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How To Gamify Your Everyday Life With myCred

The best way to achieve long-term goals is to reward yourself for each step you’ve taken in your life.

Gamification is making a task into a game to motivate yourself to complete it in record time. It doesn’t matter how hard or dreary a job is when you feel like you got something out of the experience.

How To Gamify Your Everyday Life With myCred

Gamification allows us to become more challenging in our daily lives since it creates a sense of being rewarded every time we complete a task, no matter how small or bigger it is. It makes our growth feel more consistent and motivates us to keep going.

Whether you realize it, you’re possibly already using some gamification in your life. Let’s look at how gamification works and how you can use it to increase efficiency, set and achieve bigger goals, and find the success you’re looking for.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a relatively simple process. You create a game out of something ordinary, usual, or even unappealing practices.

Let us consider what constitutes a game.

There are varied rules in games; another requirement is that these rules spell out how to win or lose the game. And you can frequently score points while playing a game. Even if you’re competing against yourself, games include competition and strategy to achieve new objectives. Finally, you get a reward and appreciation when you win a game.

When you incorporate gamified components into an activity, you are gamifying it in the inclusive sense.

The Elements of a Game Get You Going

The main advantage of gamification is that users complete tasks and achieve their objectives while having fun with the interface.

The following are some of the most common gamification elements used in daily productivity.

Rewards– When a user completes a job in the game, they are rewarded with points, coins, and other fascinating prizes.

Contests – When it comes to challenges, it can be in any form of inquest games and so on. They can also be puzzles, Q&A, and so on.

Competition – Many users are more likely to use apps if they can track their progress and compare it to that of other users. A leaderboard in an app encourages friendly competition among users to complete more of their intended activities.

Create a Life-Rewards System

Creating a work-reward system is a simple way to gamify routines. In such a system, you reward yourself for completing various tasks.

Assume you’ve committed to studying mathematics for two hours per day. You could give yourself a ‘Candy bonus’ every five days you do it. You can also assign higher rewards if certain performance criteria are met. If you study 4 chapters in 4 days, you can upgrade to a Chocolate + Candy bonus.

Multi-tiered prizes will keep you motivated to do better and better! Let’s have a look at how you create a perfect reward system through an easy-to-use gamification plugin.

Use myCred To Get Everything

You can create a loyalty program or gamify your website with myCred to boost average customer value with less marketing effort. MyCred is a free and open-source plugin compatible with WordPress. There are no license fees when you download it from the WordPress repository. Because myCred does not have a premium edition, you get all myCred premium addons on mycred.

Gamify Your Life Without Special Apps

Attach rewards to your daily tasks 

When you complete a regular task, your brain receives a dopamine boost. Treat yourself to custom rewards for completing one or more tasks to get more of this mechanism. After completing five simple tasks on your gamified daily task list, you could take an extra break, go for lunch or watch a movie. In the same way, myCred offers you a wide range of badges when you achieve something or complete any task in your daily routine.

myCred Badges

myCred Badges

With this built-in addon, you may generate badges as a visual sign of achievement and give them to your users, depending on their point history. These badges can be distributed automatically every time a user gets or loses points once set up.

Builtin Addons

Use Surprise Rewards on Completion of To-Do List

Write down rewards on pieces of paper, then roll the dice to select a reward – whether it’s the completion of an art project or a shopping trip – each time you complete a major task on your to-do list. Likewise, myCred ToDo List executes the same idea with exciting features.

myCred ToDo List

myCred ToDoList

You can use the myCred To-Do List addon to build a ToDo list that your users can manually mark as done. You can individually mark any point on the list to complete it. It might be a list of everyday activities like workouts, business meetings, etc.

In addition, each task can be customized with different settings, such as displaying a checkbox or button and configuring different ranks upon completion.

Create ToDo List

Make A Deal with Your Friend

Incorporate a social accountability component into your to-do list gamification process. For example, you could share a list of 3 major tasks you want to complete by 6 p.m. (from morning aerobics to soccer match). At 6 p.m., you exchange messages and let each other know that you won the game 3-0. Your social friends get more points when they share your success story. You can use myCred Social Share Add on for this purpose and become a hero in your social world.

myCred Social Share Add on

myCred Social Share Addons

With the myCred Social Share Addon, you can give your users points to share your posts on social networks. The points awarding criteria can be readily set up and managed using the website’s presentation mechanism.

myCred Social Share Addons Points

Boost productivity through “mini-games.”

Gamification can be used to boost productivity by creating “mini-games” while doing chores or checking off daily tasks. Consider awarding one point for each one-mile run or five points for each chapter completed. Can you beat your previous record of time spent in the one-mile run? Keeping track of these things provides an incentive. Make a list of small rewards, such as a favorite snack, a 20-minute break, or watching a favorite show or YouTube channel; instead, you can download myCred Arcade Game and play a maze game and get bonus points immediately.

myCred Arcade Game

myCred Arcade Games

The myCred Arcade game addon is a maze arcade game that allows the administrator to award points to players. Points are earned by drinking power pellets while avoiding four different colored ghosts. Consuming Power Pellets (large glowing dots) turns ghosts blue and gives users bonus points.

myCred Arcade game Points

Gamified your Learning

Gamification has also helped to learn by creating experiences that fully engage learners, hold their attention, and motivate them to continue striving to achieve a goal. Gamification can make learning more informative and enjoyable, and because you’re more actively involved in the process, the information is more likely to stick in your long-term memory. myCred Learndash offers interactive learning elements, immersing students in the learning process and increasing their learning likelihood.

myCred Learndash

myCred LearnDash

Your users may spend and earn points on courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes with the myCred Learndash addon. Create your courses using the Learndash plugin and leave the rest to this addon. You can easily manage user logs and point balances from a single dashboard.

myCred LearnDash Courses

Final Thoughts 

You can make mundane activities into games to become more playful in your daily life. Gamifying everyday tasks means adding points, scoring, competing, and winning and losing to make your life more interesting and fun.

Gamification is an excellent motivator. Mary Poppins’ medicine is more easily swallowed with a spoonful of sugar. So, make your own gamification by turning everyday activities into games.

And if you want a secret, free, bonus, awesome, extra monthly game, subscribe to myCred and create your personalized gamified lifestyle.

Have fun gamifying!