Product Licenses
Premium Products

While myCRED is 100%, the premium add-ons sold in the myCRED store are not. Besides the product itself, you also pay for an annual product license or if you select, a bulk of product licenses in quantities of 5 or 10.

Products in the “freebies” category are however free and do not require a license. You are also not required to buy a product in order to use myCRED.


Besides paying for the product, the price also includes one year of free upgrades and priority support. A license grants you support for one particular installation on one particular website. If you want to use a product on multiple sites, you must purchase a license for each site.

30 days before the license expires you will receive an email reminder to renew your license. Once the license has expired, you will no longer receive updates or be able to request support. You will however still be able to use the plugin without any restriction!

If I want to use the plugin on a development site first, do I need to buy 2 licenses?

No! You can use the plugin on localhost / development sites without any restriction. Your license should however be set to the URL of your live site. You will also have to manually update the plugin if a new version is released while you are developing. Once the website goes live, the license will allow you to have automatic updates.

License Setup

To start receiving updates or support, you will be required to “setup” your license. This is done by providing the website URL where the plugin will be installed and used. You can do this by logging in to your profile and select “License Keys” in the blue menu on the top right side of the screen.

You can “reset” a license which allows you to change the website URL for the license. Each reset costs 150 Tokens to complete.

License Renewal

30 days before your license expires, you will be able to renew the license from your profile. Purchasing a new copy of the product will result in a new license being created and will not renew an existing license!

License Status

Starting October 1st 2015, premium add-ons will display the type of license you use for each premium add-on along with it’s expiration date. If you are using a premium add-on without a license or if your license has expired, you will see the “Not a licensed copy” notice.

If you have setup your license and still see the “Not a licensed copy” message, click on the “View details” link and once the add-on information has been loaded, reload the page. Your license details should then be updated. If you still can’t get this message to update, check to make sure you have entered the correct site url for your license or open a support ticket.