myCred Badge Plus

myCred Badge Plus

myCred Badges Plus extension is the upgraded version of myCred’s built-in Badges addon with additional impressive features. As a WordPress website admin, you can allocate badges to qualified users, establish unlimited & default badges, and do much more. It’s an engaging WordPress gamification plugin that guarantees users receive particular badges based on their accomplishments.


Allows you to install and use this plugin on a single website or multisite installation.

Maximum Earnings Per User

Defines how many times users can earn a particular badge.

Open Badge

A verifiable digital badge that is portable and packed with information about skills and achievements.

Global Maximum earnings

Limit how many times a user or badge can be earned globally.

Badge Types

Create different badge categories like "Newbie," "Expert," etc.

Sequential Requirements

Require users to earn badges in sequence rather than in random order.

Set Priority and Order

Assign or set different badges to different users as per the respective achievements.


myCred Badge Plus is the upgraded version of myCred’s pre-built badge plugin with numerous remarkable features. As an admin, you can designate badges to suitable users, establish infinite & default badges, and accomplish much more. It is a premium WordPress gamification plugin that guarantees users attain specific badges according to their accomplishments.

Installation Guide

Please follow the below instructions step by step.

  1. Download the zip file from your account > My Downloads
  2. Go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins
  3. Once you are on the plugins page you can see the “Add New” button in the top left corner.
  4. Click the “Add New” button and upload the zip file of a plugin that you’ve downloaded from account. 

Once the plugin installed, click the “Activate” button.

To view the documentation click here


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