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myCred Arcade Game


(1 year free updates and support included.)

myCred Arcade is a maze game (i.e. pac-man) that gives users both points and the element of fun.


Allows you to install and use this plugin on a single website or multisite installation.

Pacman Mycred Points

Let your user enjoy the classic arcade game of Pacman & earn point-based rewards.

Limit Points

Set limits on how many points your users can earn while playing Pacman at a certain time.

Customize Elements

Customize the Pacman game as you see fit! Change everything from the color of power pellets to ghost colors.

Desktop & Mobile Support

This version of the game is supported on all desktop & mobile devices.

myCred Arcade addon is a maze arcade game that enables the admin to award points to users who plays the game. User will earn points by consuming power pellets while dodging four colored ghosts. Consuming Power Pellets (big blinking dots) will turn ghosts into blue and consuming them will give users bonus points. Customize the arcade game’s elements according to your liking and even set limits to how many points your users can earn at a certain time.

Installation Guide

After downloading the plugin, install it on your WordPress system.

→ Log in to your WordPress admin panel.

→ Click on the Plugins tab on the left side menu.

→ Click Add New.

→ Click on Upload Plugin button at the top of page.

→ Click on Choose File.

→ Select the file from the directory.

→ Click install now.

→ After uploading click the Activate Plugin button.

→ That’s all. (You will now see the settings and hook in myCred hooks and settings).


Fadi Matta

January 11, 2020

Very bad.

1- No game sound.
2- Shortcode displays a button to be clicked then a popup appears to play the game.
3- Pause/Resume message always shown in the middle of the screen.

Don’t recommend.

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