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Scratch Card 1.2 Now Available!


After some extensive testing, I am glad to announce that version 1.2 of the Scratch Cards add-on is now available for download. If you do not see a new version being available in your Plugins page, make sure you have enabled and setup your product license. You can find more information about how to sync your website with your license along with answers to commonly asked questions here. You can find a complete list of changes in the products changelog. The plugin documentation has been updated to reflect version 1.2.

As always, please make sure you backup your website and database before updating!


You can now quickly create a new set of cards by using the “Clone” option for an active set. You will still need to generate the cards but you no longer need to copy / paste card details, templates etc.

Generating Large Number of Cards

Version 1.2 has a new and improved card generator which will now create cards in batches. This will prevent time out issues on servers where a large number of cards needs to be generated. By default, the generator will create 500 cards per session and repeat this process until all cards are created. You can however use the new MYCRED_MAX_CARD_CREATION constant to change this to a higher number. This value should be the maximum number of cards your server can create within the maximum execution time limit.

End of admin-ajax.php Usage

As of this version the add-on will no longer use the admin-ajax.php file for card plays by users. This will allow you to run this add-on on servers where access to this file has been disabled.

Purchase & Win Logs

For administrators, I have added in two dedicated pages in the admin area to help you manage card plays. You can now see a Purchase Log where all card purchases are listed and a Payout Log where you can conveniently see all card payouts.

URL Changes

In previous versions, if you moved servers or changed the site URL, some card sets that were created using the built-in template could no longer be played. In this version I have added support for these type of scenarios. A very big thank you to everyone who helped resolve this issue!


With version 1.2 I have put a lot of time into lowering the plugins footprint on your server. The underlying code has been improved along with database queries.