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Throughout December and January, I will be adding some new cool products to the myCred store to bring you more features for your setup.

Already now, you can find a few new products with some pretty cool features!

SMS Payments

Let your users transfer points to each-other via SMS messages! A recent myred project got me in touch with Twilio and their awesome phone and SMS service which prompted me to build a SMS payments system which works just like transfers but via SMS messages. Check it out!

Vimeo Video

Expand your built-in “Points for watching videos” hook in myCred by allowing YouTube and Vimeo video embeds! Have a look.

Payza – buyCred Gateway

Using Payza for your payments? Accept points purchases in the buyCred add-on via Payza! Check it out. More gateways are on the way!

Visit the myCred Store for more products!

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