How to Make Your WooCommerce Store Successful Using Gamification Tactics?

It might be true that your business is not running the way you want it to be run, or you want to make it more successful; this is why you are searching for gamification strategies, and you believe that those will work eventually.
Your searches end here. This blog post will definitely provide you with the solutions you are looking for.
WooCommerce store gamificationDo you know there are FREE gamification plugins available for you!?
According to Statista research, Italian companies’ employees researched that gamification could improve business performance. As per the results, 30% of interviewees found out that gamification could improve business performance. Moreover, 27% of respondents thought that gamification could leave a positive impact on companies’ performance.
Did you get it?
Gamification carries phenomenal importance in the online business market. This means, if you gamify your WooCommerce store, there will be at least a 25% chance of getting the ROI of your business.
Have you ever thought about why someone would buy from your WooCommerce store?
The “give n take” philosophy is far crucial for both personal and professional life. The customers will only buy from your store if you offer them something exclusive in return.
It could be awards, free offers, points, or cash rewards. Now the fact is, what is the best practice to make the offers?
Let’s head over to the ways without any delay.

Time to Gamify

We have made it easier for you to gamify your WooCommerce store using the myCred plugin. Install and activate it in your WooCommerce online store.
Time to Gamify

What does myCred do?

It creates a loyalty program for your WooCommerce store. Visitors will start converting to your loyal customers.
They will take an interest in your products once you implement myCred services in your WooCommerce store.
myCred heats your marketing level without requiring extra fuel. The rewarding system is enough to engage the customers of your WooCommerce store.
Did you get enough information about it? Now let’s explore it for gamification.

WooCommerce Gamification Add-Ons

The gamification plugin myCred owns more than fifty unique add-ons, most of which are for the WooCommerce biz.
From myCred WooCommerce Plus to BuyCred, CashCred gateways add-ons, and from more than fifteen FREE add-ons to thirty-five plus premium add-ons, myCred is never left behind to boost your product selling.

Woocommerce Gamification Add-OnsHow do the Add-Ons work?

The variety of add-ons work independently, and each of them has its purpose. Let’s list out the myCred add-ons that will help you to make your WooCommerce business successful.
myCred WooCommerce Plus

  • myCred Birthdays (FREE)
  • myCred Spin Wheel
  • myCred Dokan
  • myCred WP Simple Pay (FREE)

1. myCred WooCommerce Plus

With this add-on, your users will get points automatically whenever they rank high or achieve any badges. You will not have to bother by providing your users with the points individually on their achievements. This add-on can be used on both single and multi-site installations.
Top 3 features it offers:
#1 Provide your customers with discount coupons when they rank high or get any badge.
#2 Customers can make partial payments using their point balances or WooCommerce coupons.
#3 Award points to the referrer if anyone purchases a product using the referral link.

2. myCred Birthdays (FREE)

This add-on makes users feel special on their birthdays by providing them with points and other rewards. Users start purchasing in the greed of the bonuses, and your WooCommerce selling power will increase.
Top 3 features it offers:
#1 A hook is used to check the users’ birthdays every morning.
#2 Birthday points are awarded to the users on their birthdays.
#3 BuddyPress integration helps in fetching the users’ data.

3. myCred Spin Wheel

This gamification add-on gives a chance to users to try their luck by spinning a captivating wheel. Each slice of a wheel has rewards and discount offers that users can utilize to make purchases from your WooCommerce store.
Top 3 features it offers: 
#1 Add unlimited slices to your lucky wheel and increase customer engagements.
#2 You can limit the FREE spin to every user.
#3 You have complete control of the spin wheel’s customization and place it anywhere on your WooCommerce store just by putting a Shortcode.

4. myCred Dokan

Not only do customers play a vital role in making your WooCommerce store successful, but vendors do as well.
With that said, this add-on enables you to provide your vendors with the points based on their profiles, products, or sales.
Top 3 features it offers: 
#1 Offer commission in terms of cash and points or both.
#2 Get points on the product ratings.
#3 Exceeding sales commission.

5. myCred WP Simple Pay (FREE)

Make a purchase, use WP Simple Pay for the transaction, and get points for FREE.
WP Simple Pay is a standalone payment plugin integrated with the myCred plugin for making any transactions.
Top 3 features it offers: 
#1 Give points on all forms.
#2 Give points on particular forms.
#3 Set the points limit daily, weekly, or monthly.

What’s after that?

Once you are done with the installation and configuration with the gamification plugin and its add-ons, you will expect a money tornado will reflect in your account.
The story does not end here.
We would like to suggest you move to the other gamification tactic. It’s time to check the intelligence!
Implementation of quizzes and other competitions like IQ testing, etc., will help you engage with the customers and increase the chances of making successful biz.
Most of the visitors will participate in quizzes and contests if you offer them winning rewards.
Let’s say, if someone answers the question on the first try at the time of purchasing a product, offer 10 points extra as a bonus excluding the winning prize.
Such types of offers will excite and gather visitors to your WooCommerce store and start turning them into loyal customers rapidly.
To do so, go with the myCred for WP-Pro-Quiz add-on.
Your customers will be rewarded with points every time they participate in the quiz. This add-on is FREE to use.

Let’s Conclude!

We’ve tried to include all the possible tactics for your WooCommerce gamification to make your online store successful. Things are never easy but possible. If you are zestful to boost your WooCommerce online biz and turn your visitors into loyal customers, try out all the possibilities mentioned above.
Did it meet your requirements? Share your valuable feedback and read another blog on Top Ten myCred Gamification add-ons That Helps Grow Online Business Amazingly.