New – Added compatibility for multiple currencies in CashCred Paypal addon
Fix – Php erros in myCred woocommerce gateway
Fix – Points on daily visit hooks not working in some conditions
Fix – myCred CashCred multisite issues
Improvement – license system


FIX – myCred membership license not activating for members


NEW – myCred CashCred
NEW – Added filter ‘mycred_link_click_amount’
NEW – Added exclude attribute in myCred leaderboard
NEW – Added ‘NOT LIKE’ and ‘!=’ operator for expiration addon
FIX – Php notices in rank addon
FIX – Rewards points option not visible for other product type in woocommerce
FIX – Erros in mycred_total_balance shortcode
FIX – myCred logs export issue
FIX – Fixed mycred admin dashboard overview widget showing incorrect or same amount of points
FIX – buyCred gift_to attribute not working
TWEAK – myCred Central Deposit

TWEAK – Code optimization.

NEW – Add filter for myCred Link Click hook
FIX – Reduce license requests
FIX – Rewards Points meta box is not displaying other than single product.
TWEAK – Remove Php warnings from myCred Rank Shortcode


FIX – Comments hooks not working.
FIX – Warnings in myCred Sell Content.
FIX – Ranks recalculate totals not working.
FIX – mycred_history shortcode pagination not working.

FIX – Site menu broken issue on frontend
FIX – Style glitches on some themes
FIX – Hide myCred rank menu when user doesn’t have any rank


NEW – Introduce a decimal attribute in mycred_my_balance_converted shortcode
NEW – Introduce a filter mycred_woocommerce_gateway_supports
NEW – Introduce myCred balance and rank menu items in wordpress menu
NEW – Introduce a new hook reward for buying points in buyCred addon
NEW – Added mycred membership table in membership page
NEW – Added addon install, activate and deactivate functionality in mycred membership page
NEW – Added new filter mycred_badge_assign to control if the badge assign or not.
FIX – BBPress Hook delete reply/topic not working
FIX – myCred Badge AND/OR condition now working correctly
FIX – Badge reward not being added in total balance
FIX – Undefined variables in mycred_leaderboard_position shortcode
FIX – Rank manual mode not working
FIX – mycred_buy shortcode message not visible to non logged in users
FIX – mycred_chart_balance_history shortcode incorrect chart data
FIX – Warnings in mycred referral hook
FIX – “Click here to get your Membership License” link not working
FIX – Badge reward not being added in total balance
FIX – Badge reward not being reflected on ranks
FIX – mycred_my_balance_converted shortcode prefix attribute not working
FIX – mycred_reset_key cron action not working
TWEAK – Improve mycred_get_membership_details function
TWEAK – mycred_transfer shortcode prevent multiple form submission until the server responds


NEW – Introduce a new filter mycred_video_interval for myCred Addons.
NEW – Added rate attribute in mycred_buy_form shortcode.
FIX – buyCred pending payment payout.
FIX – Badge image broken on sub-sites when master template is enabled on buddypress profile.
FIX – All ranks not removing completely, it stored some of their data in database.
FIX – Multisite buyCred transaction id empty on subsites in Bank transfer gateway.
FIX – mycred sell content not working with bbpress.
FIX – Bitpay 404 page issue in buyCred popup vesion.
FIX – myCred Email notifications triggers “transfer send and receives” not working properly.
FIX – mycred_sales_history shortcode not working.
TWEAK – Compatible rank module with PHP 7.4
TWEAK – Some variables are undefined in different cases in Leaderboard.


NEW – Added button for remove default badge image.
FIX – Log menu not visible except the master site when the master template is enabled.
FIX – Bitpay buyCred payment gateway not working.
FIX – Pending payment menu not visible in multisite if the master template is enabled.
FIX – Undefined variable in myCRED_Query_Log class.
FIX – Single Quote in form title breaks the specific badge functionality for the gravity form.
FIX – Undefined index warnings in myCred leaderboard widget.
TWEAK – Update myCred translations.
TWEAK – mycred_hook_table code improvements.


NEW – Introduce a new filter mycred_update_total_balance.
FIX – Rank display setting issues.
FIX – View content hook limit not working properly.
FIX – Buycred maximum limit not working.
FIX – myCred ranks show in BBPress profile and topic post even the user is excluded from the point type.
FIX – Badges not displaying in BBPress profile even check show all badges.
FIX – BuyCred Payment transactions visible in the recent comments section.
TWEAK – Improvement in mycred_my_ranks shortcode.
TWEAK – Buycred shows proper error messages.


NEW – Introduced myCred membership.
NEW – Added support in badge for specific link click and gravity form.
TWEAK – Added notice for meta key to avoid any conflicts.
FIX – leaderboard “current” attribute was not working.
FIX – myCred ranks show in BuddyPress profile even the user is excluded from the point type.
FIX – “number” attribute was not working in stats related shortcodes.
FIX – Errors in mycred_get_ranks function.
FIX – Unselected point types also appear in myCred Wallet Widget.
FIX – Four-digit points value not working in remote API.
FIX – MYSQL and MariaDB syntax error in their newer versions.


NEW – Introduce a new action hook mycred_after_badge_assign.
FIX – Placeholder attribute not working in mycred_transfer shortcode.


  • NEW – Introduce a new shortcode .
  • NEW – Introduce a new template tag %coupon_code%.
  • TWEAK – Avoid duplicate database calls in get_log_table().
  • TWEAK – Language support in [mycred_hook_table] shortcode.
  • FIX – [mycred_buy] shortcode always get default point type settings.
  • FIX – HTML format issue in [mycred_buy_form] shortcode.
  • FIX – Remove badge related PHP warnings.
  • FIX – %order_id% template tag does not render in myCred email.
  • FIX – %transfer_message% template tag does not render in myCred email.

  • FIX – myCred Statistics add-on related shortcodes.
  • FIX – myCred Leaderbard cache issue.
  • FIX – TWEAK – Database optimization.


  • NEW – Added “to” attribute in Leaderboard shortcode.
  • NEW – Added filter “mycred_show_custom_coupon_value” for coupon value.
  • FIX – myCred Leaderboard widget notices.
  • FIX – Typo fix in BuddyPress hook.
  • FIX – Coupon success message not showing in custom point types.
  • FIX – Incorrect point type in coupon notification.
  • FIX – Ranks not being assigned based on Total Balance.
  • FIX – Set default point type in ctype attribute in [mycred_users_of_all_ranks] shortcode.
  • FIX – [mycred_hook_table] shortcode showing only 1 content hook at a time.
  • FIX – Emails that are stored in draft are also being sent.
  • FIX – Template tags are not being rendered in email Notices.
  • FIX – Admin not able to select ranks “manual mode” from settings.
  • FIX – Admin not able to assign ranks when “manual mode” is enabled.
  • FIX – Errors in [mycred_email_subscriptions] shortcode.
  • FIX – Transfer Message showing as “-” in log.
  • FIX – myCred Cache not deleting.
  • FIX – When deleting a BuddyPress Activity adds a “Profile Comment Delete” log.
  • FIX – Assign users badge from badge edit page.
  • FIX – “Not in” operator not passing in query_log.
  • FIX – Show main image in [mycred_my_badges] shortcode if level image is not set.

  • FIX – myCred hooks not adding on other point types.
  • FIX – option_id name not calling for other point types.

  • FIX – myCred hooks not saving.
  • FIX – setCookie function error when adding new hook.


  • NEW – Introduce a new filter “mycred_option_id” for manipulating hooks.
  • NEW – Add new action “mycred_pref_hooks” on mycred hooks page
  • TWEAK – Limits are showing for Approved comments hook in mycred_hook_table] shortcode.
    FIX – Sell content undefined offset in Backend Pages & Posts.
  • FIX – mycred_buy shortcode Undefined variable: post.
  • FIX – Bitpay 404 page redirect.
  • FIX – BuyCred Gateway error message no gateway available.
  • FIX – myCred Email accept only ARRAY value in “get_subject” function.
  • FIX – Incorrect log table name in multisite when central logging is enabled.
  • FIX – strpos depreciated behavior.
  • FIX – Coupon expiration before date.
  • FIX – “Total in Points” value show in both Cart & Checkout page when you select “Show in Cart and on Checkout Page” in WooCommerce myCred Gateway.


  • FIX – Fixed Woocommerce checkout errors.
  • FIX – Fixed get_users_balance function.
  • FIX – Fixed typo error in bbPress hook.
  • NEW – Added new feature to copy to clipboard referral link in BuddyPress profile page


  • FIX – [ mycred_best_user ] shortcode fixed.
  • FIX – Post related template tags fixed.
  • FIX – Sell content related issue fixed.
  • IMPROVEMENT – Added check for existing logs getting disappeared.


  • FIX – shortcode fixed.
  • FIX – shortcode fixed.
  • FIX – rank related issues fixed.


