How Gamification in Business Helps You to Generate Better Revenue?

In today’s business world, simulating the gaming scenario’s business processes is an intuitive way to keep yourself updated in the business. No matter if you are an employee in a leading organization, CEO, or even a loyal customer, you need to get aware of the buzzword, Gamification. This term simplifies your priorities and tasks to understand and analyze the business tactics to accept creative activities.
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What is Gamification?

Gamification in business is a great way to boost your brand awareness, user-engagement patterns and solve problems that provokes innovation. In simple terms, Gamification is a process of deploying gaming tactics to the business framework. Gamification’s sole purpose is to effectively engage your potential customers or site visitors to fulfill the organization’s common goal that eventually boosts enormous revenue and generates sales.

How Can Gamification Help in Increasing Business Revenue?

Since the COVID 19 pandemic has scrutinized restrictions in organizations, companies, SMEs, and businesses in terms of performing business operations online instead of working physically, experts saw a significant decline in shopping’s traditional behavior. Notably, the E-Commerce B2B & B2C industry witnessed a massive growth in retaining business that gradually increased revenue and leveraged sales to provoke their brand to the next level.
According to the reports, the leading companies such as Google, Amazon, and others saw a greater resonance to leverage their sales and generate enormous ROI. Hence, in this growing competition, businesses have started focusing on intuitive ways to capture the market insights and grasp your target audience’s attention. One of those ways is Gamification in business.
Increasing Business Revenue
The notion of Gamification has become one of the most demanding topics of the past few years, and probably, websites that added gaming mechanics to engage users into buying their product or service performed better than those who didn’t. Gamification is responsible for building an interactive environment for shoppers for online business, eCommerce stores, and vice versa.
Let’s dive into the article’s discussion to understand the core elements of How Gamification in business trends & tactics helps to generate a better revenue.

1.    Incorporating Gamification in Social Proofing

The term “Social Proof” is a concept that emphasizes how people follow the actions of the masses. The concept is that as many people behave in a particular way, it should be considered as correct behavior. When the customers are shopping online, they cannot physically touch or experience the products before buying them. That’s the reason visual and character-based social proof is the essential requirement these days. Whenever the shoppers witness social proof elements in your reviews, ads, and sites, they take a motivational edge to purchase something from your online store or eCommerce site.
Gamification plays a vital role in leveraging social proof activities as several gamification plugins are available for WordPress and WooCommerce Platform, such as myCred social proof and relevant plugins. This plugin helps to create credibility for your business by enabling your website visitors to know about your registered users’ current activities via real-time notifications. These notifications alert the website visitors of various activities such as posted comments, published content, and viewed videos.

2.    Adding Gamification in Social Sharing

The term “Social Sharing” is the technique of sharing content from a website on a specific social media site or a mobile application. This practice makes a significant impact on your online business or eCommerce site. Furthermore, plenty of digital platforms and WordPress plugins are released that support the concept of gamification-based social sharing, such as myCred social share.
This plugin enables you to award points to your users every time they share your posts on social media platforms. You can easily set up and manage the points awarding criteria via the presentation method on the website.

3.    Gamification-Based Marketing Tactics

Precisely, the gamification mechanics also intimated marketing goals and objectives for all kinds of industries. According to the reports, the leading firms such as Dell, Nike, and Pepsi are the sole ingredient to gamify your website’s improved comments by 13%, social sharing by 22%, and content discovery by 68%. Furthermore, Marketing Tactics also found a 100% 150% increase in engagement metrics, including unique views, page views, community-driven activities, and specific time intervals for managing marketing tactics.

4.    App-Based Gamification Tactics

The advent of Gamification is to leverage new potential customers and retain existing customers by actively keeping them engaged and customer-focused. The latest reports depict devising a storyline and implementing a variable-driven reward-based system and internal game elements to engage users in adopting app-driven gamification tactics. Gamification for devising customer engagement strategies resulted in a gradual 54% increase in trial usage and a 15% increase in social media clicks or buy clicks.

User Experience Based Gamification Tactics

The sole concept of user experience can be defined as how an individual experiences when interacting with a computer-generated product such as an app, website, or related human-computer-driven online system.
User Experience Based Gamification TacticsUI/UX design and Gamification offer an identical purpose to interact with the users. Users don’t focus on interaction with books, movies, and cinema in a similar manner as they also work with an app or a site. The best examples of websites or apps that use Gamification for building an intuitive user experience (UX) are Reddit, Uber, Trello, nike+, careem, google my business listings, and vice versa.

5.    Leveraging Sales Team via Gamification

The entire process of leveraging sales depends upon your sales team, and the best part is how you gamify your sales team’s entire working process to boost sales and generate an enormous amount of revenue? The essence of your gamification strategy for building a loyal sales team encompasses a competitive environment that leads them to make vigorous decisions out of their comfort zone. Users can create challenges related to leaderboards to earn an intuitive sales gain in performance metrics and vice versa. The best way to reward Gamification is in terms of points, ranks, and digital badges to your sales team for achieving destined targets. A successful pitch has been delivered, and an enormous amount of revenue is generated.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, every entrepreneur or business owner is concerned about the impact of Gamification in business. Hence, with the use of multiple gamification techniques, trends, and strategies, you can build a concise strategy to grow your business and achieve an enormous amount of sales and better results.