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Your Opinion

Your Opinion: myCred 1.8 Feature Requests

Let me know what features you would like to see in myCRED 1.8

The Future of myCred

With 1.5.3 now out, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts and plans for myCRED's near future.

Name those Points

Scheduled maintenance and a naming contest where you can win Tokens!

Welcome WordPress Developers!

Are you a member on the website and play with WordPress all day long? Looking for extra work?

WPMU DEV Requests Closes on April 16th

If you are using any of WPMU DEV's awesome plugins, you have until April 16th to voice your opinion on what plugins you would like to see working with myCRED.

BuddyPress Group Points?

There has been some request for BuddyPress group points and I am kind of curious to hear what interest, if any, there is for a feature like this.