Built-in Addon

The coupon add-on is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to create coupon codes that your users can redeem for points. You have complete control over different functions of this add-on including the amount of myCred points a coupon can be redeemed for, the number of times each user can redeem it, or the number of times it can be used in total.


Create Coupons

Create unlimited coupon codes that can be redeemed for points. Set up a coupon value, point type, and expiration date.

Coupon Limits

Set up coupon usage limits either for global use (total number of times a coupon is used) and user count (total number of times a user can redeem a coupon)

Set Coupon Requirements

Set up coupon redemption requirements such as minimum or maximum balance a user must have in order to use a coupon.

Message Templates

Set up message templates for different events such as when the coupon is expired, invalid, or successfully used.

Coupon Management Screen

You can view all myCred coupons under the myCred menu in your wp-admin area where you can see each coupon and its usage.