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Your Opinion: myCred 1.8 Feature Requests


In this post I will introduce you to the planned changes / improvements that awaits myCred 1.8, but also invite you to come with suggestions for features you would like to see implemented.


  • Requests must be submitted as a comment in this post. Requests posted anywhere else like the forums or on social media will not be considered.
  • If you want to show support for a particular request, you can always +1 that request.
  • The feature must be point related and be of use for a large majority of myCred users.
  • Requests for “add support for plugin x, y, z” will not be accepted unless the plugin has more than 100k active installs.
  • No further buyCred Payment Gateways will be added.
  • myCred can not have a withdrawal feature (convert points into real money).
  • You must post your request before April 23rd 2017.
  • You can submit as many ideas you like, but please note that posting it will not guarantee it being included. I will address each request after the closing deadline.

Features that are accepted will be rewarded with myCred Store Tokens.


Version 1.8 will be the end of line for admin-ajax.php usage in myCred for front-end transactions. Administrative actions will however still use this file. Instead, myCred will have built-in support for the WordPress REST API allowing you to make point related transaction / getting information.

Version 1.8 will also be the last version that will have built-in support for the previous Remote API that myCred provides. As of version 1.9, this remote API will be removed from the code.

buyCRED 2.0

The buyCred add-on will receive a complete re-write in order to provide a smoother checkout experience then it’s current form. Gateways will still work the same way but the checkout process will offer you two options:

  1. A dedicated checkout page which will allow you to style and customize the checkout experience and
  2. A Popup Checkout for quick purchases. This option would have less customization options but would not require a user to be redirected twice to complete a checkout.

Other planned features:

  • Option to order active gateways
  • New design of the gateway settings. Gateways will be activated and deactivated just like Hooks.

Email Notifications 2.0

The Email Notifications add-on is due for an upgrade. The add-on will be completely re-written in order to allow you to setup emails with more options than the current setup. You will have the option to setup emails based on point type(s) and/or references.

Front End Statistics

The Statistics add-on will be re-written to allow you to show statistics on the front end of the website. I am also currently looking for a new chart library since the one myCred currently uses is no longer being developed or supported. If you know of a good open source chart library that is compatible with the GLP 2.0 license, please let me know!

Besides front-end statistics, the add-on will be re-written to allow for better queries and caching of stats.

Feature requests for 1.8 is now closed