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Top 6 Most Influential Women in Gamification

International Women’s Day was celebrated recently and it’s only fair that we take the time out to appreciate the efforts of some of the most phenomenal women in the entrepreneurship sector, especially gamification. Self-willed, innovative, and financially independent women can play a vital role in a wealthier, harmonious, and socially balanced world. Definitely, by empowering technically sound women, we can facilitate them to build their startups, and eventually, create a massive economic impact on our society.
Since it is not easy for many women to come forward and show their capabilities, especially in a technology-oriented industry, we have found some amazing females who have contributed to the emerging field of Gamification. 
It takes a bright, creative, and futuristic mind to excel in the industry of Gamification, and some entrepreneurs women are executing it brilliantly. Here is a list of the top six women who have created a legitimate impact in the gamification industry.

1. Monica Cornetti

Monica Cornetti is a Gamification Guru who doesn’t need much introduction. She is the Founder and CEO of Sententia Gamification where she has spent more than five years establishing standards and best-practices within the field of Gamification for HR, L&D, and Adult Education.
Sententia Gamification designs gamification strategy project plans, with a five-level ROI framework for analysis. With a strategic view of the end state, before you start, you’ll gain perspective of usability, playability, engagement, and user experience.

2. Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal is the mastermind behind some of the most impactful games created in recent dates, like World Without Oil & Super Better among others. Her most recent accomplishment includes a TED Talk titled “Gaming can make a better world” which played a pivotal role in introducing Gamification to the general masses.
World Without Oil’ is an alternate reality game created to call attention to, spark dialogue about, plan for and engineer solutions to a possible near-future global oil shortage, post-peak oil, while ‘Super Better‘ is based on a gamification model that helps people recover from illness, depression, and tragic accidents.

3. An Coppens

An Coppens is the Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation Ltd, where she is the leading expert in gamification design for employee and learner engagement. What’s incredible is that An has over 15 years of experience in creating behavior change through creative and innovative solutions. 
Gamification Nation Ltd offers competitive design services and learning programs that promote winning behaviors in order to improve business sales. Her accomplishments are part of a never-ending list – Award-winning speaker, author, L&D professional, businesswoman, and executive mentor. She is an avid blogger on the topic of Gamification and has already been ranked in the top 10 UK digital and technology bloggers in the UK Blog Awards of 2016 and 2015.

4. Kerstin Oberprieler

Kerstin Oberprieler is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the University of Canberra where her research focuses on Gamification in the workplace using the Cultural Historical Activity Theory.
Kerstin also works as Lead Gamification Designer for PentaQuest where she helps organizations and employees thrive by unlocking employee motivation using cutting-edge behavioral science and Gamification.



5. Céline Berger

Céline is the founder and CEO of RécréAction where she has devoted her time to more than 100 projects for schools, companies, museums, and different cities. With over 17 years of experience under her belt, Céline has proven to be no less than a superstar in the industry of gamification.
On her LinkedIn profile, she has listed many fun and relevant solutions through which she creates productive environments that help people transform, innovate or learn. Most recently, RécréAction won the VivaTech 2017 Smart City challenge and was also involved with Engage for Success – a Cross Cultures Subgroup.



6. Viktoria Odnokoz

Viktoria is an entrepreneur and gamification consultant with a unique business profile. With game production experience of more than a decade, Viktoria helps her clients create engaging products with a human-centered design approach in mind. 
She is the founder of OVICO, a company that produced Dreameow – a sweet fun arcade game made by a small indie game dev team from scratch. Her past experiences include working at GeekHub as a Game Production Course Teacher and Vogat as a Game Producer. Her LinkedIn profile reads:
I’m working at the intersection of technology & psychology. My role is to help clients create engaging products with a human-centered design approach in mind. I build behavior loops using the HOOK model and choosing proper gaming mechanics to make the user journey meaningful.
So here are the top 6 gamification industry-based female entrepreneurs that have created a massive impact in the most recent years.
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