  • NEW – Added new mycred_over_hook_limit filter for adjusting hook limit checks.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_RANK_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel ranks.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_COUPON_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel coupons.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_BADGE_KEY constant which can be used to whitelabel badges.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_EMAIL_KEY constant with can be used to whitelabel email notifications.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_BUY_KEY constant with can be used to whitelabel pending buyCred payments.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_ENABLE_SHORTCODES constant in cases where myCred shortcodes needs to be disabled.
  • NEW – Updated the Email Notifications add-on to version 1.4 with support for custom instances, multiple point types / notice and introduced the new myCred_Email object.
  • NEW – Updated the buyCred add-on which now has improved checkout process.
  • NEW – Added the option to set a custom gateway logo for all built-in payment gateways.
  • NEW – Updated the mycred_load_coupon shortcode to show an error message when an invalid coupon is used.
  • NEW – Added new Anniversary hook allowing you to reward users for each year they are a member on your website.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_ENABLE_HOOKS constant to disable hooks completely.
  • NEW – Added support for Multi Network setups.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_add_post_meta(), mycred_get_post_meta(), mycred_update_post_meta() and mycred_delete_post_meta() functions in order to add support for the Master Template feature on multisites.
  • NEW – Added support for multiple point types in leaderboards.
  • NEW – The leaderboard shortcode can now be setup to render results based on multiple point types.
  • NEW – Added caching of log and leaderboard queries.
  • NEW – Added new filter to allow adjustments to the reference used for publishing and deleting content hooks.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_give_run filter to control if the mycred_give shortcode should run or not.
  • TWEAK – Moved hooks to /includes/hooks/ and third-party hooks to /includes/hooks/external/.
  • TWEAK – Implemented the use of $mycred_log_table global throughout the plugin.
  • TWEAK – Improved Multisite support.
  • TWEAK – When a user jumps more than one badge level in a single instance, we want to make sure he gets rewarded for each level (if rewards is set).
  • TWEAK – Corrected codex urls for functions and shortcodes throughout the plugin.
  • TWEAK – Added support to whitelabel shortcodes.
  • TWEAK – Added new MYCRED_SHOW_PREMIUM_ADDONS constant to hide all mentions of premium add-ons in myCred.
  • TWEAK – BuddyPress fixed issue related to points ignoring limit on adding to favorites.
  • TWEAK – Optimized search the search for log entries.
  • TWEAK – issue related to email not getting send on transfer in and out triggers in transfer addon.
  • TWEAK – Rank excerpt fix.

  • Tested with WordPress 5.0
  • FIX – Refund points on WooCommerce order refund
  • FIX – Reward points on WooCommerce order completed

  • FIX – Points for clicking on links
  • FIX – Point for viewing videos
  • FIX – Exchange points from one point type to another point type

  • FIX – Notification error.

  • FIX – Compatible with PHP 7.2.
  • FIX – Points Log pagination issue.
  • FIX – Points Log pagination issue.
  • FIX – Reset all to zero myCred default balance meta key.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.9 beta3

  • FIX – Manual badges are not removed when editing a users profile.
  • FIX – Best user shortcode without any requirements causes an invalid SQL query.
  • FIX – Leaderboard with an offset shows an incorrect amount of users.
  • FIX – Ranks based on total balance are assigned as current balance due to bug introduced in
  • TWEAK – Updated how Jetpack subscriptions are checked.
  • TWEAK – Added option to adjust pagination args for front end logs.
  • TWEAK – Updated about page structure.
  • TWEAK – Updated buyCred Gatways page to start supporting 1.8 ready gateways.
  • TWEAK – Improved overview widget query (thanks Jonathan)
  • Tested with WordPress 4.9 beta 2.

  • FIX – When deleting balances, the total balance should also be deleted.
  • FIX – Appended users in leaderboard always shows a zero value.
  • FIX – JavaScript error when using non english locals in the badge editor.
  • FIX – Content set for sale using “Manual Mode” will not render the enabled type buttons correctly (when using multiple types).
  • FIX – The placeholder names for new badges show an incorrect count where 1 is repeated twice.
  • FIX – Added comp. with latest version of WooCommerce 3.1.2
  • FIX – Built-in View Video hook was calling for a non existing function.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted the setup form containers id as it seems to collide with styling of third-party plugins in the wp-admin area.
  • TWEAK – Added mycred_module_is_active filter to allow overrides of module loads e.g. add-ons, banking or hooks.

  • FIX – Events Manager Pro issue with manually approved events.
  • FIX – Email notification not being sent to admins in certain instances.
  • FIX – BuddyPress Points History URL is incorrect when using BuddyPress 2.8 or higher.
  • FIX – Transfer add-on does not work well when a user ID is provided in the transfer shortcode on certain sites.
  • FIX – Sell Content sales history shortcode causes a fatal error when showing a users purchase history.
  • FIX – When providing more than one reference for the mycred_total_points shortcode, the shortcode will return zero.
  • FIX – Ranks in bbPress or BuddyPress are not visible to visitors, only those who are logged in.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with email notifications for new badges.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with the mycred_get_users_reference_sum function. (Thanks Andy)
  • NEW – Added timeframe support when basing leaderboards on total balances.
  • NEW – Added new myCRED_Query_Leaderboard class for leaderboard queries.
  • NEW – Added option to cache leaderboard results.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_admin_show_balance filter to hide balances being inserted in the WP Toolbar.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_transfer_to_field filter for transfer forms recipient field.
  • TWEAK – Improved how the lowest point amount value is calculated by get_lowest_value().
  • TWEAK – Referral redirects are now done using status code 301.
  • TWEAK – A users earned badges are now cached to cut down on database queries.
  • TWEAK – Updated how order details are retrieved in WooCommerce 3.0


  • FIX – Incorrect badge level labels are shown in the mycred_badges shortcode.
  • FIX – Unapproved comments are sometimes seen as spam by the Points for comments hook. (Thanks thomaslhotta)
  • FIX – Fixed minor logic issue in the mycred_total_points shortcode.
  • FIX – Balance export option is missing in the Management section (Thanks imago).
  • FIX – Removed duplicate usage of the mycred_transfer_ready action.
  • FIX – Rank sorting in the front end should only be applied to the main query in the rank archive (if used).
  • TWEAK – Updated export balance modal design to 1.7
  • TWEAK – Updated the mycred_total_since shortcode to render potential errors when the shortcode is used incorrectly.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.8


  • FIX – Incorrect logic prevents video views from getting points.
  • FIX – Email Notifications not triggering for badges when emails are not set to be sent immediately.
  • FIX – Restored PHP7 Compatibility by updating the parseCSV class constructor.
  • FIX – When trying to query log entries based on log entry IDs, a stray comma sign causes a Query error.
  • FIX – Exporting entries in the admin area fails due to array to string conversion error.
  • FIX – Replaced sanitize_url with esc_url_raw.
  • FIX – Pending buyCRED payments are shown incorrectly due to the cache not getting cleared. This causes trashed pending payments to still appear in shortcodes.
  • FIX – Front end column customisations for the mycred_history shortcode is not working.
  • FIX – Log entry import is not saving the log entry due to misspelled variable name.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_post_type_for_sale filter.
  • FIX – When setting all pages to sale by default using the Sell Content add-on, we need to make sure this excludes BuddyPress pages.
  • NEW – Added warning when the shortcode mycred_sell_this is used incorrectly.
  • TWEAK – Whenever the plugin is re-enabled, built in caches should be cleared.
  • TWEAK – Updated the mycred_link shortcode to stop using the admin-ajax.php file for calls.
  • UPDATE – Updated Sell Content script version.


  • FIX – When deleting a log entry it is no longer animated and visually removed.
  • FIX – Displaying users badges that no longer exists cause fatal error.
  • FIX – Video hook ajax url fails to load.
  • FIX – mycred_sell_this shortcode causes the entire content to be hidden.
  • FIX – Fixed array to string conversion error in Statistics add-on.
  • FIX – Currency symbol missing in WooCommerce when points is selected as the store currency.
  • FIX – When the Transfer add-on is set to only allow transfers of 1 custom point type and not the default point type, the transfer shortcode will show a “over limit” error.
  • FIX – Sell Content add-on can in certain situations produce a PHP notice until the add-ons settings are saved after an update.
  • TWEAK – Mixed up the member and visitor default template values.
  • TWEAK – The mycred_types_select_from_checkboxes() function is not rendering checkboxes and labels correctly. Also removed break line element.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_get_addon_settings() function to make add-on settings retrieval easier.


