Gamified Marketing Strategies You Need To Use For Your Ecommerce Store


Hey there, how is your e-commerce store performing these days? We know that any successful business person wants to see an upward sales graph and maximize their profit, and that’s the reason they are working hard round the clock for it. No doubt, marketing is the ultimate tool to create awareness about your online business, and timely & effective strategies can turn the table in your favor.

Why is gamification crucial in marketing strategies for an e-commerce store?

Many people have this wrong perception in their mind that gamification in marketing strategies are only for entertainment purpose. The gamified marketing implementation triggers the emotional spirit of customers to win something, and it creates a competitive environment for users to achieve rewards, discounts, coupons, and a special red carpet treatment from various brands. Gamification is not a childish concept anymore; it is a serious business itself. For eCommerce industry, gamification not only helps a business to boost their online sales but also improve site engagement in tenfold.

We have talked about the advantages of using gamification for your business marketing strategy in our previous blog. We have explained how you can build an emotional connection that is so sought after with the audience and, in the long term, can translate into loyal customers to the brand.

Easy ways to implement gamification based marketing for an eCommerce store

We all know the eCommerce industry has revolutionized the traditional shopping style where shoppers hang out with other people in malls without getting bored and tired. Now a similar fun-oriented, interactive and rewarding atmosphere is created through gamification. When you add the gaming spirit to your store, you can trigger the emotional connection with the audience, making them feel like they have won over something rather than just purchasing it. Here are a few practical ways to implement gamification elements to your eCommerce marketing.


One of the most popular gamified marketing strategies for an online store is points-based rewards for customers. Many brands involve awarding points for performing actions like spending a certain amount of money. Once customers accumulate enough points, they can redeem them to get free products or discounts. myCred (Points management system) helps you to implement a points-based rewarding system for your online business. It is already integrated with useful WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions.


Many online stores are considering to adopt spin to win formula and rewarding discounts and freebies to participants. Spinning a wheel strategy invites online visitors to enter their email addresses to receive a coupon code for a discount, which will then be applied to their cart. The perceived value of this promotion and it’s engaging qualities (including slide-out animations, gradient coloring, and branding recognition) create a seamless gamification experience that keeps customers engaged and drives them to complete a purchase. You can use these wheels for your gamification based marketing strategy: myCred Fortune Wheel.


For an eCommerce store, Social proofing and Social sharing play a vital role in influencing other people to buy something. It improves user engagement, builds better brand perception, and creates organic word of mouth for your online products and services. myCred’s Social Proof & Social share add-on can create a massive impact on your online sales by implementing in the right direction. Here are links for myCred Social Proof & social Sharing add-on.


Scavenger Hunts is a creative and fun way to get consumers to engage with your online store. A scavenger hunt can take place on the website to get shoppers to view multiple pages and products available on your eCommerce store. You can initiate it by asking online customers to find hidden symbols and specified items, and successful participants will be rewarded with perks such as discounts and free shipping.


For online store referral contests are an excellent way to gain new customers. Promise a discount after five friends sign up for a newsletter. You can reward your customers with subscription or store credit for referring your products to their friends. It does not cost you much, as the credit can only be used to buy your products. It’s only the cost of the product that you lose out on. And thanks to the reward, the existing customer feels happy about saving money on the purchase (and will likely be willing to spend more in the future on your eCommerce store).


It is right people are competitive by nature. Leaderboards incentivize users to continue performing actions to rank up their profiles as an influencer. Users can earn titles or badges that rank their achievements and levels at the leaderboard. myCred’s Level Cred add-on can help you to implement a level based leaderboards strategy to your online store. You can also use

myCred_LeaderBoard shortcode too for your eCommerce store. It allows you to create leaderboards that are based on either your users current / total balances or based on events in the log, e.g. a leaderboard showing who gained most points from approved comment or published content.


It looks easy to launch a loyalty program for your online business to give incentives to loyal customers against generating handsome revenue from them. To be honest, it requires extensive audience research, customer data for buying behavior, and emotional attachment qualitative analysis. Loyalty marketing focuses on bringing back and retaining existing and past customers with initiatives and rewards. You have to decide for appropriate rewards that suit your business type and are welcoming for your loyal customers. myCred (Points Management System) can help you a lot to launch points-based incentives for your online customer.


Users progress indication can be considered a minor form of gamification strategy, it still has the potential to increase conversions, specifically when it comes to reducing shopping cart abandonment. Whenever your customers are checking out, they see a progress indicator. It’s an excellent way to show how far shoppers have made it in their customer path and how far they have left to go. Some e-commerce stores even offer shoppers a trophy upon completing all of the steps. And this can have an incredibly positive impact when it comes to lowering shopping cart abandonment. myCred Progress Bar and myCred Progress Map add-on can be helpful in this implementation of the gamified marketing strategy for your eCommerce store.


Folks!! Consider this as a bonus point, but it is a crucial step to select utilizing and scalable platforms for your eCommerce store. WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. You can build your dream E-store on WooCommerce and start selling online in a hassle-free environment. myCred WooCommerce Plus add-on can help you to gamify your eCommerce store marketing strategy. What’s unique about this addon is that it will automatically award coupons to users whenever they successfully achieve a higher rank and badge. Also, users can make partial payments using their point balances or WooCommerce coupons.


Dear Readers, we have discussed every possible dimension of a gamified marketing strategy for an eCommerce store. No doubt, these tactics help you to engage customers in your online store, motivate them for more purchasing, and increase web traffic. We are hoping best now you can make a better gamification based marketing strategy for your online business to generate more revenue. Last but not least you can acquire myCred Membership, by making this beneficial step, you will get your favorite myCred add-ons in a bundle on discounted prices as opposed to purchasing just one add-on. So hurry up!! Get your myCred Membership right now and save some extra bucks.