14 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022

Digital marketing trends are changing thick and fast every year, and digital marketing trends in 2022 are no different. Therefore, you need to catch up with all the newest marketing trends, but this is not as easy as you think. As new trends keep emerging, you must look after them and keep an eye on those fading away. Moreover, the tools and algorithms we depend upon will also evolve. So, as a marketer, you need to look for ways to deal with marketing new trends.

In this article, we are discussing current marketing trends that you need to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy to leapfrog your competitors:

The Newest Marketing Trends in 2022 You Need to Know

Make Friendship With AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the crucial aspects of current marketing trends. It is a branch of computer science where the machine learns commands and behaves like a human. As per a study, in 2020, the value of artificial intelligence (AI) in worldwide digital marketing was estimated at 12.05 billion U.S. dollars. The source projected that by 2028, the value would increase to 107.55 billion. A 2020 survey showed that 84 percent of marketers included AI in their marketing strategies worldwide.
Today, the role of AI is increasing as people can make better and quicker decisions. The prime example of AI is chatbots. They make you feel as if you are engaging with a human being. Also, it is easy to collect information through AI to write marketing emails and create personalized ads.

friendship with AI - Marketing Trends

Gamification Marketing

Gamification marketing is an advanced marketing method that uses design cues from video games to draw in and keep clients. Gamified marketing encourages consumers to take action by adding aspects of competition or incentive. The gamification efforts include interactive quizzes, gamified loyalty programs, and other marketing strategies. Simple gamification components can consist of:

  • Points. When a user wins a game or makes a purchase, they can accrue points. The points can be redeemed for gifts or discounts. Travel credit cards are excellent for this.
  • Badges. Give consumers badges for accomplishments. As one illustration, Grammarly provides writers with badges like “Goal Crusher” for frequently using their service.
  • Leaderboards. Post the names and scores of the players on your website or social media to promote competitiveness.

To introduce gamification in the best possible way, nothing comes closer to myCred. myCred is a top-rated points management system powered by WordPress. You can gamify your website to enhance the value of an average customer with the least marketing effort through this gamification plugin.

gamification marketing

Connecting with Your Customers

Make sure your personnel are available to interact with customers immediately. You need a one-person force to reply as soon as possible to comments written on your social media channels. You have probably seen social media profiles where a potential customer requests additional details but never hears back. When there is no response, the consumer walks away, and the brand can easily lose a long-term customer.

A person-to-person relationship can be forged through emails. So, ensure you get staff members who follow every step on email accounts and social media. Customers are generally ready to stick with your brand and remain invested in your business if you let them feel your attention is for them only.

Embrace Sustainability

Eco-friendliness is the new normal. According to the American Psychiatric Association, sixty-seven percent of Americans are concerned about how climate change may affect the environment. Through green marketing campaigns, you may buy their loyalty. How can this adjustment be made? Contrary to popular belief, it’s simple.

Green marketing techniques assist in lowering trash production and packaging usage. Let’s say your company offers all customers free samples. A plastic bottle that has been bubble-wrapped and placed inside a plastic mailer will not be welcomed by those concerned about climate change.

Replace old products with new ones, use recycled paper or compostable materials, and provide guidance on recycling or reusing packaging. Never, ever send samples. Instead, work with nearby merchants to offer a coupon directly loaded onto the store’s app. It is not necessary to print it out. It is read off the phone.

Show Up on Every Platform

Do you promote your services across various platforms, or simply one or two? You must promote your business across several social media channels and have a website for more in-depth information if you want to connect with the broadest possible audience of consumers. In 2021, Pew Research ranked the popular social platforms and apps. Some platforms saw an increase in users, while others saw a drop in web traffic.Social platforms that experienced a sharp rise were:

  • Reddit – Consumed by 18% of adults
  • TikTok – Used by 21% of adults
  • Twitter – Used by 23% of adults
  • Pinterest – Used by 31% of adults
  • Instagram – Used by 40% of adults
  • YouTube – Used by 81% of adults

One of the more popular sites, TikTok, saw rapid expansion. In 2021, Reddit also made significant strides forward. The percentage of adults using YouTube, roughly 69%, has not increased.

When selecting your social media marketing strategy, consider your target age group. It significantly alters things. While Facebook is less popular with people in the 18 to 29 age range, TikTok is. For people between 30 and 49, YouTube is the most popular, while Snapchat and TikTok are towards the bottom.So if you are looking to connect with the young people genuinely, try to buy TikTok comments so other users can get motivated and they try to connect with you. Snapchat is the least used among people aged 50 to 64, while YouTube is the most widely used. YouTube and Facebook are both popular among people aged 65 and older.

Livestream Shopping

Although livestream shopping is among the newest marketing trends, it has gained significant attention in Asia. It was the response every marketer was craving during the pandemic’s limitations. Shoppers could see live feeds of stores even though they couldn’t physically visit them.

