How Social Sharing Platforms Can Help Top Brands

Do you know that an average person bounces between seven different social networks per month? It shows it is important to create valuable content and widely share it across social platforms to get traffic and generate interest in your business. Content sharing on various social media is called “social sharing.”

This article has covered social sharing, how it can benefit your business, and a few real-life examples. Let’s dive in to find out more.

How Social Sharing Platforms Can Help Top Brands

What Does “Social Sharing” Mean?

The word “social sharing” is simply a combination of “social” and “sharing.” Social means social networks, while sharing means spreading information on social networks. People send web content to their friends, connections, groups, brands, or certain people on different social platforms through social sharing.

Social media usage has been deeply involved in the corporate world. According to a report, 82 percent of the population in the United States had a social networking profile, representing a two percent increase from the previous year’s usage of 80 percent.

The purpose of social sharing by e-commerce websites is so broad. But the main goal is to make people aware of your brand and get them involved in your marketing campaigns or whatever else will help your business make more money.

Why Does Social Sharing Matter?

It Inspires Readers

Imagine you have just produced a fantastic blog post on your website. The blog is simple to follow and contains multiple valuable tips and facts for the reader. Also, it ultimately offers information that readers can apply in their day-to-day lives.

It Benefits SEO Efforts

The key function of social sharing is to help the content get more exposure to the masses. When social media post sharing is thrown into the social media marketing mix, it can help boost content on search engines. Including a social sharing button on your blog enables readers to expose the content to more people.

The benefits of social sharing

The main advantage of social sharing is that it makes people aware of their company. No social media marketing strategy can succeed without social sharing for any business. The following are five major social sharing benefits for your organization:

Increase Brand Awareness

People actively participate in social media today, which leads to a big opportunity for businesses to reach their targeted audience. Implementing social media to get it shared widely on these social platforms helps your business approach thousands of customers a month. Therefore, effectively conducting social sharing allows your business to increase brand awareness.

For example, most commonly, you create a post on your social page aimed at your targeted audience. But if your content is triggered and interesting, they will share it. Many people connected to that customer (including friends, family, coworkers, etc.) on social media will know about that post. This leads to more people knowing about your brand and your messages. Inevitably, brand awareness would be increased in a cost-efficient way.

Reach More Organic Interaction

Social sharing has an important role in today’s digital era. It can generate organic interaction among social media users. Through social sharing buttons, customers share blog posts, product information, product images, etc., related to business. All these things resonate more than just a business message.

organic interaction

Through social sharing, a business campaign is said to be run effectively. Once you share a post, your customers’ families, friends, or coworkers can instantly connect to your store. It offers a huge benefit to your business. When your social posts are repetitively shared, they go viral, and that’s what a business needs. The key thing companies want from social sharing is to inspire people to learn more about their organization.

More Opportunities For Conversion

Every time you post on social platforms, you create an opportunity for the customers to convert. Make sure you post regularly on social media to gain an interactive and dedicated following journey. Every post, blog, or image opens the floodgates of opportunity to react, leading to conversion.

According to research, in 2022, social networking sites are estimated to reach 3.96 billion users, and these figures are still expected to grow as mobile device usage and mobile social networking increasingly gain traction in previously underserved markets. So, posting on social media can be a huge opportunity to extend customer outreach and could be beneficial for building links.

Your organization becomes humanized in its interaction with clients by remaining active on social media. This is important as customers want to do business with people, not companies. Personalization is crucial, and social media enables you to achieve this.


You can share your content more quickly and easily than ever through social media. In a mere few clicks, you can have a blog post or photo uploaded that has the potential to attract thousands of eyeballs. All you need to do is share your content and add a call to action, encouraging potential clients to contact your company if they like to know more.

Moreover, if you run an online store, you can reward your customers through social sharing. Thinking about it? It’s easy with myCred’s social sharing add-on.

social sharing

The myCred Social Share addon allows you to award your users points every time they share your posts on social media. You can easily set up and manage the points awarding criteria through the presentation method on the website.

Social Sharing: Real-Life Examples

Oreo’s # oreoscope

Social Sharing Site


What Oreo did:

Exploiting the obsession with star signs and horoscopes, the popular cookie brand analyzed fans’ most recent tweets and shared a customized “Oreoscope” with their personality insights and how it naturally resonated with one of the brand’s products.

Why it worked:

Users love personalized content, and the success of Spotify is a glaring example of that. While there were many “oreoscopes,” receiving a personal diagnosis from the brand gave a feeling of being a little special and inspired users to share the outcomes to help followers understand them better.

The personalized results are a pure joy (whether data analysis or quiz results). The beauty here is that even if you get it wrong, it still offers fans an opportunity to talk about your products.

The Getty Museum Challenge

social media sites.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

What the Getty Museum did:

Amidst tight lockdown, Los Angeles’ Getty Museum challenged internet users to share homespun recreations of its various artworks. The public responded with homages that were both impressive and hilarious.

The famous art brand shared the original artwork with customers’ posts as images poured in. The posts showed Getty’s sense of humor and warmth. However, they also quietly showcased the variety and scope of its collection. During a tough time when there wasn’t much to do, user-generated content made sure the content calendar was full (needless to mention, it cost nothing and made fans happy).

Why it worked:

It was dead simple to participate. Choosing your favorite artwork, finding three things lying around your house, and recreating the artwork with those items was all it required. There was no time limit, no prize, and no parameters. The social sharing activity was just a challenge for art fans that brought joy to the community during a dark time.

Last Word

Social sharing is something that every business needs to achieve corporate goals. With social media and post sharing, any brand can attract a never-ending number of clients to your business. Social media offers an immense opportunity for rapport-building and promoting a service across social channels. So, now is the time to get on the social sharing bandwagon and improve your company’s visibility.