We offer support for the myCred plugin along with the premium plugins sold in the store. Support includes getting the plugin to work as described in the documentation and helping you troubleshoot potential bugs. You are rewarded with Tokens for reporting issues and/or solutions.

myCred Help

Can’t get myCred to work as described in the documentation? Think you found a bug? Open a support ticket to get help. Please note, generic questions or non-issue related submissions will be deleted.

myCred Membership Support

myCred membership holders, we have launched exclusive support for all of you. If your myCred product is not working as described in the documentation, you are unable to avail myCred membership features and offers; then, you can open a priority ticket to resolve your issues with us.


A large section of the commonly asked questions for myCred is available in the FAQ section.


Please consult the documentation before opening a ticket or posting questions in the forum. There are over 5 chapters describing the myCred plugin in detail.

Known Issues

Before opening a ticket, please make sure you checkout if your issue is a known issue.