6 Best Ways for Content Creators to Make Money Online

There are limitless, fresh, and original ways to expand your business and make money online in the digital sphere. So, where to start?

Make Money Online

Making money from home while creating online content can help you launch a business and find employment that complements your lifestyle. There has never been a better moment to test out new online money-making strategies because the influencer and content creation industries are experiencing a surge.

As per a  report:

During a 2022 survey carried out among online content creators from the United States and Canada, over two-thirds of respondents stated that brand deals were their highest-earning revenue source. Other significant sources were ad share revenue, affiliate links, and fans’ tips.

Looking for online income opportunities? You’ve arrived at the right place. We are sharing our top 6 online ways to make money with you today! Here is how it unfolds:

Best Ways for Content Creators to Make Money Online 

1- Sell Access to Premium Content 

Building a membership website where users pay a regular subscription for exclusive access to your content is the best way to monetize it. This is what we know as a subscription business model.

Netflix and Spotify are two prime examples of selling premium content. For a recurring monthly (or yearly) charge, they ask viewers to pay and get access to all previous, present, and future content.

By starting a membership platform, you can bring all of your other income streams from different online platforms into one place and make a steady income.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the field of education, entertainment, infotainment, or anything in between; you can 100% own your revenue.

To get the results you want, it is better to depend on your members than on social media algorithms.

2- Be an Affiliate Marketer

One of the most revenue-oriented ways for content producers to make money online is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing entails working with a brand and becoming an advocate for its products or services in exchange for a profit commission on each sale or recommendation.

A simple step-by-step formula for affiliate marketing is here:

  •       Look for a service or brand that offers an affiliate program.
  •       Enroll in their program.
  •       Promote products or services using their URL or code.
  •       Get a portion of each purchase made using your link or promo code.

Most influencers advise you to choose goods or services you can relate to when making money online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a writer or videographer; become an affiliate of those you firmly believe in. Your fans will respect you more because you’re true to your brand and principles.

To begin looking for a brand in search, simply do the following:

You can determine whether the company has an affiliate program through the above search query. Then, just complete the required fields to sign up.

While going through your social network, you must have witnessed affiliate marketing links. After completing the signup process, you can use their service or product in your online content (videos, bio, captions, or video descriptions).

Pro tip: You can find some affiliate links in website footers.
Become an affiliate

3- Make Your YouTube Channel

Another fantastic approach to making money online is to launch a YouTube channel. How? As per a  report:

In 2021, YouTube’s global advertising revenue was about $28.84 billion U.S. dollars. This was up by almost 46 percent from the previous year’s revenue of $19.7 billion U.S. dollars.

You can share interesting and amusing video content on YouTube. You could even share content to support another source of revenue. Since it is free to upload videos to YouTube, you may cut your startup costs.Make Your YouTube Channel To make more money, you can employ monetization tools like ads. Thanks to a few strategic advertising campaigns, visitors will contribute to your revenue while they watch your channel’s videos. One effective way to enhance your branding and make your videos stand out is by creating a professional logo. With the help of an AI logo generator, you can design a unique and eye-catching logo that represents your channel’s identity. A well-designed logo will not only attract viewers but also establish your brand’s credibility, making it easier for you to grow your audience and increase your earnings.

4- Sell Merchandise on Social Media Platforms 

Many full-time content producers, such as bloggers and influencers, offer their own goods to their audience. This may be a profitable addition to your passive revenue-generation channels, particularly if you’re focused on expanding and supporting your community. In reality, you can now easily connect your e-commerce store to your content on most social networking sites. For inspiration on how to effectively direct your audience to your products, check out some “Link in Bio Examples” to see how others are integrating their stores with their content.

When it comes to selling goods on social sites, there are two possibilities:

Digital Products:

Digital Products

Make your own tangible or digital products to help you build your brand and increase the revenue you receive from your content. You can market online courses as digital products. Examples include ebooks and NFTs. You can also provide tangible items such as merchandise (t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, mugs) or anything else associated with your brand!



If your concentration is on physical products that don’t require skills, you can hire a specialized business like  Oberlo to handle your manufacturing and delivery. Through this, you can bypass storage and transportation hassles for production inventory.

5- Sell Stock Images 

Considering how much content there is on the internet nowadays, stock photography has become a lucrative sector of the economy. If you are a skilled photographer with a keen eye for detail, you can make money online by selling your images digitally. This is a great way to support your artistic goals because you can get paid right away when you sell your pictures.

Businesses will pay you to download the images you provide for them to use in their digital marketing campaigns. An excellent side job income source is the sale of stock photos. Websites and databases operated by third parties typically handle payment regulations for you. You can even create a brand website and sell photographs to customers directly.

Pro tip: To make your content more professional and eye-catching, consider removing the background from your images. This can help create a consistent and polished look across your online platforms.
Sell Stock Images
You can take inspiration from two online sites:  ClickASnap and Shutterstock

6- Offer Exclusive Content 

By sharing your knowledge with the world and monetizing an existing online audience, exclusive content can help you establish a successful business strategy.

You can start to make a little additional money while maximizing your present audience by creating exclusive content. Even your audience can offer suggestions for the kinds of content they would be willing to pay for.

Your subscribers will rapidly add up, even if they pay $5–10 each month to access additional online content. Exclusive content might help you create a successful business doing what you enjoy.

If you have a website and don’t know how to sell exclusive content to make money online, we have a recipe for you in the shape of myCred’s  Sell Content.

Sell Content

myCred is a WordPress plugin that offers various built-in add-ons. Among those built-in add-ons, Sell Content is nothing less than gold dust for content creators.Sell Content With the myCred Sell Content add-on, authors and publishers can exchange myCred points to access their password-protected content (posts, pages, or custom post types). Following the purchase of the content, the appropriate templates will take their place. Post creators, administrators, and those who paid for the restricted content, on the other hand, will see it in its unaltered and original form.


  • Sell Selective Parts Only
  • Purchase Expiration
  • Three Different Templates (members, visitors, and people)
  • Profit sharing

Bonus Way to Make Money Online: Donations

Another source of revenue that may be used to jump-start your online income journey is donations. Social media influencers are among the many online creators who accept donations to keep doing their work. With a renowned platform like  Patreon, you can manage digital donations.

Wrap Up 

Working alone allows you to hone your craft every day and utilize your imagination to create content with a particular mindset. You can follow your creative interests and artistic expression in various fields with a career as a content creator. Although any company’s marketing department will hire content creators; however, many content creators opt to freelance and make money online.


Q#1  How can I make money online as a full-time teacher?

You can register for freelance websites such as Amazing Talker and Truelancer. Also, you can sell courses online through platforms like Khan Academy and Coursera.

Q#2  How can I make money online as a freelancer?

You can earn money online as a freelancer by offering your services on websites like Upwork, People Per Hour, or Fiverr.

Q#3  Can I make money online by sharing knowledge?

You can earn money online via knowledge sharing through a podcast.

 Q#4  Can I make money online as a gamer?

You can play online games, record and make a video of them and upload it on YouTube or  Rumble. You can also live stream your gaming video too.

Q#5  Can I make money online by using content writing tools?

Yes, you can make money online with content writing and rewriting tools; combining them with your unique skills, creativity, and expertise is essential. Building a strong online presence, networking, and marketing your services are crucial to attracting clients and opportunities.