Announcement: myCred WooCommerce Plus v1.7.4 Feature Updated

We at myCred are pleased to announce that myCred WooCommerce Plus premium add-on has been updated with new features. Let’s have a detailed look at how these features can help you and your users.

#1 Convert myCred Points into WooCommerce Coupons:

Users can convert their myCred points into WooCommerce coupons without using the Partial Payment functionality. Earlier, it was only possible for users to do that while using Partial Payment at WooCommerce checkout.

#2 Signup Referral Rewards:

Previously, users only gained points after signing up using the referral ID. Now, myCred WooCommerce plus awards mycred points to referrers and referrals after the completion of the first order.

#3 Attributes Addition:

“login_url” and “registration_url” are the two new attributes that can be added in the mycred_woocommerce_referral shortcode.
These attributes can help redirect the user to log in or register on the website when prompted on the page where the mycred_woocommerce_referral shortcode is used.
For more information, read our blog on how these features enhance myCred WooCommerce Plus’s core capabilities.

We are hoping that you will surely like these new features and all the latest innovations myCred is bringing to you.
Please read the technical documentation for more information.