A large section of the commonly asked questions for myCRED are available in the FAQ section.


Please consult the documentation before opening a ticket or posting questions in the forum. There are over 5 chapters describing the myCRED plugin in detail.

Known Issues

Before opening a ticket, please make sure you checkout if your issue is a known issue.

Technical Support

Can’t get myCRED to work as described in the documentation? Think you found a bug?¬†Open a support ticket to get help. Please note, generic questions or non issue related submissions will be deleted.

Premium Support

In case you can not get a premium product you purchased in the store to work as described in the documentation or if you have found a bug, you can open a priority ticket. You must have a valid product license in order to open a new ticket.

Community Forums

Feel free to post your questions or requests in the community forum and get answers from fellow members. Please do not post issues in the forum! Issues need to be submitted as a ticket if you want to receive help.

Home Forums

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    • 1.7 Beta
      This is the forum where you can post any bugs you might have found in the 1.7 beta. Please make sure you check that no one else has reported the same issue before posting yours! Please make sure you include:
      • WordPress version
      • PHP version
      Also make sure you include information on how to replicate the issue or a screenshot. Remember to enable WP_DEBUG in your wp-config.php file to help you find error messages that can help pinpoint the issue. You are rewarded 50 Tokens / bug and min. 150 Tokens for providing a solution.
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