  • NEW – Added support for transfer messages.
  • NEW – Point rewards can now be setup for WooCommerce product variations.
  • NEW – Import files can now identify users by: ID | email | login | slug.
  • NEW – Added new function to check if the log table has been deleted, in which case a new one is installed.
  • NEW – Added option to query best users without involving point types.
  • NEW – Added support for numeric usernames for the Transfers add-on.
  • TWEAK – All add-on settings have been updated to follow the new 1.7 styling.
  • TWEAK – All hook settings have been given a facelift.
  • TWEAK – Added in documentation links wherever possible.
  • FIX – Rank promotions/demotions not getting correctly detected in email notifications.
  • FIX – Incorrect error messages are shown in the mycred_load_coupon shortcode.
  • FIX – mycred_my_ranks shortcode render issue.
  • FIX – Custom payment gateway labels do not show up in buyCRED.
  • FIX – Leaderboard issue on multisite with central logging.
  • FIX – Add-on settings link does not open the correct tab on the settings page.
  • FIX – Incorrect variable name causes payments to fail in Events Manager Pro.
  • FIX – When attempting to setup the first point type, if we make a mistake the error is not shown.
  • FIX – Incorrect call to non-static function during re-activation.
  • FIX – Front end navigation is generating incorrect pagination links.
  • FIX – Fixed PHP error when deleting point types.
  • FIX – Incorrect comparisons for post author check in Sell Content add-on.
  • FIX – Leaderboard monthly filter is not rendering a correct UNIX timestamp.
  • FIX – Misspelled variable is passed to mycred_before_deletion and mycred_after_deletion actions.
  • FIX – Statistics add-on tabs are not working correctly.
  • FIX – Check-all-checkboxes in the log table in the wp-admin area is not working.
  • FIX – When creating our first point type, not all options are saved as set.
  • FIX – Bad query structure usage the mycred_best_user shortcode when providing multiple references or point types.
  • FIX – Translated dates are not shown correctly when rendering the log.
  • FIX – buyCRED gateway settings sanitisation causes PHP warning.


  • FIX – rtMedia hook uses the has_entry() method incorrectly.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with amount queries searching ref_id instead of creds column.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with usernames / emails are not converted into correct IDs.
  • FIX – When a new log entry is added the reference cache should be reset.
  • FIX – Incorrect value for %new_balance% in Email Notifications add-on.
  • FIX – Added missing bank transfer reference translation.
  • FIX – Bank Transfers are not being shown in the buyCRED purchase log in the admin area.
  • FIX – The leaderboard shortcode does not follow the same sorting of results as the leaderboard position shortcode. While we get to choose the order of our first sorting, the secondary sorting should be based on the users IDs.
  • TWEAK – Updated inline documentation.
  • TWEAK – Improved query construction and created a new structure for posting queries.
  • TWEAK – Updated leaderboard query when leaderboard is based on total balance.
  • TWEAK – When providing a timeframe, make sure the value of strtotime() is only used if it’s a valid unix timestamp. This should prevent db query errors when using bad strings.
  • UPDATE – myCRED_Query_Log class updated to version 1.7
  • UPDATE – Updated the Coupons add-on to version 1.3.1
  • NEW – Added new mycred_locate_template() function.
  • NEW – Added support for order by multiple columns.
  • NEW – Added support for multiple point type queries and display.
  • NEW – Added support for multiple entry id queries.
  • NEW – Added advanced query options which disabled the table rendering.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode attribute for horizontal navigation when using the mycred_history shortcode.


  • FIX – Points for clicking on links hook is not working when more then one point type is enabled.
  • FIX – Shortcodes inside the mycred_sell_this function are not getting rendered.
  • FIX – Custom point type leaderboard will not trigger the current user option from rendering.
  • FIX – New badge email notifications are not being detected.
  • FIX – ShareThis support causes fatal error due to missing function.
  • FIX – mycred_list_ranks shortcodes %rank_logo% tempalte tag is not rendering a logo.
  • FIX – Email notifications are not formatted correctly causing new lines to be stripped of. (thank you Jim)
  • FIX – Transfer shortcode amount placeholder should show the minimum amount instead of zero.
  • FIX – The get_lowest_value() class method is returning incorrect values when using decimals.
  • FIX – The add_to_log() class method saves decimal values as zero.
  • FIX – Fixed PHP notice for email notifications.
  • FIX – The mycred_history shortcode does not honour the option to remove the user column in the log.
  • FIX – Certain modules do not support the new MYCRED_SLUG constant causing issues in the wp-admin area when used.
  • FIX – Pagination on certain websites using the mycred_history shortcode is not working as intended.
  • FIX – Fixed spelling errors (Thank you everyone for helping me out with this).
  • TWEAK – Set priority order for certain filters to make it easier to remove if needed via a theme or plugin.
  • TWEAK – Updated the mycred_list_ranks shortcode to support the removal of the wrapper element.
  • TWEAK – Removed option to sell attachments in the Sell Content add-on.
  • TWEAK – Tweaked statics add-on settings saving.
  • TWEAK – Filtering the log by comma separated list of references needs to be url decoded.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted how the leaderboard template is processed.
  • TWEAK – The post ID and point type is now accessible for both the mycred_publish_hook_old and mycred_publish_hook_new filter hooks.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_save_users_rank() function for saving a users rank instead of using mycred_update_user_meta() multiple times.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_get_users_profile_url() function for getting a users profile URL with support for BuddyPress and bbPress profiles.
  • UPDATE – Updated badges add-on image.
  • UPDATE – Updated language files.


  • FIX – buyCRED add-on not running during template_redirect.
  • FIX – Template tags are rendering incorrect values in email notifications.
  • FIX – Removed %plural% from default template in the transfer widget.
  • FIX – Fixed PHP notice in the buyCRED add-on.
  • FIX – BuddyPress module causes columns to be hidden in all logs.
  • FIX – When editing a log entry and changing the point value, the cached results are not reset.
  • FIX – Transfers of custom point type is not being honoured.
  • FIX – mycred_get_total_by_time() uses the wrong variables, causing results to always be zero.
  • NEW – Added option for gateways to customize the first pending payment comment via a new first_comment() class method.
  • NEW – Added in option to edit balances when editing a user in the wp-admin area.
  • NEW – Added new set_users_balance() method in the myCRED_Settings class.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted styling of the balance editor and add-on override section with support for mobile devices.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted the language the Zombaio gateway uses for pending payment comments.
  • TWEAK – Email notifications add-on can use a method to convert a request array into a log entry object instead of doing it self.
  • TWEAK – Removed allowed html tag request from Transfer widget when saving as there is no use for it.


  • NEW – Added filter to allow adjustments of the displayed cost when purchasing points.
  • FIX – Hook settings not getting saved for custom post types.
  • FIX – User not found error when transferring points to a pre-populated recipient.
  • FIX – Adjustments using MYCRED_SLUG is not honoured by the pending point purchase module.
  • NEW – Updated abstract gateway class.


  • FIX – Sell Content shortcode rendering blank content.
  • FIX – No admin notice is shown when enabling / disabling an add-on.
  • FIX – mycred_badges shortcode does not parse template.
  • FIX – In badge requirement, comparisons AND and OR are not properly spaced from content.
  • FIX – Ranks add-on can not handle point setups with more then 10 decimal places.
  • FIX – Rank requirements are not being properly formatted when saved.
  • FIX – Rank management script not being loaded on settings page due to URL slug change.
  • TWEAK – Updated documentation urls from using http to https.
  • REMOVED – MarketPress gateway and rewards hook as these are available via a separate free plugin.


