Built-in Addon

cashCred is a built-in myCred add-on that allows users to redeem myCred points for real money anytime, anywhere. Give users the power to earn points through myCred’s intelligent rewards system. Instead of giving them cash, you reward them with points that can be encashed at any point in time.

cashCred works perfectly with a reward system that engages users to perform activities that require user interaction (watching a video, filling out a survey and more).


Convert Points to Cash

Users can redeem myCred points for money.

Multiple Point Types

Allow multiple custom point types.

Exchange Rates

Define exchange rates for each point type.

Cash Withdrawal

Users can send a request to the admin for cash withdrawal.

User Requests

Approve or deny user requests for cash withdrawal.

Additional Notes

Write additional notes for users which will be displayed on the payment form.

Currency Code

Define the currency code (USD, GBP, AUD, etc.) for the payment form.

Shortcode Support

Display the cashCred module on the website using a shortcode.

Set Limits & Restrictions

Set minimum or maximum restriction limits on point conversion requests.

Email Events

Admin can create email events/templates for cashCred pending/approved/cancel requests.

Pay with PayPal

cashCred supports payment through PayPal.

Pay with Stripe

cashCred supports payment through Stripe.