15 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Sales Using WordPress Daily Login Rewards

If you are an e-commerce brand, you need to be creative to capture consumer attention and drive sales. One powerful but underutilized strategy to achieve the highest level of creativity is to leverage the power of daily login rewards. The small incentives and perks for frequent sign-in create loyal brand advocates who purchase more over time.

15 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Sales Using WordPress Daily Login Rewards

In this post, we will explore 15 proven ways login rewards can boost sales numbers. From limited offers to surprise gifts, you will learn actionable tips to increase customer engagement and purchase frequency with your brand. With consistent rewards for interaction, you can turn even casual visitors into high-ticket clients.

Top 15 Ways to Increase Daily Login Rewards

Daily Login Rewards By Offering Limited Time Deals

Exclusive deals that are only available for a short time create urgency and a fear of missing out. Consider providing discounted shipping or free gift promotions in return for daily login rewards.

The time-sensitive nature of these deals will drive website traffic. Also, it will prompt users to purchase since the offers are only available to loyal users logging in frequently. Just ensure your inventory and operations can handle the potential influx of activity.

Give Surprise Freebies

An unexpected free gift can delight users and make them feel valued. It could be a free sample, bonus credits, unlocked premium content, or access to new features. When users log in and see an exciting freebie waiting for them, it motivates them to keep engaging frequently.

The element of surprise also makes the daily login rewards more anticipated. Avoid predictability, and don’t make every reward a surprise. Otherwise, users may log in hoping for a freebie every single time.

Reward Loyalty Tiers

Reward Loyalty Tiers
Set different loyalty tiers with escalating rewards based on login frequency milestones.

For example, logging in 5 days in a row earns a discount code. 15 days in a row unlocks free expedited shipping. 30 days in a row provides entry into an exclusive contest. This incentivizes users to keep their streak going to reach the next major milestone.

Make sure to showcase what rewards they are working towards. The tiers should be achievable yet still require consistent engagement.

Offer Coupon Upon Each Login


Offer Coupon Upon Each Login

Give users a compelling reason to return daily by providing a special coupon code with each login. It could be 5-10% off their next purchase. The catch is that the code expires in 24 hours if unused. This creates a ‘use it or lose it’ model to ignite a sense of urgency.

To prevent abuse, you may limit how many monthly codes users can collect. Just ensure the daily login rewards are not so high that you lose money.

Encourage Referrals

People are more likely to refer friends if adequately incentivized. For successful referrals, offer rewards like free products, account upgrades, or cash bonuses. Consider giving referral codes upon login that users can share. Track usage of codes to attribute referrals.

The goal is associating your brand with positive experiences that users voluntarily share. This turns customers into promoters. Just be sure your product delivers extreme value if you want word-of-mouth to drive authentic growth.

Highlight Exclusivity

Remind users that the login rewards and special offers are exclusive perks that outsiders don’t receive. Give insider access status with badges like “Best Customer” or “VIP” to make people feel valued and part of a privileged circle.

Showcase happy daily login rewards recipients on social media, enjoying their exclusive benefits. When done correctly, people enjoy feeling selectively rewarded. Just avoid creating a hostile “us vs them” dynamic. Focus on positive inclusion rather than negative exclusion.

Run Loyalty Lotteries

Everyone loves a good giveaway. Offer daily login rewards in shape of lotteries where active users are entered to win prizes like free products, gift cards, or grand prizes. The chance of winning something big will entice users to keep checking in, even if most prizes are smaller.

Make sure to announce winners on social media, too. This converts passive users into active ones, hoping to be the next winner. Just be transparent about the odds, and don’t make the prizes so huge that you take losses. It should ultimately drive profit, not burn money.

Feature Leaderboards


Feature Leaderboards

Leaderboards showing the most active users tap into people’s competitive instincts. No one wants to see themselves at the bottom. It could even highlight top reviewers and influencers, not just high-frequency users. Consider adding badges for the leaders to display their status.

Leaderboards incentivize more frequent usage as people aim higher. Just ensure users can’t easily cheat the system with fake engagement. Focus on legitimate participation, not mindless volume. And don’t shame those lower on the board.

Reward User-Generated Content

If you have a community element, reward users for creating content and engaging with others. Provide points, badges, or benefits for posting reviews, uploading media, or helping forum members. Active contributors are providing free advertising and marketing.

Rewarding customers fosters community growth. Make sure to moderate and vet content to prevent exploitation. But once validated, amplify and praise engaged users.

Remember! People want their efforts recognized. Enable sharing achievements on social media to help convert passive users into active promoters.

Offer Loyalty Points Through Daily Login Rewards

Points and virtual currencies tap into people’s nature. Provide points for activities like logging in, writing reviews, referring friends, etc. Let users redeem login reward points for discounts, free products, bonuses, and donations to charity.

Make the points visible on profile pages to display status and achievement. Set milestones that unlock higher-tier benefits. This incentivizes the collection of points through frequent engagement. Just ensure wide redemption options so points don’t expire on account of being unused.

Run Daily Check-in Streaks

Streaks create a satisfying sense of accomplishment as milestones grow. Provide small rewards for 7-day streaks, then escalate benefits for 14-days, 21-days, and monthly streak achievements.

With time users will value their streak and not want to break it by missing a day. This drives retention and continued customer engagement. Consider occasionally offering incentives to re-streak if needed. Remind users of streaks nearing milestones so they stay motivated to maintain consistency.

Enable Badge Sharing


Enable Badge Sharing


Earned badges and achievement markers tend to be social. Let users easily share digital badges on social media profiles and feeds. This displays their loyalty status to friends and may even prompt others to sign up.

Integrate badge sharing into the reward unlock process. Nothing complicated, just a quick one-click social posting. This converts users into promoters showcasing their relationship with your brand.

Spotlight Loyalty in Marketing

When launching marketing campaigns, highlight loyalty benefits in your messaging. Showcase rewards in ads with taglines like “Earn daily login rewards every day for amazing deals!” Remind users through email notifications why they should keep engaging with your brand. Sync external messaging with internal reward initiatives.

Also, you can promote new benefits to incentivize both new and existing users. Make sure your product lives up to the marketing hype.

Send Personalized Emails


Send Personalized Emails

Segment users based on loyalty tiers and frequency. Send targeted emails when they reach new milestones highlighting their special status. Make general users feel like your VIPs. Emails should celebrate achievements and provide info on how to redeem unique benefits.

Personalized messaging reminds users they are valued. Just avoid overly salesy pitches. Focus on appreciation and building loyalty, not obvious conversion attempts.

Offer Free Shipping

One of the best daily login rewards that leads to purchases is discounted or free shipping. Provide free standard shipping for X logins per month. Or offer free 2-day shipping for Y consecutive logins.

Reducing shipping costs alleviates purchase friction. Just ensure your margins can sustain giving away these benefits without hurting overall profitability.

Last Words

Leveraging creative login rewards can turbo-charge your customer loyalty and sales performance. From limited promotions to VIP access, you have many options to incentivize engagement. Focus on understanding your users and offering benefits aligned with their interests. Pay attention to what resonates and iterates.

While you may give away marginal perks for free, loyal return users ultimately drive profitability through social buzz, reviews, and repeat purchases. Daily meaningful interaction is the key to building community and brand advocacy. With this blueprint, you can now develop engaging daily login rewards that attract, retain, and convert customers.