myCred Expiration addon – Create Expiration Dates for myCred Points


It is always disappointing to see anything valuable go to waste because it is visibly bad or has just passed its expiration date.

Knowing the expiration dates gives you mental relief along with alertness of the time that is left on the clock. We always wondered what if there was an addon that allowed website admins to set expiration dates on their users’ points and send out reminder notifications before the expiration date countdowns to zero.

Upon receiving suggestions and requests, we launched the myCred Expiration addon.

Why is expiration alertness important for a digital audience?

Well, the digital audience is not from other planets; it’s we human who becomes netizen on digital platforms. Every day on the internet, we experience so many notifications that are related to something going to be expired soon. Like our subscription, membership to any digital community, gamification points for purchasing goods on a particular eCommerce site, and many more. Expiration notification helps us to act quickly in the desired manner to avoid any inconvenience.

Why is expiration alertness important for a digital audience

myCred Expiration add-on – Purpose, features & usage

The myCred Expiration add-on allows you to set expiry dates on any users’ points. Not only this, but you can also send an email notification to the user to let them know their points are close to an expiration date, and you can also shoot email after points get expired.

myCred Expiration add-on - Purpose, features & usage

myCred Expiration add-on features:

  • Set Expiration Dates or Days:

myCred Expiration add-on enables you to Set the date or duration, after which the user’s points will expire.

Set Expiration Dates or Days

  • Email Notifications:

Send an email notification to the user before their points expire, and you can also shoot an email after points are already expired.

Email Notifications

  • Set References:

Select general or individual settings for your users with ease.

Set References

myCred Expiration add-on usage:

  • Alert Users For Points Expiration:

The very primary purpose of this add-on is to alert users about their gained points expiration. This alertness makes them triggered to utilize their points at its earliest.

Alert Users For Points Expiration

  • Helps WooCommerce Stores For More Sales:

After knowing points expiration alertness, points gainer is supposed to redeem it and shop for more items.

Helps WooCommerce Stores For More Sales

  • Make Users Active on WordPress Sites:

Users become more active on different WordPress sites to use their points for anything utilizing for them like buying subscriptions.

Make Users Active on WordPress Sites

How does myCred Expiration add-on work:

Hooks Settings:

Here is a glimpse of myCred available Hooks (Active Hooks).

myCred available Hooks

Here you can see the detailed form of myCred Expiration hook setting. You can allocate points on different activities like points for registration, points for daily visits, points for viewing content, points for logins, points for clicking on links, and many more events. Here in points expiration setting label, you can mention days (when these gamified points are going to expire for users).


You can select reference types for expiring points and log template.


Email Settings:

You have two kinds of email templates to enable, one is for advance alert (Points are going to be expired soon), and the second is after the points already get expired.



Well, if you are running a Gamification system for your WordPress users and awarding them points for different activities. You can use myCred Expiration Add-on to send them an alert email regarding their points expiration. It will help them timely action to be taken to utilize their hard-earned points for different benefits.

myCred Expiration Add On