Top Ten myCred Gamification add-ons That Helps To Grow Online Business Amazingly

The concept of eCommerce emerged almost two decades ago yet most online businesses struggle with growing their revenue to a point where they can call it a success.
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In contrast, in order to become successful, it is now essential for businesses to use eCommerce and market research tools. They must go through the same procedure as a traditional business, in formulating a comprehensive business plan, building an online infrastructure, and developing a digital marketing strategy to promote it.
Similarly, websites also need online tools to engage and convert users into customers. Today, we will talk about how eCommerce businesses can use gamification as an effective tool for driving revenue and sales.
“It is estimated that 12 million – 24 million new eCommerce sites will emerge in 2021.” –

What is the connection between Gamification and online businesses?

Gamification is a marketing tool that helps you apply game-design elements in a non-gaming context. What does that mean? When we add gaming elements to an e-store, we build an emotional connection with shoppers using digital rewards.
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More often than not, marketers ask for consumer’s attention without much upfront benefit. Digital rewards are a kind gesture that lets a prospective customer know that your business values their time.
Companies like Amazon, Google, among others, have tried and tested Gamification as an effective marketing tool to which they  saw unparalleled growth in revenue numbers. With growing competition, businesses started focusing more on ways to capture the attention of a newer audience. One of those ways is gamification.

How can myCRED help you gamify your business?

myCred is a smart and adaptive points management system that enables you to create and manage a wide range of rewards including points, ranks & badges on your WordPress and WooCommerce powered e-store.
myCred helps you to build a comprehensive gamification strategy for your online business, loyalty programs to retain existing and attract new customers. You can create better customer engagement using myCred and achieve an upward sales graph in return.
After briefly knowing about the emergence of online business, its relationship with gamification, and the myCred points management system.
Let’s read to learn about the top ten myCred add-ons that can help you gamify your marketing automations.

myCred Email Digest

myCred Email Digest facilitates you to deliver content by email to different user groups. You can send email notifications systematically. Also, you can add and exclude specific user groups based on their roles, ranks, and badges. It is an all-in-one solution for your email notifications, whether sending email notifications to active users or approaching inactive users, it turns your email communication flawless and sales-driven.

Top Features:

  • Set the sending emails period accordingly. Daily, weekly, monthly, and annually as per your marketing strategy requirement.
  • Send Emails based on the User’s role, badges, or ranks. This feature gives you the benefit to make users segment based on your relationship with them and set your sending emails strategy accordingly.
  • myCred-Email Digest provides you the option to send a test email before setting up.
  • myCred email digest is equipped with already available template tags as well.
  • Check the entire record of the sent emails. You can view the log file too.
  • Customize the styling of your email template. You can build the desired styling for your emails in the myCred-email digest.


  • It improves the overall brand image.
  • It helps to gain new email subscribers.
  • It increases website traffic.

myCred WooCommerce Plus

myCred WooCommerce Plus facilitates you award points to your WooCommerce store customers using the myCred points management system. The specialty of this addon is that it will automatically award coupons to users whenever they successfully achieve a higher rank and badge. Now, myCred WooCommerce Plus add-on is now compatible with WooCommerce Subscription too.

Top Features:

  • Automate how you distribute discount coupons to your users whenever they achieve a high rank or badge.
  • Users can make partial payments using their point balances or WooCommerce coupons.
  • It has the ability to restrict products based on users’ ranks and badges.
  • Users can convert their points into a fixed amount coupon whenever they want.
  • Display product purchase points award on a single product, cart, and checkout page.
  • Award points to referrers and referred users on successful completion of product purchase through a referral link.


  • Grow your WooCommerce store sales.
  • Increase recurring customer base.
  • Helps you to build customer loyalty.

myCred Social Proof

myCred Social Proof helps build the reputation of your online business by letting your website visitors know about the current actions of your registered users through real-time notifications.

addons mycred socialproof
Top Features:

  • myCred Social Proof addon’s simple interface is easy to set up.
  • Display real-time notification to your website visitors.
  • It has the ability to set on-screen and interval popup timings.
  • Select the website’s notification reference points randomly or by your own choice.


  • To engage visitors with your brand content.
  • To propagate positive reviews related to your products and services.
  • To grow social media presence and following.

myCred Social Share

myCred Social Share enables you to award your users points every time they share your posts on social platforms. You can effortlessly set up and manage the points awarding criteria through the presentation method on your site and store.

mycred addons gamifcation social share
Top Features:

  • Enable users to earn points by sharing your website’s posts on social media.
  • You can set the reward point definition according to each social media post type.
  • Setup reward point definitions according to the user’s actions.


