Central Deposit

Central Deposit

Central Deposit is a built-in add-on that allows the admin to nominate any available user account to become the primary account from where all point-related transactions are managed.

Users with the Central Deposit account can control all in-out transactions. In the case the account balance reaches ZERO, no points will be paid out. Instead of creating points out of thin air, all payouts are made from the Central Deposit account. Any points a user spends or loses are deposited back into the Central Deposit account.


Central Deposit Account
The admin can choose any existing user account to become a central deposit account that controls all points and their transactions.

Centralized Transaction Management

Any points spent or earned are recorded in a point log that can be accessed from the user’s myCred admin dashboard. 

Ignore Manual Adjustments (optional)
After a central deposit account is nominated, the admin can not add points to the customer’s account manually.