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myCred WooCommerce Plus


(1 year free updates and support included.)

Give users the power to create coupons, create partial payments and more using myCred loyalty points.


Allows you to install and use this plugin on a single website or multisite installation.

Award Coupons

Automate how you distribute discount coupons to your users whenever they achieve a high rank or badge.

Restrict Products

Have the ability to restrict products based on users' ranks and badges.

Point History

Users can view multiple point-type history logs through their my-account page.

Partial Payments

Users can make partial payments using their point balances or WooCommerce coupons.

Convert Points Into Coupons

Users can convert their points into a fixed amount coupon whenever they want.

The myCred WooCommerce Plus addon helps you award points to your WooCommerce store users using the myCred points management system. What’s special about this addon is that it will automatically award coupons to users whenever they successfully achieve a high rank and badge.

Installation Guide

  1. After downloading the plugin, install it on your WordPress system.
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  3. Click on the Plugins tab on the left side menu.
  4. Click Add New.
  5. Click on Upload Plugin button at the top of page.
  6. Click on Choose File.
  7. Select the file from the directory.
  8. Click install now.
  9. After uploading click the Activate Plugin button.
  10. That’s all. (You will now see the settings and hook in myCred hooks and settings).

1 review for myCred WooCommerce Plus


May 2, 2020

Really geat.
But a little bit hard to apprehend at first. I had an intensive trial/error session just to be sure everything would works the way I though I understood it (I’m french and it’s not translated yet – I realized my own translation to help me during my T/E session).
Now eveything is working. I add to develop a plugin at first, to correct the fact myCRED raised the total when refunding on carts but v1.7.0 took care of that! Thanks.
As it’s adaptable, I now have a personal adaptation plugin, mainly to translate in french hard-coded sentences (…) and will log the little bugs I found.
Very useful, but be sure to masterize myCred before!

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