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myCred Email Digest: Improve Brand Image & Customer Relationships

Introducing myCred Email Digest

Hello Readers!! How are you doing? Before starting this blog, tell us, are you into reading digest? Have you ever followed a periodical publication that contains information on various topics and subjects? We know most of us used to hook with conventional digests, but with the evolution in digital technology, paper-based digest has also transformed into an electronic medium with similar functionality of creating awareness to its readers. Now, most of the companies send email digest to their customers and subscribers for the latest news, product advertisement, and interest-based articles to generate leads and sales.

What is an email digest and what does it do?

The core purpose of an email digest is to help companies improve their brand image, to gain subscribers’ attention, to increase website traffic, to build a better relationship with customers and to propagate current product information. Overall this exercise helps the companies for better sales results and generates more leads. An email digest is a part of email marketing strategy, and depending on business type, information to be spread to customers, it can be circulated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.


myCred Email Digest helps you to deliver content by email to different user groups. Send email notifications periodically. Also, you can include and exclude specific user groups based on roles, ranks, and badges.


  • Send Emails Periodically: Set the sending emails period accordingly. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly as per your marketing strategy requirement.


  • Set Email Criteria: Send Emails based on User’s role, badges, or ranks. This feature gives you the advantage to make users segment based on your relationship with them and set your sending emails strategy accordingly.

Email Criteria

  • Test run: Wow!! myCred-Email Digest provides you the facility to send a test email before setting up.

Test Run

  • Pre-defined template tags: myCred email digest is rich with already available template tags as well.

Template Tags

  • Email Logs: Find the complete record of the emails sent. You can view the log file as well.

Email logs

  • Custom Email CSS: Customize the styling of your email template. You can create the desired styling for your emails in the myCred-email digest.

CSS Styling


Well, myCred email digest utility is pretty straightforward; you can make different user groups by differentiating their roles, badges, and ranks. It is quite similar to the conventional marketing approach for making target groups based on their geographic and demographic profiles. By using myCred email digest, you can also include & exclude specific user groups. The myCred-email digest is an all in one solution for your email notifications, whether sending email updates to active users or approaching inactive users, it makes your email communication smooth and sales driven.

myCred-Email Digest Plugin’s Requirement

Before installing myCred-email digest in your WordPress site, you need an active myCred plugin to be installed already.

We at myCred, hoping best, this blog must have you help in understanding myCred-email digest in detail. It will surely improve your email marketing strategy; you can build a better brand image and can strengthen your relationship with customers. Have a good day!

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