  • NEW – Adjusted how Hooks are managed in the wp-admin area. It now mimics the Widgets management setup.
  • NEW – Updated the balance editor on the Users page in the wp-admin area. Added option to see a users latest activity in a form of an excerpt from their log.
  • NEW – Re-write the administration module and removed the points tabs when editing a user in the wp-admin area. Structured up myCRED related details to seem more WordPress native.
  • NEW – The mycred_send shortcode has been updated to be used in a BuddyPress profile or a bbPress forum reply loop. The to=”” attribute now also supports besides “author”, “bbprofile” and “replyauthor” as values.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode: mycred_show_if to hide content from those who do not fulfil a certain point related requirement.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode: mycred_hide_if to show content to those who do not fulfil a certain point related requirement.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode: mycred_total_since to show the total number of points a user has gained or lost in a specific timeframe.
  • NEW – Added new function: mycred_get_user_id which returns either the current users ID, bbPress forum reply user ID, BuddyPress profile user ID.
  • NEW – Added class to leaderboard row if the user is the current user.
  • NEW – Added support for BuddyPress Cover Photo uploads (profiles and groups) and adding / removing activity from favourites.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_ordinal_suffix function for ordinal suffixes.
  • NEW – Added Bootstrap support.
  • NEW – The myCRED Log layout and filter options has been updated.
  • NEW – The myCRED Admin Logs table columns can not be hidden just like with posts and taxonomies.
  • NEW – Updated log entry editor to allow changing the reference and the amount as well as the log entry.
  • NEW – Added the mycred_admin_show_history_{$point_type} filter to disable insertions of a users points history under the Users menu in the wp-admin area and in the toolbar.
  • NEW – Added Bank Transfer manual payment gateway to buyCRED.
  • NEW – Added new standard styling for pending payments in wp-admin area.
  • NEW – Added option for coupon minimum and maximum balance requirements to support multiple point types.
  • NEW – Added new standard styling for coupons in wp-admin area.
  • NEW – Added new standard styling for ranks in wp-admin area.
  • NEW – mycred_link shortcode now supports shortcodes to be used in link title.
  • NEW – Added myCRED_Account Object.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_delete_point_type and mycred_delete_point_type_{point_type} action hooks for cleaning up the database when a point type is deleted.
  • NEW – Introduced new constant MYCRED_DEFAULT_TYPE_KEY to adjust the key of the default point type from ‘mycred_default’.
  • NEW – The sell content add-on now supports sales using multiple point types.
  • NEW – Added option to enable sales of posts automatically for all post types.
  • NEW – Added option to reload page after content purchases.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_content_buyer_count shortcode for the Sell Content add-on.
  • NEW – Added new export module with options to select if front-end or back-end exports should be enabled. Also includes the new myCRED_Query_Export class for quick and easy exports.
  • NEW – Added options to change the colors used for each point type by the statistics add-on.
  • NEW – Updated the setup screen for myCRED.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_BUYCRED_PENDING_COMMENTS constant to disable comments on pending buyCRED purchases.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_MIN_TIME_LIMIT constant to set the minimum time required between ajax calls.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_UNINSTALL_LOG constant. If set to false, when myCRED is uninstalled, the log will not be deleted. Defaults to true.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_UNINSTALL_CREDS constant. If set to false, when myCRED is uninstalled, the balances and balance related user meta will not be deleted. Defaults to true.
  • NEW – Added new hook for content deletions.
  • NEW – The MYCRED_SLUG constant can now be used to whitelabel menu slugs in the admin area.
  • NEW – Re-write the Banking add-on to allow better management of interest payouts and to allow multiple recurring payouts scheduled for each point type.
  • TWEAK – Updated all rank related functions.
  • TWEAK – Updated all rank shortcodes.
  • TWEAK – Improved code for the mycred_buy and mycred_buy_form shortcodes.
  • TWEAK – Moved gateway processor from init to template_redirect.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted how gateway comments are logged and displayed in the admin area.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted the coupon load processor to make customizations easier.
  • TWEAK – New mycred_leaderboard_position shortcode replaces the mycred_my_ranking shortcode.
  • TWEAK – Improved DB Query for users leaderboard position.
  • TWEAK – By default the mycred_leaderboard shortcode will return the top 25 users instead of all users.
  • TWEAK – Badges in the wp-admin area will no longer show all badge images but just the main image and the top-level image (if used).
  • TWEAK – The mycred_badges shortcode can now be wrapped around a template to design how each badge is shown.
  • TWEAK – Added bootstrap support to the mycred_transfer shortcode.
  • Added option to set a pre-set amount to transfer which disabled the option to select the amount to transfer.
  • TWEAK – Cleaned up the transfer processor code to improve logic and customizations.
  • TWEAK – The transfer widget now supports the same attributes as the mycred_transfer shortcode.
  • TWEAK – Updated parsecsv library to version 0.4.2.
  • TWEAK – Shortcodes are now loaded during “after_theme_setup” to allow shortcode replacements via a theme or plugin.
  • TWEAK – Moved Network module from mycred-network.php file to mycred-module-network.php in the modules folder.
  • TWEAK – Cleaned up all admin screen ids myCRED uses. Replaced underscores with hyphens, shortened some string and implemented the use of MYCRED_SLUG.
  • TWEAK – Re-labeled BuddyPress profile hooks.
  • FIX – Fixed the mycred_send shortcode button not updating as the transaction is executed.
  • FIX – Removed built-in add-ons file paths. This will make sure you can migrate installations without the issue or add-ons disappearing.
  • FIX – Number of payments to show in buyCRED payment histories are not saved.
  • FIX – Menu issue when editing certain custom post types. Fixed so the appropriate menu is kept open and if on WP 4.4 or higher, highlight the post type when editing / adding a new post.
  • FIX – When sorting users by points in the admin area, the sorting will not work if a specific role has been selected.
  • FIX – “Show Limits” settings for transfer widget is not getting saved.
  • FIX – Log times not honouring timezone settings on certain setups.
  • FIX – Emails are not sent to event owner in Events Manager Pro gateway on successful payments.
  • FIX – Non admins should not see the myCRED Setup notification in the admin area.
  • FIX – The myCRED gateway shows up twice when using Event Espresso 3.x.x.
  • FIX – Added support for rtMedia version 4.0 or higher.
  • REMOVED – mycred_user_got_demoted and mycred_user_got_promoted functions as the new version of the mycred_find_users_rank function no longer needs it.
  • REMOVED – mycred_get_badges function.
  • REMOVED – The mycred_sell_this_ajax shortcode has been depreciated and will be removed in the next major version.
  • REMOVED – Removed charge_from shortcode attribute from the mycred_transfer shortcode.


  • FIX – mycred_point_type_exists function declines total balances.
  • FIX – %order_id% and %order_link% tags return an error if the order has been deleted.
  • FIX – Added GROUP BY in mycred_best_user shortcode query.
  • FIX – Re-added missing table classes for the log. Re-enables bootstrap support.
  • FIX – Best User shortcode uses incorrect variable for %total% and %tatal_abs% template tags.
  • FIX – Adjusted misspelled settings label for BuddyPress module.
  • FIX – buyCred Purchase history page shows n/a for the amount a user paid for a purchase.
  • FIX – mycred_get_types() uses the mycred_get_point_type_name() function incorrectly, causing multiple point types first menu to use singular form instead of plural.
  • TWEAK – Points for viewing content hook was moved to template_redirect. This should resolve multiple posts triggering point payouts when is_singular().


  • FIX – Removed invalid shortcode attributes.
  • FIX – History link on Users page in the admin area uses the incorrect variable causing the history page to show no results.
  • FIX – Resolved PHP notice when using bbPress or BuddyPress and calling current user before init.
  • FIX – Badges in BuddyPress profiles are not showing up since the function is not echoing the result.
  • FIX – Incorrect variable name in buyCred add-on.
  • FIX – %new_balance% and %new_balance_f% template tags are not working in Email Notifications add-on.
  • FIX – When using the referral hook on multisites, the referral id does not return a user since it does not search the correct meta key.
  • FIX – mycred_total_points shortcodes uses incorrect variable names making ref_id and user_id variables incorrect which in turn produces incorrect results.
  • NEW – Added option for bbPress hook to show balance in users bbPress profile.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_point_type_exists() function to check if a particular point type ID exists.
  • NEW – Added new actions mycred_bp_profile_before_history and mycred_bp_profile_after_history.
  • TWEAK – Updated table element classes to avoid layout issues.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted hooks load process for a more streamlined approach making custom hook constructions easier to implement and understand.
  • TWEAK – Replaced mycred_name() function with mycred_get_point_type_name().
  • TWEAK – Implemented mycred_point_type_exists() in shortcodes and the myCred_Settings class.
  • TWEAK – Cleaned up code for importers.
  • TWEAK – Updated readme.txt file.
  • TWEAK – Content purchase profit shares are now logged under the new sell_content reference.
  • TWEAK – Decreased priority for notifications script load for sites where enqueued scripts are loaded way to late.
  • TWEAK – Updated Addon module with correct add-on versions.
  • TWEAK – Cleaned up module classes and applied proper spacing.
  • TWEAK – Updated register_post_type() function for ranks to rename “Featured Image” to “Rank Logo”. (Works only with WP 4.0 or higher)


  • NEW – Added new filter mycred_the_badge for when showing a users badge.
  • NEW – Added options to the mycred_load_coupons shortocode to change labels.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode mycred_best_user.
  • NEW – Removed addon paths from being saved in the database.
  • FIX – Removed incorrect usage of get_current_user_id() before init.
  • FIX – Visit hook date collision. Thank you onizuka007!
  • FIX – Fixed fatal error in badges functions.
  • FIX – Badges checkbox settings were not saved due to the use of the incorrect variable. Thank you Martin for reporting this!
  • FIX – Coupon usage indicator uses __() instead of _n() causing count to always show as 1 time.
  • TWEAK – Minor adjustments for WP 4.4


  • NEW – Added new mycred_total_points shortcode.
  • FIX – PayPal IPN Verification is missing User-Agent.
  • FIX – Ranks add-on causes an error that prevents the settings page from loading.
  • FIX – Multisite block list is not being enforced.
  • TWEAK – Updated Settings page styling slightly for better fit.


