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Welcome WordPress Developers!

Are you a member of the website and play with WordPress all day long? Looking for extra work?
Since I am pretty busy with supporting and developing myCred, I am planning on updating the myCred Membership profiles to highlight users who know myCred and WordPress. All developer accounts will be also listed on the myCred Codex to offer those with fewer PHP skills a helping hand in developing myCred related projects.
So if you are a developer and know myCred, I want to hear from you and see if you would like to be listed as a developer someone can hire to help with customizations.
There will be no fees from my part for this service, my intention is only to put myCred users in touch with developers and let you two handle the rest. I am contemplating adding a free online course that developers can take to show that they know how myCred works but I welcome your feedback.
Feel free to post your comment below but please use the contact form to get in touch with me directly if you are interested.