Top Five Gamification Tips for your Business Growth

Gamification is more than just a term that is used to define the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity but also a way to bring contrast to your objectives in marketing because not only is gamification used for means to teach and explore but also to create revenue for your business through user engagement.
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According to Ambient Insight, Worldwide revenues for game-based learning products reached $2.6 billion in 2016. The global five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a robust 22.4%. Revenues will surge to $7.3 billion by 2021.
What makes gamification so special? It is a fact that humans really love games regardless of whether they’re made for adults or children. Not only do game elements attract us but also give us the freedom to explore possibilities.
With that said, gamification in business has become crucial these days. This strategy is applied to almost every industry to build motivation and encouragement in employees that result in profit, sales, and work enthusiasm.
Gamification in the workplace makes the employees active, increases their productivity level, and eventually benefits the company’s growth. Once an employee starts enjoying his work, that will be the success of implementing this strategy.
In this blog, we will shed light on the top five gamification tips for your business to build employees’ engagements. Let’s get started!

Gamification Tips for your Business Growth

i. Engage Employees

Building an environment where different types of motivational and challenging competitions are planned to keep your employees engaged is the best practice for employee engagement.
Such participation gives a boost in employee motivation that makes them active and enthusiastic about their jobs which eventually leads to better performance and business growth.
Engage Employees
It is unnecessary to plan activities every day or every week, as per your company policies and schedule, you can plan it when you see a lack in your employees’ performance.
It would help if you take a long view of what you are going to plan and how your company will benefit from such competitions. Ensure what you do is appropriate for your employees and it will not be a full and final program.

ii. Offer Training

Training is all about learning new skills that help you benefit your company. The point is how your employees get involved in the training and learn those skills.
Put the gamification element in your training such as an employee will be awarded on completing a specific task using training material and tools. In that case, you have an option to implement myCred LearnDash to offer courses and take online assessments of your employees.
Offer Training

Adding more, assign badges such as ‘Learner’, ‘Smart’, ‘Expert’, ‘Top Performer’ to every level of performer that will help in differentiating among all.
Training can be online or onsite; gamification strategies can be added on both the training nature to build employee interactions.
Whether it is soft skills training or technical skill training, employee participation is vital to learn from scratch to end with a full dedication that helps perform well at the workplace.

iii. Install Leaderboards

A best practice is to monitor your employee’s activities and how everyone in the company is doing; this is called performance management.
Leaderboards are the perfect way to calculate your employees’ working performance and display the results on boards to spread motivation. myCred Progress Bar is the perfect choice to display employee progress in an appealing way.

It is not about demotivating the employee with low sales closure, but about the top sellers. Get more of what you are getting and try to get more of what you are expected to get
Leaderboards also help improve employees’ performance, and kind of a competitive environment can be built due to the ups and downs in rankings.
Learners get a chance to compete with their peers and earn points in achieving levels. Leaderboards are always an exciting experience to implement gamification.

iv. Celebrate Everyone’s Contribution

Digest the fact that promoting particular employees can be a notorious factor for the company as losers can be winners if they get proper guidance and motivation.
But, if they keep demotivated and do not get any kind of contribution or appreciation from the company, they will end up losing repeatedly and kill the will of winning.

Everyone’s a winner! Performance can be compromised sometimes due to unpaid attention to work but celebrate every employee contribution to keep them encouraged.
It is a way to gamify your workplace environment by celebrating every individual participation and see the conversions of losers into winners.
To get rid of engagement drop of, reward both participators and winners as per their contribution in activities.

v. Incentivize the Employees

Employees love rewards! Offer them periodically if they are deserved to be awarded for their performance.
Gamification is the process of incentivizing employees’ engagements and activities to drive sales with gaming elements.
Most of the employees’ work interest is built when they get incentives in return for working better and this is how you can drive sales, generate leads, and boom your business.

Employees are the backbone of the company and they have to be motivated for future success.
It is usually heard from the employees that recognition and praise motivate them the most in either way. This technique also builds a rapport between the company and employees and takes the relationship to a longer period.

Let the Game Begin!

Gamification in business is not limited to employee motivation but it can be applied to product and marketing strategies to build rapid business growth.
By reaching a better understanding of your employee psyche, you will be able to improve your user engagement and sales conversions.
Success cannot be achieved overnight, but the step towards success can be taken at any time. We hope that the above-mentioned gamification tips for your business will bring a positive change with the passage of time.
Gaming is fun and fun is the most attractive element for everyone. Make the working environment fun for your employees and then track the productivity. The results will surprise you.