  • FIX – myCred_video shortcode is not applying the correct point type default setup when having more then one point type.
  • FIX – BuddyPress 2.3+ compatibility.
  • FIX – Adjusted the myCred_users_of_rank shortcode to prevent the wrap attribute from being empty.
  • TWEAK – The View Content hook now only awards points once per unique content no matter what limit is set.
  • TWEAK – Re-wrote the daily hook limit query.
  • TWEAK – Cleaned up abstract class files and added some inline documentation.


  • UPDATE – Minor adjustment to the admin log pages’ visual structure.
  • UPDATE – Adjusted widget classes to use the proper constructors as requires by WP 4.3
  • NEW – Added Japanese language support. (Thank you Mochizuki Hiroshi)


  • FIX – Coupons min- or max- requirement is not enforced.
  • FIX – mycred_my_badges shortcode is using a bad loop.
  • FIX – WooCommerce refunds fails when refunding an order paid with points.
  • FIX – Banking add-ons recurring payout service is using a bad SQL query when decimals are used.
  • FIX – Fixed error in mycred_hook_table shortcode when looping through hooks.
  • FIX – Fixed bad logic for mycred_translate_limit_code.
  • FIX – over_hook_limit() should also take into account the point type.
  • FIX – Added missing table cell classes for order display function in buyCred.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted exclude_user() to always handle a user ID even if nothing is passed to the function.
  • TWEAK – Cleaned up the affiliate hook and replaced the built in hook limit with the new 1.6 system.
  • TWEAK – Wrapped myCred scripts in anonymous functions.
  • TWEAK – Improved the transfer.js script.
  • TWEAK – Added
    element to allowed html.
  • UPDATE – Updated plugin credit page.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_my_badge filter to adjust how each badge is presented when viewing a users earned badges.
  • NEW – Query Log class now also accepts username/login/email filtering instead of just ID.


  • FIX – Added support for future scheduled posts in the “Points for publishing content” hook.
  • FIX – Invite Anyone hook is checking for exclusion of an non existent variable.
  • FIX – Misspelled variable in settings module causes warning on update.
  • FIX – Daily hook limits are not generating the correct unix timestamp for checks.
  • FIX – When using 1 custom point type for the mycred_transfer shortcode, the balance is formatted incorrectly.
  • FIX – Using $user_id instead of $user->ID when getting a users rank during template tag parsing.
  • FIX – mycred_total_balance does not format the value as intended.
  • FIX – Added a “Reload Add-ons” button to re-save newly added add-ons that might not show up on the add-ons page.
  • FIX – If plugin is set to not to show the users points history in BuddyPress, not even admins should see the menu.
  • FIX – Badge auto assignment not working with single point type setups.
  • FIX – Points for viewing content hook is not saving limits correctly due to incorrect variables being passed to the form.
  • FIX – Badges are not assigned automatically with multiple point types.
  • TWEAK – Cleaned up woocommerce gateway code structure.
  • UPDATE – Updated the uninstall script to include post metas, badge and rank connections.
  • UPDATE – The mycred_transfer_acc_limit filter now also passes along the user_id and reference.
  • UPDATE – mycred_badges shortcode can now show the number of users with each badge.


  • FIX – Points for viewing content hook causes logged in authors not to see their own content.
  • FIX – Google Chrome form validation issue for settings.
  • FIX – Removed incorrect link on about page in admin area.
  • FIX – Added “transfer” reference to ignore by central bank. When using custom references, this still has to be added by the user.
  • FIX – Added support for multiple point types for the mycred_video shortcode.
  • FIX – Added missing $type variable for the myCred_has_entry filter.
  • FIX – Removed legend template for statistics add-on as the library seems to have issues handling RTL setups.


  • NEW – Added option to change number of decimal places after setup.
  • NEW – Statistics Add-on.
  • NEW – Badges can now have levels.
  • NEW – Added manual badge management when editing a user.
  • NEW – Built-in hooks have been added optional limits.
  • NEW – Added Rewards system for MarketPress allowing you to reward purchases with points.
  • NEW – Added new hook for WP Postratings plugin.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode: mycred_hook_table to show the amount of points users can earn or lose based on setup.
  • NEW – Ranks now support multiple point types.
  • NEW – Added new filter: mycred_run_this for adjusting points before being executed.
  • NEW – Added new filter: mycred_add_finished for customizations after points have been awarded / deducted.
  • NEW – Added new filters: mycred_wpecom_profit_share, mycred_marketpress_profit_share and mycred_woo_profit_share to allow customizations of the percentage to pay out to store vendors.
  • NEW – Added new constants MYCRED_BADGE_WIDTH and MYCRED_BADGE_HEIGHT to set the width and height of badge images in pixels. Defaults to 100×100.
  • NEW – Added support for sending email notifications for new badges.
  • NEW – Added support for setting which point type an email is to be sent for.
  • NEW – Added option to set what ranks for each point type is based on.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode [mycred_users_of_ranks] to show all users ranks.
  • NEW – Added support for AffiliateWP.
  • NEW – Added option to award points to post authors when their post is added to favorites.
  • NEW – Added warning when creating custom point types to ensure keys are properly formatted.
  • NEW – Added hook for Profile Update removals.
  • NEW – Added new constant SHOW_MYCRED_IN_WOOCOMMERCE to always show the myCred payment gateway in WooCommerce.
  • TWEAK – Moved Email Notifications from mycred_add to mycred_add_finished.
  • TWEAK – Moved Ranks check from mycred_add to mycred_add_finished.
  • TWEAK – Added option to for BuddyPress and bbPress to select if we should show only earned or all badges in profiles / replies.
  • TWEAK – Updated admin styling and available template tags for email notifications.
  • TWEAK – When selecting “Set all balances to zero”, all ranks are reset as well.
  • TWEAK – All rank shortcodes have been updated to support multiple point types.
  • TWEAK – Re-organized certain add-on folders by moving js and css items into assets folder.
  • TWEAK – Updated HTML code structure on buyCred Payment Gateways page.
  • TWEAK – Added support for user_id and post_id usage for the myCred_affiliate_link shortcode.
  • TWEAK – Notifications add-on’s “Duration” setting has been changed from using milliseconds to using seconds.
  • TWEAK – Moved all custom post type updates from save_post to save_post_{post_type}.
  • TWEAK – Added new show_nav=”” attribute for the myCred_history shortcode, to set if the navigation should be shown (1) or not (0). Set to show (1) by default.
  • TWEAK – Added function check to prevent fatal error when WooCommerce has been used but disabled, while we are viewing log entries for purchases made.
  • TWEAK – Added warning to the log page if the Mcrypt library has been disabled after activation.
  • TWEAK – Moved Transfer functions, shortcode and widget code to their own files. Re-organized the transfer add-on folder.
  • FIX – Badge requirements show 1 instead of actual value.
  • FIX – When points without decimals are purchased, NETbilling required them to have two decimals.
  • FIX – Incorrect sorting variable is passed when sorting your points history in BuddyPress.
  • FIX – When awarding points for BP Group members on x number of members, points are not awarded.
  • FIX – mycred_give limit only works for the default point type.
  • FIX – When ranks are not based on total point balance the awarding of a new rank is “one step” behind.
  • FIX – Adjusted admin.css stylesheet to force the myCred layout on myCred settings page.


  • UPDATE – Added support for WooCommerce 2.2 and refunds.
  • TWEAK – The WooCommerce points rewards are now paid out when an order is paid and no longer depends on the order status.
  • TWEAK – The Balance widget no longer shows the leaderboard position and has now built in support for rank name and rank logo in the balance template field.
  • FIX – Fixed PHP notice for banking add-on.
  • FIX – Excluded users balances are not deleted when a user is added to exclude list manually.
  • TWEAK – Added new badge action hooks: mycred_before_users_badges and mycred_after_users_badges to adjust badge displays in BuddyPress and bbPress.
  • FIX – When using single point types and creating / editing badges, the point type is not visible.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted requirements explanation to make translations easier.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted post ID collection for the ShareThis hook.
  • FIX – Network blocking of sites no longer working with the given filter hook.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted the leaderboard shortcode to exclude users with zero balances.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_is_site_blocked function for network blocking.
  • UPDATE – Updated about page.
  • UPDATE – Added support for BuddyPress 2.1.
  • NEW – If you deduct points from users for new friendships in BuddyPress, the button for adding a new friend is hidden for users who can not afford it.
  • NEW – Added support for Events Manager Multibooking feature.


