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myCred makes it simple to create a loyalty program or gamify your website so that you can increase the average customer value with less marketing effort.


Integrated with your favorites WordPress plugins & WooCommerce Extensions

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Add A Rewards Program & Increase Your Revenue Today

A rewards program is a key ingredient to creating a profitable website.
A recent poll in the US found that 69% of customers allow the presence of rewards or loyalty programs to influence their shopping decisions and 58% of consumers shop at least once a month at stores whose loyalty programs they’ve joined.

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myCred Makes Reward Systems Easy & Fun To Manage

Other rewards programs are confusing to implement and costly to run, typically adding a recurring monthly fee to you and requiring intrusive access to your customer data.

myCred solves all these issues. myCred is a free and open source plugin that lives on your WordPress – WooCommerce website, so everything stays in your control.

myCred is easy to set up and works with a vast library of third party software out of the box. Forget about monthly fees — there is an extensive collection of affordable premium addons that can help you create a lucrative reward system that is perfect for your site.

Get started with myCred in three easy steps

Download and install the free plugin & configure your rewards system using the powerful built in features

Every community of users is unique. myCred is built to reward users how you see fit. Use the free & open-source myCred plugin to setup a point system that makes sense for your site.

Using myCred’s “Hooks” feature, you’ll be able to automatically award points to users who perform actions like purchasing a product, filling out a Gravity form, or simply visiting your site each day.

You can also inspire activity by highlighting active users with badges or create a ranking system that inspires.




Integrate with a premium add-on to create incentives your users will love

Whether you’re looking to add a “Spin-To-Win” game, a raffle to give away a prize, or reward students who complete your course, myCred Add-Ons allow seemingly limitless expansion of your point-based rewards system.

Wheel of Fortune

myCred Fortune Wheel is a gamification Add-on which attracts visitor of your site


Level Cred

Set points to be rewarded based on either user roles, ranks or badge levels.

expire addon

Expiration Add on

Set the number of days after which Points will get expire to thrill your visitors.

Connect your existing apps like WooCommerce or BuddyPresss

myCred works seamlessly with the most popular marketing and sales tools. You’ll be able to setup your incentive platform without changing how your business operates.

Want A Complete List? View more than 45 tools you can easily connect with myCred.

Get Started With myCred For Free
Start Gamification in Your WordPress site in Minutes What are you waiting for?

Open-source & Free

Just like WordPress, myCred is free and open-source. You can download it directly from the WordPress repository without any license fees. There is no premium version of myCred so you get everything that myCred offers in one neat package.
Built to be clean and clutter free, myCred offers extensive documentation and customization options.

Where the features end the possibilities begin!

myCred was not built to “do-it-all”. Instead a lot of effort has been put into making it as developer friendly as possible, allowing any WordPress developer to dive right in and build what myCred lacks.