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Badges Add-on

Award badges based on myCred point history.

This built-in add-on allows you to create badges as a visual token of achievement and award them to your users based on their point history. Once set up, these badges can be sent automatically every time a user gains or loses points.

While ranks are based on a user’s balance, badges are based on a user’s points history and can be awarded for multiple reasons, like the number of times a user has gained points from approved comments or the total amount a user has spent on your store.



Award Badges

Award badges every time your users complete steps, reach a specific rank, or achieve an objective.

Badge Editor

Edit a default badge or create a new one with customization options for appearance, title, and design.

Badge Level

Badge levels allow your users to earn a badge multiple times but under different requirements each time.

Badge Image

The add-on will show default badge images in full size but the sizes can be adjusted via CSS styling.