  • FIX – mycred_total_balance shortcode is not working correctly.
  • NEW – Added support for pagination for the mycred_history shortcode.
  • NEW – Added support for pagination for the BuddyPress points history page.
  • NEW – Added support for multiple point types for the Referral hook.
  • FIX – Changed how mcrypt library check is done during activation.
  • NEW – Added new MYCRED_DISABLE_PROTECTION constant to disable the use of the mcrypt library.
  • FIX – Adjusted Events Manager to prevent crash when using an older version of the Pro plugin.
  • NEW – Added support for multiple point types for the BadgeOS hook.
  • TWEAK – myCred should not do anything with toolbar if DOING_AJAX.
  • NEW – Added new function to count log entries based on reference and reference ids.
  • UPDATE – Updated the Spanish Translation. (Thanks Rob)


  • NEW – Banking add-on 1.2.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_delete_option function.
  • FIX – Sell Content profit share should delete a user override instead of saving an empty value.
  • FIX – Log entries and log filters are redirecting to main point type.
  • FIX – Daily visit hook is not awarding points.
  • FIX – Parsing WooCommerce log entries while WooCommerce is disabled causes fatal error.
  • FIX – Adjusted the mycred_history shortcode to allow showing all log entries and not just the current users. Also updated the codex to reflect the changes.
  • FIX – Added ID to the BuddyPress points history filter form (if using multiple point types).
  • FIX – Added mycred_badge to the uninstaller script.
  • FIX – Adjusted the mycred_transfer shortcode processing function to allow easier customisations.


  • FIX – Bad logic for management locks out the option to “Empty log”.
  • FIX – Log export to CSV for search results are not working.
  • FIX – Misspelled “Registration” fix. (thanks Jesus Cardenas)
  • FIX – Calculate totals uses incorrect meta_key search. (thanks Jim)
  • FIX – Ranks on Multisites saves the users total under an incorrect meta key.
  • FIX – “No Rank” is shown on multisites when the Master Template feature is enabled.
  • FIX – Points history in toolbar not showing for those who do not use BuddyPress.
  • FIX – rtMedia Hook is not awarding / deducting points for media deletions.
  • FIX – mycred_total_balance is not counting multiple point types correctly.
  • FIX – Transfer form showing all point types instead of the selected ones.
  • FIX – buyCred Update script should not run if buyCred is not enabled.
  • TWEAK – Adjusted the transfer script to add support for custom error messages.
  • NEW – Hook for content views.
  • FIX – Email Notifications are not sent for general balance changes.
  • FIX – Email Notifications are not sent on servers where wp_mail is restricted.


  • NEW – buyCred now supports sales of multiple point types at the same time.
  • TWEAK – buyCred now saves a pending payment that users can cancel or pay later via the mycred_buy_pending shortcode.
  • NEW – Profile / Balance editor.
  • NEW – Option to override the buyCred gateway exchange rate on a user level basis.
  • NEW – Option to exclude users from their profile.
  • NEW – New shortcode mycred_exchange which lets your users exchange one point type for another.
  • FIX – When creating a new point type, the first time this point types settings are saved, the “Exclude” checkboxes get checked.
  • FIX – Incorrect logic for the Affiliate Hook.
  • NEW – Added new Badges add-on.
  • TWEAK – If a signup needs to be verified in BuddyPress, the affiliates hook will award points first when the new registration has been verified.
  • TWEAK – If a signup needs to be verified in BuddyPress, the registration hook will award points first when the new registration has been verified.
  • TWEAK – Leaderboard shortcode and widget now supports being based on either your users current balance or most points gained by reference.
  • NEW – The mycred_my_ranking shortcode now has a new attribute that allows you to set what to return if a user is not in the list.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_decline_store_purchase filter to all supported shopping carts allowing third-parties to decline store purchases using the myCred gateway for any custom reason.
  • FIX – Adjusted the log editor javascript to better handle html code in log entries.
  • NEW – Added new hook for daily site visits.
  • NEW – Added new Hook for sharing content on social media sites via the ShareThis plugin.
  • TWEAK – Added option to override a users interest rate for the Banking add-on along with excluding users based on user ID or role.
  • NEW – Re-wrote the transfer shortcode to use a form to submit making customisations easier. You no longer need to replace the transfer.js file.
  • NEW – Added option to transfer shortcode to override the button label and to set a custom reference.


  • FIX – Enforce fix for Email Notifications Cron bug.
  • FIX – Custom point type is not being imported via the Balance Importer.
  • FIX – Sell Content add-on uses incorrect logic for author check.
  • FIX – Renamed coupon code array key to prevent some themes from injecting html elements inside our own shortcode elements.
  • UPDATED – Portuguese (Brazil) language.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_content_sale_count shortcode to show a posts total number of sales.


  • FIX – Ranks on Multisites are not working when master template is not enabled.
  • FIX – buyCred Purchases of custom point type is not getting logged correctly.
  • FIX – BuddyPress Media plugin support restored.
  • FIX – Removed stray unused variable in rank function.
  • FIX – Added missing Cron check in banking add-on.
  • NEW – Chinese Translation.
  • NEW – Portuguese (Brazil) Translation.
  • NEW – Added support for custom translations via the wp-content/languages/ folder.
  • NEW – On BuddyPress sites, invited users does not give points to the inviter until the account has been activated (if used).
  • NEW – Email Notifications can not be set to be sent hourly, daily or imidietly (default).
  • NEW – Added new myCred_email_subscriptions shortcode to allow users to unsubscribe from emails.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_get_email_events filter for developers who want to add their own email event triggers.
  • NEW – Added a new SMTP override for users who have issues getting emails sent using wp_mail() and are forced to use a SMTP plugin. If this is you and you still have issues with getting emails sent, check this option.


  • FIX – Balance importer is skipping existing users.
  • FIX – When using decimals and custom point types, all custom types lack decimals.
  • FIX – Resetting log for custom point types resets main point type instead.
  • FIX – When exporting a custom point type, the main point type is exported instead.
  • FIX – BuddyPress Balance sorting not using proper logic for overrides.
  • FIX – BuddyPress history page label not supporting %label% to show point type.
  • UPDATE – Balance Importer now supports import of custom point types.


  • FIX – Settings tab sorting causes fatal error if function is used instead of a class when adding a new tab.
  • FIX – BuddyPress profile header template not rendering.
  • FIX – Excluded users are still showing point balance in admin area under “Users”.
  • FIX – Missing string in Notifications add-on.
  • FIX – When using multiple point types, menus and sub menus take on the myCred name for the default point.
  • FIX – The main point types label is shown for all point balances in BuddyPress profiles.
  • FIX – Adjusted myCred_Query_Log class to support search for multiple reference ids and to actually filter them correctly.
  • UPDATE – Improved Rank assignments. Ranks are now assigned anytime the balance changes.
  • UPDATE – Updated French translation. (thanks Dan)
  • UPDATE – Removed translation of the buyCred label.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_woo_order_cost filter to allow custom calculations for WooCommerce product purchases with regards of costs.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_bp_rank_in_header filter for adjusting how ranks are shown in the BuddyPress profile header.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_bp_rank_in_profile filter for adjusting how ranks are shown on the Buddypress profile page.
  • NEW – Added Russian translation. (thanks Skladchik).
  • NEW – Added new mycred_user_has_paid_for_content filter to allow overrides for Sell Content purchase checks.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_is_content_for_sale filter for overrides of content being set for sale for the Sell Content add-on.
  • NEW – Added option to either replace a users current balance or just adjust it when importing balances via CSV files.


  • FIX – BuddyPress Leave Friend causese error.
  • FIX – Referral counter is returning an incorrect total causing to many referrals to give points.
  • UPDATE – Improved buyCred Abstract class for customizations.
  • NEW – Spanish Translation.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode mycred_total_balance.


  • FIX – Stuck notifications can not be removed without reloading page.
  • FIX – Exchange Rate issue with WooCommerce (thank you Profsdk).
  • UPDATE – Improved the usage of mycred_buycred_valid_sale filter.
  • FIX – Added missing Balance importer.
  • FIX – Custom post types not getting points.


  • FIX – Social Connect not giving points for registrations or logins.
  • FIX – Multiple Point Type history in toolbar links are incorrect.
  • FIX – Multiple Point Type history page is not sorting by type.
  • FIX – MU Network settings display messages incorrectly.
  • FIX – MU Network icons not showing in pre 3.8.
  • FIX – Points for referral hook IDs are not saved, constantly regenerated.
  • FIX – The word mycred_default is shown when inserting users point balance in bbPress.
  • FIX – Transfer add-on and multiple point types does not work as intended.
  • FIX – Ranks are not fully locked to one point type.
  • FIX – Dashboard Widget visible to all who can see the Dashboard.
  • QUICK FIX – myCred Abstract Module uses a function that PHP 5.2.17 does not support.


