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The Benefits of Automated Discounts & Coupon Codes in WooCommerce Using Gamification

Coupons are a great way to offer discounts and rewards to your customers that can, in return, help promote sales across your WooCommerce store. For anyone who doesn’t know, coupons are unique codes that customers can enter at checkout to get a discount on their purchase. Not just discounts but coupons are also a great way to promote any offer you want (BOGO: Buy one get one free, Free Shipping, etc.)

Why You Should Offer Discount Coupons to Your Customers

It’s simple – people tend to buy a product when they see that they’re saving money.

Offering discount coupons draw more people to your store which in result increases the chances of them buying your product. Furthermore, your customers will not only buy discounted items but also browse around your store and probably purchase other products as well. Discount offers and coupons help your business in the following areas:

  • Attract new customers
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase sales
  • Drive site traffic

Are Customers Really Interested in Shopping With Discount Coupons?

Let’s talk some stats: Last year 92% of consumers (in the USA) used coupons when making purchases. One year earlier, some 70 percent of American adults searched for digital coupons on store websites themselves, making it the most common search method.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are one of the most common and well-known sales holidays that generate billions of US dollars in revenue for business owners and brands worldwide. It is also a proven fact that customers spend one-third of their yearly savings on discounted merchandise, approximately saving in comparison (on average) 40% of what they would normally pay.

We can ramble on and on why discount coupons are crucial to any business’s sale numbers but it’s pretty clear that most of the people reading this article already know why they should offer special promotions, discounts, and coupon codes on their website. While there are hundreds of ideal store builders available online, the most popular one is WooCommerce.

Today, we will talk about how you can create discount coupons on WooCommerce (manually and automatically). Automating your coupon creation and distribution process will help you manage thousands of customers in just a matter of minutes.

WooCommerce Allows You to Set Coupons Settings Manually for Your Customers

To add a new coupon, go to WooCommerceCoupons and click Add coupon. The opening screen will present you with the Coupon code and Description fields:

By default, WooCommerce gives you three discount types to choose from.

  • Percentage discounts – give your customers a predefined percentage off of their cart.
  • Fixed cart discounts – give your customers a fixed amount off of their cart.
  • Fixed product discounts – give your customers a fixed amount discount on selected products only. The discount is calculated per item and not for the whole cart.

Did You Know? You Can Use a Gamified Way to Generate Automatic Coupons for Your Woocommerce Store?

myCred (The most powerful gamification plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce) has an add-on ‘myCred WooCommerce Plus’ that is capable of generating automatic coupons when a customer achieves a higher rank or badge.

Not only this but customers can also convert their myCred points into a fixed amount coupons and apply them during checkouts (Partial Payment process).

myCred WooCommerce Plus add-on is now compatible with WooCommerce Subscription where users can pay recurring payments to buy subscription-based products & services (Physical or virtual) from your WooCommerce store using their myCred points.

Gamification is ever-evolving and gradually becoming an essential part of newly developed digital businesses and eCommerce industry, it uses goals, achievements, and rewards mechanism, which encourages customers for more engaging behavior. There is no doubt; gamification is playing a backbone role in promoting an interactive environment through points, ranks, and badges, which ultimately leads to more revenue for online stores.

For Smooth working of myCred WooCommerce Plus, first, you need to install the myCred plugin, WooCommerce extension, and myCred WooCommerce Plus premium add-on on your WordPress powered site.

Here is how myCred WooCommerce Plus coupons generation settings look like for customers ranks and badges:


As an admin, you can set different points for gaining a rank like for example silver, gold, and diamond.


As an admin, you can allocate different badges for different levels like for example star badge or heart badge to your customers for performing activities at an improved level.

Here are the coupon awarding settings for your WooCommerce shoppers. You can automatically reward them with coupons once they achieve different ranks like Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Shoppers need to achieve desired points to get that rank and against gained rank, they will receive discount coupons.  In the example below, we have assigned a fixed amount discount coupon.

Here you can see detailed settings for allocating badges to your customers for different levels. Within the example badge (Star Badge) admin can set settings for reward coupons (Fixed Amount: Level1 & Level2)



By offering coupons, you can retain your old customers while attracting new ones. If you give away coupons during sales, customers will visit your WooCommerce store more often and purchase more items but if you don’t offer discounts on big events then consumers will likely shift or go to other stores that offer a better deal. myCred WooCommerce Plus add-on helps you automatically reward coupons to your customers when they achieve higher ranks and badges.