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Version 3 of the 1.6 beta is now available for download. It contains several fixes for badges and ranks along with added support for AffiliateWP.

Support is added via a custom hook I built which allows you to award points for:

– Users becoming an affiliate.
– Referring a visit.
– Store referrals.

You can also select to use your points as the currency for your AffiliateWP setup.

The WP Favorite Posts hook has been updated to allow you to award points to the content author as well. You can also select to deduct points when the post is removed from favorites (related to Author).

  1. Wow – very nice !
    Is there plans for supporting WP Affiliate Platform plugin as well ?
    Thank you

    1. Unless we find some major bug, we are still on schedule for January 15th. The myCRED website will be offline during that day while I update all the information but plan on having the launch at 2PM (GMT+1).

  2. Gabriel, we are very happy with your support!
    Would be possible to choose award both in points and/or any regular currency using myCRED?
    Many thanks!

    1. Sorry no. myCRED only handles points. There are a lot of plugins out there though for WooCommerce commissions or real money payouts that would be better suited.

  3. I’m a bit disappointed that the “buy using different point types (referral points)” won’t make the cut. I have customer’s daily asking when is our point store ready.

    But I understand it requires time. Hope it come soon.

    1. I will be publishing an update on the beta as I received some error reports the last few days and I have been swamped to fix them all. So I will be publishing the update tomorrow with a new release date probably next Friday.

  4. I have high expectations for this update. Sorry i didn’t have time to help find errors. I will probably find some anyway. 😉

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