  • NEW – myCred now requires minimum WordPress 3.5!
  • NEW – Mobile support for Log table and BuddyPress Points History page.
  • FIX – Improved how myCred displays balances in the Tool Bar even with BuddyPress enabled.
  • FIX – Add-ons are no longer added by searching for files. Instead they are loaded just like hooks.
  • NEW – All modules are now loaded under the new global variable $mycred_modules.
  • FIX – Removed the BuddyPress add-on and instead added the BuddyPress module and hooks just like any other plugin.
  • FIX – Cleaned up the code.
  • NEW – Points for referrals hook.
  • NEW – Added appropriate links for available shortcodes for hooks.
  • NEW – Depreciated rankings for new leaderboard.
  • NEW – Depreciated mycred_get_settings() for mycred()
  • FIX – Improved buyCred add-on by updating the purchase page, added new logos and option to show a log over purchases in a separate page.
  • FIX – Re-wrote NETbilling gateway to use remote forms.
  • NEW – Added BitPay (Bitcoin) payment gateway for buyCred.
  • NEW – Added support for Disqus Comments which will override the default comments hook. Points are only awarded on sync!
  • FIX – Redesigned the myCred Overview Dashboard widget to also include support for multiple point types.
  • NEW – Removed the Import add-on and moved the importers to Tools > Import. Added support for CubePoints Log import and CSV myCred Log import.
  • FIX – Rewrote the mycred_find_users_rank function to use a single SQL query to retrieve a given users rank post ID.
  • FIX – Improved Email Notice add-on.
  • NEW – Added new Coupons add-on.
  • FIX – Added new mycred_get_option function to always get the correct option depending on site setup.
  • NEW – Added support for Multiple Point Types.
  • NEW – myCred Wallet widget to show the current users point balances. Requires more then one points type to be setup to be visible!
  • NEW – Added support for Gravity Forms allowing points to be awarded for form submissions by users.
  • NEW – Added support for rtMedia Uploads.
  • NEW – Added support for awarding / deducting points for up / down votes using BuddyPress Links.

  • FIX – Security Issue with buyCred. (Thank you Johnathan)
  • FIX – Multiple points for registrations bug.
  • FIX – Multisite issue with incorrect points are shown on sub sites.
  • FIX – When using the Banking add-on and Ranks, the banking add-on will reset users ranks. (Thank you Bryan)
  • FIX – When using the mycred_sell_this shortcode in a bbPress topic, the shortcode sells access to the forum the topic belongs to. (Thanks Gabriel Galvão)
  • FIX – Issue with user related template tags when the user has been deleted.

  • FIX – Dashboard widget is not compatible with PHP 5.2.17
  • FIX – Incorrect variable passed for mycred_get_published_ranks filter.
  • FIX – Missing mycred label in general module.
  • FIX – bbPress daily limit is not enforced for replies only “fav”ed topics.
  • FIX – Events Manager (free) payment box.
  • Improved how screen ids are checked when loading scripts to better work with third-party plugins and themes that adjust the screen ids.
  • Replaced date() with date_i18n() in bbPress and SimplePress hooks.
  • Updated admin styling for WordPress 3.8


  • Improved Transfer Add-on allowing for more customizations and better logic.
  • NEW – Added new functions: mycred_get_users_transfer_history and mycred_update_users_transfer_history.
  • NEW – Added new filter mycred_transfer_limit – allows you to override the transfer limit amount.
  • NEW – Added new functions mycred_format_number and mycred_format_creds.
  • Removed “fixed” class from log table to prevent some themes from moving the table to the top corner.
  • Adjusted how ranks calculate a users “total” by adding up all point gains but deducting all manual changes (by admins).
  • Adjusted the “Points for watching videos” hook to use the YouTube Iframe API allowing embedded videos to work on mobile devices and re-wrote the mycred_video shortcode to prevent users from changing the amount they gain.
  • NEW – Added support for SimplePress.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_has_entry filter.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_protect function.
  • FIX – Fixed bug in the mycred_get_users_rank function.
  • FIX – Transfer Add-ons email notice connection is using an incorrect function.
  • FIX – WooCommerce gateways profit sharing settings is not called correctly.
  • FIX – Users can manipulate the amount of points they can gain for viewing videos if a custom amount.


  • Improved the Ranks add-on and added new management settings allowing to delete all ranks and re-assigning roles to users.
  • Removed stray debug function in the general module.
  • NEW – Added Maximum Point Payout to set a roof of the maximum amount of points that can be awarded / deducted / transferred or used in a single instance.
  • NEW – Added option to autofill transfer recipients by either username or user email. Also added custom hooks allowing customisation of this feature.
  • NEW – Added option to filter the points purchase cost in buyCred add-on via the new mycred_buycred_get_cost filter.
  • Adjusted the MarketPress payment gateway.
  • FIX – Email Notice is sent when user gains zero points.
  • FIX – Widget checkbox settings are not updated.
  • FIX – Zero point awards are logged.
  • FIX – Points for clicking on links sometimes does not award points when no target attribute is set.
  • FIX – Users can manipulate the amount of points they gain when clicking on the myCred_link shortcode.
  • FIX – Email Notifications causes Notifications not to show up.
  • FIX – Custom Post Type Hook is not displaying saved settings.


  • FIX – Some hooks fire to late due to hooks being loaded to late.
  • FIX – Shopping cart settings are inaccessible due to to late hook registration.
  • FIX – Notifications lack support for ‘ or ” signs causing an error which prevents notices to load.
  • FIX – myCred_Query_Log can not return a single result, requires minimum 2 to be returned or it will default to all.
  • FIX – Commenter is awarded points instead of post author due to incorrect user id being passed on.
  • FIX – The removal of myCred_Core causes customisations depending on this class to fail causing a site wide error.
  • FIX – Points over 999 with a non-empty thousands separator will cause hooks to award to low points.
  • FIX – The use of update_blog_option() on non multi sites will cause a php notice.
  • FIX – Points History page link still visible in tool bar even if history page is disabled.
  • FIX – Duplicate Gateways when using Events Manager (free version).
  • FIX – Users are not refunded when cancelling their event attendance in Events Manager (free & pro)
  • NEW – Added logout redirect to BP when users logout from the points history page to prevent 404 errors.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_label_my_balance filter for adjustments of the tool bar “My Balance” item.
  • Re-wrote the Points for commenting.


  • Improved myCred’s module management lowering memory usage.
  • Re-designed hooks, add-ons and settings accordion.
  • Moved Log Query to mycred-log.php in the includes/ folder.
  • Removed mycred_modules hook.
  • Improved Hooks management and re-structured hooks in new plugins/ folder.
  • Adjusted styling for MP6 users.
  • NEW – Added %title% as new template tag for mycred_link.
  • NEW – Added class attribute to myCred_buy shortcode.
  • NEW – Added support for profit sharing to Supported Shopping Carts and Event Booking plugins.
  • NEW – Added support for WP E-Commerce Shopping cart.
  • NEW – Added new constant MYCRED_LOG_TABLE to allow custom table names for the log.
  • NEW – Added new Management to settings page allowing to empty the log, reset all user points to zero or export all user balances to a CSV file.
  • NEW – Added myCred Remote API to allow remote actions for sites.
  • Rewritten myCred Network for Multisite installations.
  • Updated the mycred_my_balance shortcode to allow stripping off html wrappers.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_log_date filter allowing to customise the log dates.
  • NEW – Added daily limit for points for profile updates (Activities) in Buddypress.
  • NEW – Added option to award points to content authors for comments made by others.
  • FIX – Notifications add-on does not parse post related template tags.
  • FIX – General template tags are not parsed in sell content templates.
  • FIX – mycred_link shortcode does not support target attribute.
  • FIX – Users can transfer points to themselves.
  • FIX – Incorrect use of ob_start() in myCred widgets.
  • FIX – Incorrect capability check on Multisites as edit_users is not available.


  • Moved .POT file to correct location in /lang
  • Cart support for Email notices has incorrect function name.
  • Removed stray debug options on plugin activation.
  • NEW – Added support for Email Notices when users gets promoted or demoted.
  • Improved default ranking check.
  • Improved Banking services by moving exclusion checks from the payout process to the get user IDs process. Also added set_time_limit( 0 ); for larger sites to avoid time out issues.
  • Minimized CSS assets.
  • NEW – Added new Notifications add-on.


  • NEW – Added User Batches for Banking Add-on to support websites with more then 2k users.
  • NEW – Added Cache option to myCred_Query_Log class.
  • Adjusted template tags handling to improve performance.
  • NEW – Added missing options and schedules to the uninstaller.
  • FIX – Missing text domains for translations and incorrect html syntaxes. (thanks Dan).
  • FIX – Rank shown multiple times in BP Profile.
  • FIX – Disabling specific comment hook instances with zero does not work.
  • FIX – PHP Notice when user accepts invite though the Invite Anyone Plugin.
  • FIX – Users balance is not updated when viewing videos.
  • FIX – Ranking Loop function missing.
  • NEW – Added check to remove balances for users who have been selected to be excluded.
  • NEW – Added support for shopping cart related template tags in the Email Notice add-on.


  • FIX – Users are not sorted according to balance in WP admin.
  • FIX – Incorrect settings are saved by Banking add-on causing Hooks to reset.
  • FIX – Jetpack subscription causes error when jetpack is updated as there is no check if JETPACK__PLUGIN_DIR is defined.


