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Your Opinion: myCred 1.8 Feature Requests

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In this post I will introduce you to the planned changes / improvements that awaits myCred 1.8, but also invite you to come with suggestions for features you would like to see implemented.



  • Requests must be submitted as a comment in this post. Requests posted anywhere else like the forums or on social media will not be considered.
  • If you want to show support for a particular request, you can always +1 that request.
  • The feature must be point related and be of use for a large majority of myCred users.
  • Requests for “add support for plugin x, y, z” will not be accepted unless the plugin has more than 100k active installs.
  • No further buyCred Payment Gateways will be added.
  • myCred can not have a withdrawal feature (convert points into real money).
  • You must post your request before April 23rd 2017.
  • You can submit as many ideas you like, but please note that posting it will not guarantee it being included. I will address each request after the closing deadline.

Features that are accepted will be rewarded with myCred Store Tokens.


Version 1.8 will be the end of line for admin-ajax.php usage in myCred for front-end transactions. Administrative actions will however still use this file. Instead, myCred will have built-in support for the WordPress REST API allowing you to make point related transaction / getting information.

Version 1.8 will also be the last version that will have built-in support for the previous Remote API that myCred provides. As of version 1.9, this remote API will be removed from the code.

buyCRED 2.0

The buyCred add-on will receive a complete re-write in order to provide a smoother checkout experience then it’s current form. Gateways will still work the same way but the checkout process will offer you two options:

  1. A dedicated checkout page which will allow you to style and customize the checkout experience and
  2. A Popup Checkout for quick purchases. This option would have less customization options but would not require a user to be redirected twice to complete a checkout.

Other planned features:

  • Option to order active gateways
  • New design of the gateway settings. Gateways will be activated and deactivated just like Hooks.
Email Notifications 2.0

The Email Notifications add-on is due for an upgrade. The add-on will be completely re-written in order to allow you to setup emails with more options than the current setup. You will have the option to setup emails based on point type(s) and/or references.

Front End Statistics

The Statistics add-on will be re-written to allow you to show statistics on the front end of the website. I am also currently looking for a new chart library since the one myCred currently uses is no longer being developed or supported. If you know of a good open source chart library that is compatible with the GLP 2.0 license, please let me know!

Besides front-end statistics, the add-on will be re-written to allow for better queries and caching of stats.

Feature requests for 1.8 is now closed

    1. add a playlist video youtube auto play next video and gain points to users , i think it`s will be helpful

  1. Is it possible to make take payment for comments?
    I whant to users to pay littel for their comments and make “like”s as a pyment to UP comments

    1. If you want to charge people to comment you can do that now by setting a negative point value to the approved comment hook.

      If you are looking to charge or award points for up-voting/down-voting a comment first you need a plugin that allows you to vote on comments. Then that plugin needs to be integrated with myCRED. This is the one we use:

  2. Leaderboard badges/points (the ability to award the top user(s) for a given hook during a given period of time).

  3. Anniversary Hook. This would be a slight mod of the Birthday Add-on. Except it would award points/badges based on their sign up date.

  4. Currently you can award points for creating content and each post type has its own hook. Badges however lumps everything together. It would be great if you could award a badge for each post type.

  5. Add an activity streak (points for earning points X days in a row)
    -Option to add the number of points = streak amount
    -Option for a constant value of points per day.

  6. Some options that are missing because they allow malicious users to earn points indiscriminately. I believe that these improvements should be adopted as soon as possible. Including I would pay for these functions as an addon sold in the mycred store:

    * Improve the hook “points by referral” allowing the choice of an IP + Cookie limit option;
    * Improve the hook “points for click on link” allowing click limitation per username + IP + cookie;
    * For each user log record write his IP;
    * Create an alert option for admin when the log detects the same IP address being used by more than one registered user;
    * Write an extra cookie in the user’s browser linked to your username that prevents it from accumulating points using another user account in the same browser or even ip;


    * Add an option to the “email notifications” allowing to send an automatic weekly or monthly summary report of the points for each user who was logged in (active) on the site in this period;

    * Creation or integration (with some existing game in HTML5) of new games like: word search, puzzle games, blackjack and roulette games, quiz games, simple platform games etc. Where the score of the game is converted into points at the end. Good examples (Could be proposed integration with the mycred API for the developers of this games):

    *Integration with “ads” plugins for wordpress like “Ads Pro Plugin”, “WP PRO Advertising System” or some other free like “Ad Inserter”. Each banner displayed for the user would give points for the click (only limited by ip + cookie + username). This is a way to monetize a rewards program and making it self-sufficient, giving users points that click on the displayed banners.

    1. Hi Moises,

      +1 for logging the IP, although I’m not sure that would be of paramount importance for a majority of myCRED users.

      Regarding the games integration, I already built one which integrates with a bunch of games, you can contact me at if you are interested.

    2. I am definitely looking at improving the limits for referrals. There are however only so much we can do here since I can change my IP address or block it. Logging IPs for registrations however is not something that a points system should handle. This is more of a customization.

      I do like the email summary option though and will investigate how this could be done with all the other email features.

      For third-party plugins, I would recommend you contact the plugin author and ask them to add support for myCRED.

  7. a way to change user roles dependent of balance.. there is a snippet to go up but we need it to drop a user back down if he goes below as well

    1. Maybe add a feature to Ranks that allows you to change a user role based on their Rank.

    1. That’s a third party developer who developed that plugin, it’s not Gabriel.
      You will have better luck by making that request on their support forum or raising an issue in their Github repo.

    2. @M Yes, I know he didn’t develop it. It has been abandoned by it’s developer. That’s why I suggested it’s features be added to the core comments hook.