Despite being among the growing current marketing trends, it won’t be strange. Like HSN, you have likely seen shopping channels in the past. When you see something you like, simply click the link to buy the featured item.

livestream shopping

Bring in Influencers

Ten years ago, only a few devoted bloggers and famous people participated in influencer marketing. Social media influencers have now taken off and dominated the market. As opposed to a more automated marketing campaign, influencers are people who typically juggle several collaborations. As a result, some may forget to post on schedule or make mistakes with your requested tags or calls to action. It will take time to establish these relationships. Furthermore, you may adjust your strategy as you learn more about what works and what doesn’t in your particular sector.

There are influencers now for every size and niche to catch the newest marketing trends. It is simple to find one who will be an excellent fit for your goods and be eager to cooperate with you. Of course, working with some of the more well-known ones can be expensive, but you’ll also get more visibility. People love to try the products recommended by the influencers they follow because they have faith in them.

Niche-based Digital Marketing

A highly targeted form of advertising is niche marketing. With niche marketing, companies target a narrow, well-defined clientele to promote their goods and services. Several organisations use this method to assist a community that is underserved while also gaining the benefits of brand loyalty.

It’s okay that your brand can’t meet all of a customer’s needs. You can’t be a jack of all trades. Therefore, you must follow niche-specific current marketing trends to keep moving forward. Moreover, recent trends show that niche marketing stands out among new marketing trends. Because this would imply that they are specialists in it, people are inclined to trust a highly specialised brand that only caters to that particular niche. This makes it simpler for brands to keep up their selection and identify precisely who their target market is.

User-Generated Content Marketing

User-generated content, or UGC, is the mainstay of digital marketing trends in 2022, whether through micro-influencers, consumer advocates, or celebrity endorsers. User-generated content is the social media posts that users from across the globe share while propagating or gushing about a product or service. Simply put, when your friend tweets about what a great time they had at a hotel they visited, it’s UGC.

The power of digital media comes from how businesses harness the abundance of user-generated content. Despite being natural, marketers and consumers can reach a broad audience by sharing and resharing UGC, and mind you, UGC is the future of digital marketing innovation.user generated content

Storytelling – One of the Unique Digital Marketing Trends 2022

In the competitive world of content marketing today, keeping your audience engaged for even five minutes is a significant accomplishment for brands. On the other hand, those same folks may find it challenging to put movies and TV shows down after watching them for a while (we use the term “binge watching”). So, what creates a difference then?


Storytelling is a form of current marketing trends. People enjoy connecting with brands and with stories. You can achieve this by revealing behind-the-scenes details. Inform them of the concept’s origins for your business or a specific product. Introduce your staff and describe their responsibilities. Both brand recognition and customer engagement will benefit from this.

Image Search Marketing

One of the fastest growing and most attractive new trends is image or visual search marketing. In simple terms, visual search employs visuals to encourage consumer product searches online. Google algorithms use online product images to produce possibilities for purchasing either that particular product or products that resemble it.

Is visual search preferred over all other search technologies by Millennials and Generation Z? There’s little doubt that firms can reach out to these younger generations by incorporating visual search options on their websites. This includes younger consumers in the audience and increases the likelihood that a transaction will be made for businesses that have historically had difficulty attracting younger customers.

Visual search gives businesses who have already connected with Gen Z and Millennials the chance to increase their visibility and revenue. Additionally, we frequently stress the value of appearing in search results, an additional technique to make the most of your search marketing strategy.

Messaging Through The App

There are now more uses for messaging apps than just sending messages to one another. You can use them to connect with current and potential clients. You can market to them by interjecting yourself into their conversations or sending them a message.The latter is far more effective because the recipient will be notified and interact with your message. After all, it appears to be a genuine conversion.

Among various current marketing trends, promotion through messaging apps is up there. In recent years, companies have started using messaging to increase their reach, connect with, and interact with their audiences to find new leads. Today, more than 5 billion active users of messaging apps each month. In addition to the typical app functionality, several marketers have created chatbots to provide prompt customer support, respond to inquiries, and help customers make purchases.

Voice Search Marketing

Voice search marketing has been all over the place when we talk about current marketing trends. It enables search engine marketing experts to optimise websites for keyword ranking. It is among the latest advancements the digital marketing world is experiencing today.

As a company, you should also include voice search because we use intelligent gadgets like Google Assistant and Alexa or their mobile equivalents more and more, even in our homes. People are becoming less adept at utilising technology. Therefore, they will appreciate being able to say what they are looking for rather than typing it.

Big Data: The Future of Digital Marketing

Big data is gaining significance for every brand and is a crucial digital marketing innovation in today’s era. Gathering as much data as possible is essential because it may teach you a lot about your clients and the market as a whole. Every brand needs to understand its customers and what they need to succeed. Big data will help you identify areas where your products and services need improvement and popular components of your brand.

Big data is a crucial instrument among current marketing trends in sales and marketing. Companies can gather large amounts of client data through various methods to be used for marketing purposes. Making informed judgments for the future to draw in more clients can be significantly helped by information like location, age, buying history, preferences, financial situation, rival positions, etc.

Final Words

In 2022, a number of the newest marketing trends will develop over time, but the 14 we’ve listed here are the ones you can’t afford to overlook. Assess which ones will be effective for your brand and how to put them into practice. The benefits will become apparent fairly