  • NEW – Added Support for Event Espresso 3 though the Gateway Add-on.
  • NEW – Added Support for Events Manager (free version) though the Gateway Add-on.
  • NEW – Added Banking Add-on.
  • NEW – Added Inline-editing of users points.
  • NEW – Added option to sort users according to their point balance.
  • NEW – Added new hook for viewing videos.
  • NEW – Added option to re-name the points-history url for BuddyPress.
  • NEW – Added option to Ranks add-on to rank users according to the total amount of points they have earned allowing them to use points without getting demoted.
  • NEW – Added option to sort the Log in an ascending or descending order.
  • Improved the logic for BuddyPress points history pages.
  • Improved “Points for clicking on links” hook.
  • NEW – Added option to enforce a daily limit for Topic replies.
  • NEW – Added option to deduct points for Forums, Topics or Entries getting deleted.
  • NEW – Added new templates for MarketPress Gateway Add-on. Now you can customise the message shown when users do not have enough points to pay or are not logged in. Also inserted a table on the payment gateway selection page to show users current balance, cost and balance after payment.
  • FIX – If user object is not passed on when wp_login fires, the loggin_in() method fails.
  • FIX – Adjusted Hooks for clicking on links to enforce limits once per user and not once per use.
  • FIX – Only the initiator is awarded points when accepting new friendships in BuddyPress.


  • FIX – Rankings is not displaying in BuddyPress profile header.
  • FIX – Use of incorrect reference when calling hooks.
  • FIX – Transferring negative amounts deducts points from recipient.
  • FIX – Error message if the Transfer widget is used before the Add-on is setup.
  • Adjusted Transfer Autofill to require minimum 2 characters instead of just 1.
  • Improved Rankings with the new myCRED_Query_Rankings class.
  • Removed support for %nickname% in user related template tags.
  • NEW – Added Support Forum link to Settings page.
  • NEW – Added Donate Link to Plugin Links.
  • NEW – Added Ranking update when plugin is re-activated.
  • NEW – Added support for custom templates for the mycred_leaderboard shortcode.
  • Improved how the abstract class myCred_Hook and myCred_Module handles settings.
  • NEW – Added new mycred_apply_defaults function.
  • Improved points for comments allowing points to be awarded when comments get marked as SPAM or Trashed by mistake.


  • Moved the bbPress Hook from BuddyPress add-on to default plugin hooks.
  • NEW – Added points for users adding an authors topic to favourites. Created by Fee.
  • NEW – Added option to include authors point balance under author details and profile.
  • NEW – Added [mycred_list_ranks] to Ranks Add-on.
  • NEW – Added option to set if ranks should be displayed Ascending or Descending.
  • NEW – Added support for ‘content’, ‘excerpt’, ‘custom-fields’ and ‘page-attributes’ for Ranks.
  • NEW – Added Rank column in User list.
  • Adjusted Ranks add-on to update all users ranks when an already published rank gets updated.
  • Adjusted [mycred_users_of_rank] to support table outputs.
  • NEW – Added new function mycred_get_total_by_time.
  • NEW – Added Daily and / or Per post limits for comments. By default these are disabled.
  • NEW – Added option to allow points to be awarded for comment authors reply to their own comment. By default disabled.
  • FIX – Language files are not loaded.
  • FIX – Incorrect spelling of the myCred_Hook class for Events Manager causes white screen of death.
  • FIX – Hooks run() method fires to early causing custom hooks to fail to run.
  • FIX – Import Add-on’s CubePoints import does not log import.


  • NEW – Added new Email Notices Add-on.
  • NEW – Added new Ranks Add-on.
  • NEW – Added support for WP-Polls plugin.
  • NEW – Added support for WP Favorite Posts.
  • NEW – Added support for Events Manager plugin.
  • NEW – Added support for MarketPress (Gateway Add-on).
  • NEW – Added Zombaio as Payment Gateway for the buyCred Add-on.
  • NEW – Added filter mycred_label to allow white-labeling of myCred.
  • NEW – Added new template tags to: General and User related.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode [mycred_link] to award points for users clicking on web links.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode [mycred_give] to award x number of points to the current user.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode [mycred_send] to send a given user x number of points if the current user can afford it.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode [mycred_my_rank] to show either a given users rank or the current users rank. Requires Ranks Add-on.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode [mycred_users_of_rank] to show all users of a given rank. Requires Ranks Add-on.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode [mycred_users_of_all_ranks] to show all users of every published rank in order. Requires Ranks Add-on.
  • Adjusted add_points() method to allow admins to change users points balances without making a log entry.
  • NEW – Added the option to let purchases made with the Sell Content add-on to expire after an x number of hours.
  • NEW – Added new shortcode [mycred_sell_this_ajax] to allow sale of content using AJAX. Note this shortcode can only be used once per content.
  • Adjusted the myCred List Widget to offer the same features as the [mycred_leaderboard] shortcode, adding the option to offset or change order of list.
  • Adjusted the buyCred Forms submit button location. (Suggested by dambacher)
  • Adjusted the Transfer form with new CSS styling.
    Important! If you have added custom CSS styling to the transfer shortcode, you must update these to work with the new layout. Consult the mycred_transfer shortcode for further details.
  • Renamed the default %rank% template tag to %ranking% to give space for the Ranks Add-on.
  • FIX – Premium Content Author can not see their own content without paying.
  • FIX – make_purchase() method referencing arguments that does not exist (renamed).
  • FIX – ABSPATH issue with WP Stage plugin. (Fixed by clariner)
  • FIX – WooCommerce division by zero error. (Thanks hamzahali)

  • NEW – Added new template tag %num_members% to show the total number of members on blog.
  • NEW – Added support for user related template tags for myCred Balance widget.
  • FIX – Misspelled $ref in mycred_add() function.
  • FIX – Exchange rate returns incorrect value.
  • FIX – Misspelled the new_reply method name for bbPress Hook.
  • FIX – Add-on address are incorrect on windows servers.

  • Adjusted plugin to handle custom features when adjusting a users points balance.
  • NEW – Added function to handle Post/User/Comment deletions for the log.
  • Renamed the update_users_creds method to a more logical choice of update_users_balance.
  • FIX – BadgeOS Badge ID issue. Critical for BadgeOS users!

  • FIX – Shortcodes inside mycred_sell_this does not render.
  • FIX – Pending posts that gets published by admin are not awarded points.
  • FIX – mycred_subtract function not working properly.
  • FIX – If user id deleted the log returns empty string.
  • FIX – If user is removed the ranking is not updated leaving to missing users.


  • Adjusted plugin URLs in files that were missed previously.
  • Fixed Bug #16 – PHP Notice when using the mycred_history shortcode.
  • NEW – Added request: Remove paragraph element for not logged in users if the login message is set to blank.
  • NEW – Added request: – Added new myCred_my_balance shortcode to display current users balance.
  • NEW – Added request: Added new myCred_sales_history shortcode to the Sell Content Add-on to show all content purchased by the current user.
  • NEW – Added request: – Add reference search to the mycred_history shortcode.


  • NEW – Added BuddyPress tag to description.
  • Adjusted plugin for new website
  • FIX – BuddyPress Add-on causes crash if activated before BuddyPress or BuddyPress gets de-activated.
  • FIX – PayPal does not work with exchange rates lower then 0.01.
  • NEW – Allow users to go minus when transferring points.
  • NEW – For the Login Hook, impose a default 1 min limit to prevent users from logging in and out for points.
  • NEW – Added DIV wrapper around content that is set for sale using the mycred_sell_this shortcode. Only visible to administrators.
  • NEW – Added %gateway% template tag for buyCred add-on showing which payment gateway was used for purchase.
  • NEW – Added support for BadgeOS allowing users to award myCred points for achievements.


  • Adjusted Social Media CSS Styling.
  • FIX – Leaderboard Widget Title is not shown.
  • FIX – Critical: PayPal Payment Standard uses a reference that does not exist causing verified IPN calls to fail.


  • NEW – Added Social Media Links to Settings Page.
  • NEW – Move the points for login hook from authenticate to wp_login.
  • FIX – Skrill Payment Gateway is missing supported currencies.
  • FIX – Incorrect call of Ranking class.


  • NEW – Adjust plugin to lower requirements for MySQL from 5.1 to 5.0.
  • NEW – Add support for Jetpack Site & Comment Subscriptions.
  • FIX – Hooks are “run” too late causing some filters/actions to never fire.


  • FIX – Transfer add-on returns “low balance” for everyone.
  • FIX – Removed stray function in Sell Content Add-on causing error notices.
  • FIX – Sell Content add-on not parsing post template tags.


  • FIX – Missing general template tag parser in Sell Content form.


  • FIX – Field name collision in myCred_Module() class.
  • FIX – Missing text domain for core hook titles.


  • FIX – Incorrect handling of $data variable causing a PHP Notice.
  • FIX – Incorrect reference to myCred_Settings object in installer.


  • Official release.