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Tonight (UTC +1), the website will be offline for a few hours while I am adding some new features and improvements. In this version, I am introducing a few new features like developer listing, badges and more for registered myCred members.


Profile Layout

I felt the current profile layout is a bit compact so it will receive a slight re-design with a more spacious tone. I am essentially removing the sidebar to free up more space.



No More Messaging

If you have been sending messages on your myCred profile, you might want to back them up as the messaging system will be removed.


Token Top-Ups

The Token purchase page will receive a big facelift and you can now top-up your account with both PayPal and Bitcoins.



This is an experimental new feature where your actions rewards you different colored badges. If you are curious and can’t wait, you can find a short description of each badge here.


Developer Listing

With this update, you will now be able to list your account as a “Developer” both on the website and on the myCred Codex. This new feature comes with tons of cool stuff like the option to let users give you “Tips” via a new “Tip Jar”, allow your clients to leave reviews on your profile and if you want, allow them to contact you directly via your profile.

Listing is free of charge but requires admin approval. To get listed, simply login to your account, edit your profile and enter your settings / details under the new “Developer” tab. Once you have entered your details and set a proper “About Me” message, your details will be verified by me (make sure your email address is correct).

To avoid any misuse of the review system, only those who you – the developer, have marked as “My Client” can leave a review. To mark a user, you simply visit their profile and once your account is approved you will see a new button called “Add Client”. Users who leave a review is given 100 Tokens by me.

You will also have the option to let users contact you via your profile (optional). Once enabled, myCred members will be able to fill out a quick contact form that are sent to you. (your email will not be shown).



Looking to sell your own add-ons in the myCred Store? Let me know!

  1. So we will be able to use the badges reward system in a new version of mycred? This is something I would really like to implement to my website!

    1. It depends. The badge system is experimental at best right now. I included it to see what feedback I get from you. It is a very simply system as I am trying to avoid to “reinvent the wheel” especially since there are already very powerful badge systems out there.

      Right now the system allows you to setup certain conditions for a badge, i.e. logins and lets you set a requirement for each “level” so for example 1 login = level1 (badge 1), 10 logins = level2 (badge 2) etc.

      Right now it also only supports the use of image sprites so 1 badge is one image and this image then has several badges that are via CSS moved around to show your current badge color.

      Right now the idea is to have it included in 1.5 under a new built-in add-on.

  2. Very nice badge system ! I really love the idea.

    Would be nice if we can setup “having a badge” as a requirement to get another badge. (I’m not talking about level) Just an example : let’s say that to get the badge Hero you would need to have the badge Supporter.

    Great job !

    1. Oh yeah of course, badge requirements would either be certain amount / volume of point like logged in 1000 times or the existence of another badge. But that would also be it. I do not want to create a new badge system that takes into account any type of action, only points related.

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