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New Banking Add-on and important bug fixes, all in 1.5.2

Version 1.5.2 is now available for download and is highly recommended for every myCred user.

Banking Add-on 1.2

In this version I have also included the new banking add-on which was originally meant for 1.5. After a few weeks of testing with the help of several users it seems to be working as intended.


New Features

1.2 contains several improvements and new features!

– Central Banking

Based on the popular tutorial, the banking add-on now has the “Central Banking System” built in, allowing you to give and deposit points from one central account instead of creating points out of “thin air”. If this central bank account does not have enough points, then the user will not gain points either. Not until you manually add points to this account or someone spends/loses points.
The central banking service also supports multiple point types! If you are using the code from the tutorial, please remove your code to prevent this from running twice.

– Compound Interest

This service has received a major rewrite to improve performance. I have also added the option to exclude users or exclude users based on roles. You can now also override the interest rate on an individual user basis! Simply edit the user in question and under the appropriate point type, set their own interest rate. Don’t worry, any existing compounded interest will still be available for your default point type if you have been using the banking add-on.

– Recurring Payouts

This service has also been rewritten to add support for multiple point types and to exclude users based on ID or role.

– Multiple point types support

Once enabled, you will notice that a new menu is available for all point type called “Banking”.

Updating from older versions

Once you have updated myCred it is important that you go to your bank settings and re-save your settings as these will have changed. Existing users should save their settings for each service, disable the service then re-enable them in order for the new schedule to take effect. Existing compounded interest will not be lost for your main point type.

Bug Fixes

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to report in these bugs and for even helping me resolve several of them! For a complete list, please check the Changelog.


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