  • To build brand awareness.
  • To increase eCommerce sales.
  • To grow organic word of mouth.

myCred Spin Wheel

myCred Spin Wheel is a gamification-based add-on that allows your website visitors to test their fate by spinning the aesthetically beautiful wheel. Increase your website engagement by introducing a fun and exciting gamification element on your WordPress website – Offer free spins and much more. Set up limitless slices on the wheel based on how you want to reward your users.

mycred spinwheen addons
Top Features:

  • Set unlimited slices on your spin wheel and increase the excitement for the users.
  • Have a complete control over how the Spin Wheel is showcased to your users.
  • Offer free spins to your visitors – Easily set the free spin limit from the wheel settings (Backend).
  • Utilize a simple shortcode to display the Spin Wheel on any page you like.
  • Showcase the Spin Wheel on any specific page of your website.


  • To engage visitors on your website or e-store.
  • To grow email lists for gaining new subscribers.
  • To generate revenue-producing leads.

myCred Progress Map

myCred Progress map lets users track their progress and see steps to achieve the specific badge. Engage users in a more fascinating way by showing their progress on multiple levels. Admin can build a map with multiple color options of complete and incomplete levels, show maps in vertical or horizontal dimensions with multiple alignment options.

mycred progress map
Top Features:

  • Set progress map direction either vertical or horizontal.
  • Multiple alignment options are available.
  • Option to alter the color of complete & incomplete levels.
  • Option to change the color of the text.
  • Progress map will display in badge level view.


  • To engage customers for various actions.
  • To keep your users motivated for desired activities.
  • To increase spending time on your website or store.

myCred Credly

myCred-Credly facilitates users to build, earn & share digital badges within minutes! Give your users the authority of the Credly Badge Builder – The perfect innovation that helps individuals take their fantasy to the next level. With the Credly API integration feature, your users can build badges in Credly and import them into myCred easily.

Top Features:

  • Create a badge image using the myCred Badge Builder.
  • Users can import badge images into the Credly Account.
  • Share badge images from the Credly Account to thousands of others.
  • Connect the Credly Badge Builder with myCred using the Credly API.
  • Configure Badge visibility settings through shortcodes.


  • To reward digital badges.
  • To do more creative experiments with branding.
  • To motivate customers for desired actions.

myCred Arcade Game

myCred Arcade Game is a maze game that allows the admin to award points to users who play the game. Users will be awarded points by consuming power pellets while dodging 4 colored ghosts. Consuming Power Pellets (big blinking dots) will change ghosts into blue and consuming them will give users extra points. Customize the arcade game’s elements according to your liking & even set limits to how many points your visitors can earn at a certain time.

Top Features:

  • Let your visitors enjoy the classic arcade game and earn gamification points.
  • You can set limits on how many points your users can earn while playing the Arcade game at a specific time.
  • You can customize the Arcade game as you see fit to your site! Change anything from the color of power pellets to ghost colors.
  • This version of the game is supported on all mobile and desktop devices.


  • To engage visitors on your website or store.
  • To increase spending time on your website.
  • To increase leads generation chances.

myCred Expiration

myCred Expiration enables you to set expiry dates on any user’s points. You can set the expiration dates the way you want to. A special feature about this addon is that you can also send an email notification to the user to let them inform that their earned points are approaching an expiration date.

Top Features:

  • Set the date or interval after which the user’s points will be expired.
  • Send an alarming email notification to the user before their points get expire.
  • Select general or individual settings for your users with ease.


  • To alert users for points expiration.
  • To push users to utilize their gamification points.
  • To convert inactive users into active members.

myCred Learndash

myCred Learndash enables your users to spend and earn points on courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes. Create your courses through the Learndash plugin and let this gamification add-on do the rest. You can easily manage user logs and point balances from a single dashboard. Automatically award points to your users and enables myCred’s available hooks to award your users with gamification points whenever they complete a specified task.

mycred learndash
Top Features:

  • Learners can buy courses of their choice by spending myCred points.
  • Disallow or restrict users from purchasing courses using points.
  • Build leaderboards to display trending and available courses.
  • Give individual points when your users complete a course, lesson, topic, or quiz.
  • Automatically award myCred points to your users after they complete a specific task.
  • Create leaderboards to display available lessons.
  • Create leaderboards to display leaders inside the topics category.
  • Create leaderboards to display available quizzes.


  • To engage students and learners in eLearning.
  • To motivate students and learners for course completion.
  • To increase course sales using gamification points.


It’s a fact that online business and gamification complement each other like a perfect duo. Online businesses need visitors’ attention, engagement, and trust to convert them into customers, and gamification provides you the means to do it. myCred is a comprehensive WordPress/WooCommerce gamification plugin with 50 plus add-ons that can do wonders for your online business and eCommerce store.