Built-in Addons

  • mycred-badges


    Award users badges based on point related actions.

  • mycred-coupons-addon


    The Coupons add-on allows you to setup coupons that your users can redeem in order to gain points.

  • mycred-notifications


    The notifications add-on allows you to to notify your users of their points gain or loss though a jQuery popup.

  • mycred-tut-bank


    The Banking add-on allows you to pay / charge interest on your users point balances or setup recurring payouts.

  • feature-ranks2


    The Ranks add-on allows you to award a “rank” to each user that is based on how many points they have at any give time or the total amount accumulated since they joined.

  • feature-email

    Email Notices

    The Email Notifications add-on allows you to setup email notifications to be sent to your users when they gain, lose or use their points.

  • feature-image-buycred


    The buyCRED add-on allows your users to buy points using real money via a vast range of supported Payment Processors.

  • feature-image-gateway


    The Gateway add-on connects myCRED with your favorite shopping cart or event plugin, allowing users to pay using points.

  • feature-image-sell-content

    Sell Content

    The Sell Content add-on allows you to put posts on your website for sale. These posts can then be purchased by your users using points.

  • feature-image-transfer


    The Transfer add-on allows your users to transfer points amongst themselves. You can let them transfer as much as they want or impose a daily/weekly limit for each user.