How to Enhance Brand Awareness & Maintain Customer Relationships using myCred Email Digest?

It’s a factual matter that building awareness for your brand is an essential ingredient, but how do you stand out and get the attention you need to reach new consumers and generate enormous opportunities?
Enhance Brand Awareness
Building an effective email marketing strategy is an essential tool for building brand awareness. Several online businesses tend to display email marketing solely in sales, revenue and create opportunities. When we talk about email marketing engagements, that includes:

  • Improves profound customer loyalty by building direct links with potential customers.
  • Improves ROI of any digital marketing campaign.
  • Build a brand identity as a reliable reference point for potential consumers.
  • Reduces email list unsubscribe rates.

In particular, email marketing provides one of the most intuitive tools for building a long-term characteristic interface with a brand. Have you ever followed a periodical publication that consists of information on multiple various topics and subjects?
Most of us are used to hooking with traditional digests. Still, with the evolution in digital technology, paper-based digest has already transformed into an electronic medium with significant functionality of building brand awareness to its readers. Nowadays, most companies send email digest to their potential customers and subscribers for the latest news, product advertisements, and knowledge-based articles to generate an enormous amount of leads and sales.

What is Email Digest, and How it works?

An email digest’s sole purpose is to help companies increase their brand identity to gain subscribers’ attention to increasing traffic on your site to build an intuitive relationship with customers, and spread existing product information. Hence, the overall exercise helps companies for intuitive sales results and generates an enormous amount of leads. An email digest is an essential aspect of email marketing strategy, and it depends on multiple business types of information that can be spread to customers. It can be circulated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
What is Email Digest

How ‘myCred Email Digest’ Makes Brand Awareness and Improves Customer Relationship?

The notable myCred Email Digest helps you deliver content via email to several user groups and periodically send email notifications. Also, you can include and exclude specific user groups based on the roles, ranks, and badges.

Brand Awareness and Improves Customer Relationship

Features of myCred Email Digest

As a powerful and result-driven add-on, myCred email digest offers some of the sustainable and prominent features, providing a consistent market edge that nurtures businesses to the next level

  • Single Website or Multisite Installation

myCred Email Digest enables users to install and use this plugin with a single website or multisite installation. It offers one-year free updates and support.

  • Sends Periodic Emails

Enables users to set the periodic emails period according to the seamless manner daily, weekly, and monthly, and yearly as per your marketing strategy needs.

  • Adjusts Email Criteria

Automatically send emails based on the user’s roles, badges, or ranks. This feature gives you the advantage of making user segments based on your relationship with them and adjusting your sending email strategy according to the user’s needs.

  • Instant Test Run

myCred email digest allows you to send test emails before setting up the notification alerts and execution.

  • Pre-Defined Template Tags

myCred email digest is a feature-rich plugin that comprises already available template tags.

  • Custom Template Tags

myCred email digest enables users to enter myCred reference tags in the email.

  • User Template Tags

myCred email digest allows users to use myCred user-based tags in the emails.

  • Email Logs

myCred enables users to find the complete record of the email sent so that you can also view the log file.

  • Custom Email CSS

Enable users to customize your email template’s styling parameters so that you can create the desired styling for your emails in the myCred email digest.

Utility of myCred Email Digest

However, myCred email digest utility is quite tremendous, and you can eventually make multiple user groups by distinguishing their badges, roles, and ranks. It seems similar to the conventional marketing approach for marketing target groups based on their geographic and demographic profiles. Using myCred email digest, you can also include and exclude particular user groups, as myCred email digest is an all-inclusive solution for your email notifications. Whether sending email updates to active or potential inactive users makes smooth email communication and generates enormous revenue and sales-driven approaches.
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Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, myCred email digest is a secure and powerful email plugin that helps you deliver email in an easy and streamlined manner. Hence, this blog would be insightful if you want to gain an in-depth understanding of myCred email digest. It will surely guide beginners and technology enthusiasts to improve their email marketing strategy, make an intuitive brand image, strengthen customer relationships, and provoke your brand strategy to the next level.