How to Gamify WordPress and Reward Your Visitors

Gamification has recently become a crucial strategy in online business. It is now considered a valuable tool to boost engagement and make mundane tasks a joyful experience. WordPress gamification may sound like a highly technical method, but thanks to the WordPress community, anyone can use gamification plugins to improve their platform.

WordPress Gamification


Through WordPress gamification, you can encourage the audience to invest time in your website and keep coming back for more. As per a report, On average, employees experience a 60% engagement increase with a gamified work experience. So, without any further ado, let’s learn how to gamify WordPress and reward your visitors.

WordPress Gamification – Learning the Phenomenon

Gamification has become a buzzword these days on the digital canvas. Whether it’s eCommerce or digital marketing, gamification penetrates in different ways. Businesses are trying to sneak this magical method to motivate their employees and, most notably, to entice customers to engage with their WordPress website. But why do we call it gamification?

As the name suggests, it involves gaming methodologies to make visitors’ lives easier and more fun. Gamification techniques can make education and business lively. Imagine you come across an eCommerce site, and you immediately see a popup where it asks you to spin a wheel and get an instant reward. Won’t you feel enthralled? WordPress Gamification is all about filling life with dead and mundane activities.

If you have a WordPress site and want to instantly grab customers’ attention, kick in some WordPress gamification techniques. You can easily promote your product or business by installing leaderboards, badges, and reward point activities. These simple but powerful ways to use gamification can help keep visitors on your site longer and get them more involved, build a strong community, and help your business reach its goals.

One of the simple ways to understand gamification is by “using gaming elements in non-gaming activities.” You can use gamification in several contexts. You can make anything enjoyable, from gamifying an e-commerce online store to making shopping fun. If you run a WordPress website, some changes to your web pages and adding gaming elements can shape your website into an engaging hub.

WordPress Gamification Benefits

Some of the solid benefits you get from gamification are:

  1. User engagement – users are encouraged to spend more time on the website.
  2. Enabling users to take more actions (more clicks on CTAs) in return for incentives
  3. Giving perks for participation generates a sense of personal investment.

Until now, we have understood what WordPress gamification is and its importance for a WP site concerning business. Now, let’s move on to how you can gamify your website to offer incentives to visitors.

Gamification Benefits

How to Add Gamification to Your WordPress Site to Reward Visitors

Award Badges to Your Visitors

With the help of a top WordPress gamification plugin like myCred, rewarding your audience has become seamless as badges can increase their interest. If your WordPress site allows users to create their own profiles, you can offer rewards to your visitors for participation in the form of badges.

What are Badges?

Badges are small graphics you can add to your users’ profiles as a reward for particular actions. You can entice a user’s behavior with the badge as a reward. The following are the ways you can use gamification badges for compelling motivation:

  1. Rewards a unique badge according to the period a user has registered the account.
  2. offer badges to those who have converted their license from free to pro.
  3. Reward badges for those who have clicked the most CTA buttons.

myCred is the easiest-to-use gamification tool for WordPress sites. The badge reward is unique and gives you multiple options to reward your loyal users. For example, its free and pro versions allow you to create three tiers; gold, silver, and bronze. If your user shops over a certain amount, you can reward them with a bronze badge.

Similarly, you can entice them to get a silver or gold badge by spending over a specified limit. Each badge in WordPress gamification is a source of pride for your users and separates them from any ordinary customer.

Badges are a source of pride. This will make your customers interested and engaged in your site, which enhances your chances of spreading the word about your platform.

Introduce a System of Reward Points

Do you want to take your WordPress gamification to another level? With the help of reward points, give your visitors a gaming experience. You can reward points to your customers for the completion of certain tasks.

Reward points can be for anything, such as reading books, sharing posts on social media, posting comments, or event participation. Reward points can also be integrated into your website by conducting polls or quizzes. myCred is the best platform to do all of these.

myCred offers a range of options. For example, if you have a blog site, you can reward your customers by allowing them to see exclusive content if they have performed a specific task. Further, if you run an eCommerce store, your customers can earn reward points if they shop above a specified amount.

myCred also offers premium add-ons through which you can wish your loyal customers their birthdays, enable them to redeem points on daily login, grant them coupons, offer them a spin wheel option, and much more.

By earning points, users can redeem them for exclusive offers. So, introducing reward points (especially through myCred) is the best option to stay ahead of your competition.

WordPress Gamification Rewards System

Leaderboards to Your WordPress Site

Customers love to see their name above others, as winning is human nature. Leading the charts gives immense satisfaction. So, a leaderboard can encourage your customers to stay on your site and keep earning points so they can beat their competitors.

A top WordPress gamification plugin such as myCred can inspire your visitors to do whatever they want. Through myCred, you can rank members as per the number of shares, retweets, comments, and replies they make. You can rank your blog authors who regularly contribute to your website.

Leaderboards can increase engagement and content on your WordPress site. Through more and more contributions, you can see keywords getting ranked, offering a boost to your overall traffic.

Leaderboards are far beyond people. You can rank blogs too on your WP site with the number of views or comments. Using this strategy will always have your major blogs listed on your homepage.

Last Word

WordPress gamification is on the rise. With entrepreneurs discussing this online technique, organizations are finding various ways to implement gamification techniques to make their websites engaging. In the future, you will see gamification’s role in HR and training sessions to encourage staff at work to outperform others. If you still have not gamified your website yet, you might be missing out on a great chance to get people to visit and interact with your website.