table Of Contents

  • myCred Badge Plus – The Concept 
  • myCred Badge Plus – Features 
  • Final Words 

Release Note|myCred Badge Plus is Now Live and Free To Download on

What is Badge Plus?

Badge Plus is an add-on plugin for WordPress that improvises the built-in badge functionality of the myCred gamification plugin. It provides site owners with more advanced options for creating achievement badges and assigning them to users. 

With Badge Plus, site admins can set up multiple badge types and levels. Badges can be assigned based on specific user actions or achievements, such as reaching certain points, completing an activity, referring friends, etc.

Admins have now got control over badge settings like point awards, earnings limits, requirements, and more. Badges earned by users are displayed on their profiles for social proof and recognition.


  • Multiple badge types – Create different badge categories like “Newbie,” “Expert,” etc.
  • Level requirements – Set multiple levels of requirements for each badge type to denote progress.
  • Sequential requirements – Require users to earn badges in sequence rather than in random order.
  • Maximum earnings – Limit how many times a user or badge can be earned globally.
  • Admin badge management – Admins can award and revoke badges manually per user.
  • Public display – Users can show off earned badges on their public profile.
  • Front-end previews – Preview how badges appear on the front end when creating them.
  • Analytics – Check badge earners and statistics within the admin dashboard.
  • Custom messages – Customize the message shown when a user earns a badge.
  • Log entries – Badge earnings generate log entries for tracking.

For more information, visit myCred Badge Plus on Please read our technical documentation to set up the plugin and configure settings. 

Wrap Up 

Badge Plus improvizes the core myCred badges functionality with more advanced options to create multi-level, gamified experiences on a WordPress site. It allows admins to create visual tokens and reward users with digital badges when they earn points. The enhanced badge types, sequential and hierarchical requirements, and detailed analytics empower admins to build an engaging, gamified experience.